No sleep. Plenty of prophecies.

I remember the days of pure sleep. It seems that was another lifetime, and rightfully so. My life, since the age of 12 has changed, not only in the waking periods of it but mostly at night. There, in the silence, while others replenish their bodies, there I lay, producing some of the world’s greatest secrets…all in my sleep, all from my bed.

Some call it a gift. I call it a curse. I did not ask for it, nor do I go skipping around touting this ability. And that is as far as I will go when naming it…the ability. It’s the energy that Nostradamus tapped into, it’s the same Casey once brilliantly harnessed. It’s the same ability thousands before me have had, not truly knowing where it comes from but understanding it is not from this time, and it is not from this reality. It’s a responsibility of sorts, one that drives many crazy, and some to seek fame over it. I’ve had these dreams, these visions , these horror-filled future dreams for over a decade now, and yet, only a handful of people know about it.

I’ve hidden it, not because I want to deprive the world of it but because I truly believe the world doesn’t deserve the warnings. Deep down, it doesn’t matter what people like me predict, the world will not change – it doesn’t have the global willpower to do so. I can say this or that will happen and the world will continue down its path and then what? To become a freak for the last few years of our existence on this planet? Do I really want to be a circus sideshow for the masses?  To be interviewed by Oprah just to have others “admire” my so-called “gift.” No.

The truth is, this is mine. Like a gifted runner; I can choose to get on the track and show the world my skills or I can sit back and let the race happen without me, knowing full well that I could have easily devastated the field.

This here, my emergence, my birth on the net as Kuk Kabah is for the few, not for the masses. It’s for you. It’s for the one…the ones…the few…that find this post. For you, I will release a few of my visions and give you the gift of knowing. This will be the balance of my silence, to finally sigh and release some of this pressure that has built up over years and years of nightly torture.

So, whom am I? I am no prophet, I use that because it is the simplest way to describe what otherwise cannot be described by words. I am a business owner, a successful person in my field. I am a son. I am a brother. I am of blood and tissue, and I am like you. A regular person trying to live life, one day at a time. I am neither special nor important in the whole scheme of the universe. In fact, I am less than anyone else, a person robbed of sleep and how I envy the dog that lies upon the warm pavement, deep in his sleep, full of dreams and peace…he doesn’t know how blessed he is.

Kuk Kabah

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  1. Thank you for the response. No sarcasm in my question. I’m sorry if it came off that way. That’s the trouble with this form of comm. No inflection.

    Thanks for the info. I’ve always been very curious about such things, MN & Casey, now you…. but all I know is what I see on T.V. Again, what can be trusted. It seems everyone is an “expert” on MN, and that bugs me a bit.

    You noted that MN didn’t understand everything he saw. Do you have that problem at times? I imagine that would be difficult….. being kept awake, and not understanding what you’re seeing.

    May sleep find you in long bunches!!! Thanks for responding.


    • I agree, this method of communicating is not always the best for inflection.

      Yes, it’s somewhat comical to see all of the “experts” on MN. I think some wish they could have a little of what he had or be as “mystical” as he appeared. I don’t claim to be an expert, I can just understand some of what he was trying to explain. He was actually into a darker side of the ability. He searched it out, he wanted to be in touch with that world. He wanted it to be a part of him. So, of course, there are things that he saw which weren’t even invented yet in his time so he could only describe them his current vocabulary and references. So he would see these big animal shaped things, like a locust spitting fire and it could be a modern helicopter. He would describe towers that reached the heavens or sky and could have been seeing our modern-day skyscrapers.

      My visions are current-society visions. I understand and can comprehend 90% of them. I can see that they are within my lifetime from the structures and technology I see in them. I can tell none go beyond a 50 year period from now. As for the ones beyond my full capability to understand their meaning due to technology or visual references, I’ve only encountered this type of vision a few times since I’ve had the ability. They seemed to show very advanced life and advanced technology, definitely not homo-sapien generated technologies. Those dreams carried great devastation for our current society. I won’t go as far as saying it was “alien” just different from us. To be honest, I don’t share those visions with the general public. For one, they are extremely symbollic and are too advanced for a normal person to comprehend – so they would laugh it off or just would not be able to properly digest the concepts. Second, they are too frightening (beyond the norm of the human understanding of fear) and I don’t want to be a person that causes fear in those that are easily persuaded. Last, most of my visions happen. If these particular brutal future visions are true, nothing and noone will stop the end result so why worry myself with such things?


  2. Very Curious. Nostradamus was a fraud. Casey…. not so much. Where do you fit in with those guys?

    • Mr. Roberts, thank you for your message. You seem like a respectable person and I understand your curiousity.

      As for M. Nostradamus, I wouldn’t go as far as saying he was a complete fraud. I will agree that Nostradamus used some of his “talents” to manipulate those around him. I, personally, have never seen MN as a very powerful seer. For one, he did see some things but way beyond his period of life. While, I do believe that he saw some future messages and events, he didn’t understand most of what he saw and, for the most part, had to code most of it as he was living in a dangerous period of time where he straddled the line of what was considered withcraft at the time. If you ask me, I have never been truly “impressed” by him.

      Moving on to E. Casey. Casey was a truly talented individual. A rare seer that knew how to tap into the area of knowledge most humans will never encounter – doing it all at will. Casey was a “real” seer, who used his talents to better others and not himself. In his lifetime, he had an over 85% success rate which is a sucess in any endevour…except for life and death of course.

      You ask about me. In the context it is being asked, I am not sure if your question should be taken with a grain of sarcasm or not. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and answer the best I know how. I am not sure I fit in anywhere Mr. Roberts, especially, to be mentioned in the same sentence as someone the likes of Casey. I don’t come forward and say who I really am because I don’t deserve any recognition and I am not that special in the big picture of the Universe. I am nothing but a regular person with some interesting dreams and messages, my rate of success is around the 75% mark, nothing impressive about that. What I have is not unique and nothing new. I come from a long line of much more powerful seers and visionaries. You ask something I truly don’t have the answer for. Why any of us are here, is anyone’s guess. I have often considered not sharing any of my dreams, it’s a personal debate that troubles me.

      I appreciate the time you took to send me your question. I hope life grants you longevity and wealth of health and mind.


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