Real vs. Fakes

The most controversial side of the psychic phenomenon is obviously people who pretend they have a psychic ability but who are obviously out to just make a dollar.

I will start by saying this. Aside from my great grandmother and grandmother, whom I personally witnessed using her ability, I have met only 2 people in my life who actually possesed any sort of ability. The first was an older African man whom I met in Miami while I was directing a TV special. He was in Little Havana and practiced Voodoo. I met him at a small restaurant through his nephew who was a taxi driver. This person was very powerful in his ability to harness information from what I call “the vault of knowledge” – in other words, the place were all information is stored. Just imagine a huge library, that is what that is, some people just know the location of it and know the combination to the front door.

The second person was a lady I met at an office event a few years back. She was hired as a psychic entertainer. The instant she saw me, she read me. Mind you, only 4-5 people knew about my ability at that time. That she knew about my haunting dreams and 2 other things that no one on this planet knows about me…blew my mind. I knew something about her too, which was she was a mind-reader, that’s how she knew those 3 things. She was impressed with my ability to read her back. She tried to keep in contact with me but I was not ready for that.

There are millions of people that wish they had an ability to see things, to have dreams, to tell the future. But the truth is 99% of them would not feel that way if they knew the burden that follows it. The mystery is something that attracts them and so they often pretend and prey on others who are also fascinated by the whole world of psychic phenomenon.

I will tell you this. I have never wanted to be a part of that world. This is why I am not publishing my real name here. I have an ability and I keep it secret because it deserves its own respect. I have a deep respect for it and a deep responsibility. I don’t want to have someone else’s life in my hands and so I try my hardest to not involve others in my ability. I work as others, in a real-world atmosphere and I don’t allow my ability as a dreamer and seer to dictate who I am as a person.

Be warned that many are false, 99% of them. Know that all predictions, even if true, are not CERTAINTIES. They are mere POSSIBILITIES of the future, a possible outcome to a path. A prediction is dangerous because it can alter the future…this is where responsibility comes to play. The bible warned of prophecies and mediums. What it didn’t explain was that there were many seers ordained and even favored by the human God – but this was because they were responsible with the information that came with it and were specifically chosen to receive it. It’s like owning a gun…good and bad can come from it, simple as that.

Instead of seeking a prophet, or seeking to find out your future…go and make it what you want it to be. I can tell you that the path of creating your own future is more certain than that of a prediction by any human being. Re-read that sentence….You are better off putting faith in yourself and in your own ability to create the future you wish than you are by putting faith in a human fortune-teller.

There are millions of fakes and few REAL humans with the ability to tap into the world of other dimensions. You will rarely meet those with a real power because most feel as I do, a great need to keep it secret and to ourselves. I don’t claim to be one of the real ones, because I can’t even understand my own power within that world.

And you should not put your faith in anyone but yourself when it comes to the future.


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No sleep. Plenty of prophecies.

I remember the days of pure sleep. It seems that was another lifetime, and rightfully so. My life, since the age of 12 has changed, not only in the waking periods of it but mostly at night. There, in the silence, while others replenish their bodies, there I lay, producing some of the world’s greatest secrets…all in my sleep, all from my bed.

Some call it a gift. I call it a curse. I did not ask for it, nor do I go skipping around touting this ability. And that is as far as I will go when naming it…the ability. It’s the energy that Nostradamus tapped into, it’s the same Casey once brilliantly harnessed. It’s the same ability thousands before me have had, not truly knowing where it comes from but understanding it is not from this time, and it is not from this reality. It’s a responsibility of sorts, one that drives many crazy, and some to seek fame over it. I’ve had these dreams, these visions , these horror-filled future dreams for over a decade now, and yet, only a handful of people know about it.

I’ve hidden it, not because I want to deprive the world of it but because I truly believe the world doesn’t deserve the warnings. Deep down, it doesn’t matter what people like me predict, the world will not change – it doesn’t have the global willpower to do so. I can say this or that will happen and the world will continue down its path and then what? To become a freak for the last few years of our existence on this planet? Do I really want to be a circus sideshow for the masses?  To be interviewed by Oprah just to have others “admire” my so-called “gift.” No.

The truth is, this is mine. Like a gifted runner; I can choose to get on the track and show the world my skills or I can sit back and let the race happen without me, knowing full well that I could have easily devastated the field.

This here, my emergence, my birth on the net as Kuk Kabah is for the few, not for the masses. It’s for you. It’s for the one…the ones…the few…that find this post. For you, I will release a few of my visions and give you the gift of knowing. This will be the balance of my silence, to finally sigh and release some of this pressure that has built up over years and years of nightly torture.

So, whom am I? I am no prophet, I use that because it is the simplest way to describe what otherwise cannot be described by words. I am a business owner, a successful person in my field. I am a son. I am a brother. I am of blood and tissue, and I am like you. A regular person trying to live life, one day at a time. I am neither special nor important in the whole scheme of the universe. In fact, I am less than anyone else, a person robbed of sleep and how I envy the dog that lies upon the warm pavement, deep in his sleep, full of dreams and peace…he doesn’t know how blessed he is.

Kuk Kabah

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