February 15, 2010 — Serial Killer Dream

Serial Killer Dream:

I was in small public bathrooom, it was either in a mall or hotel. The walls were beige / off-white. Typical public restroom. I was inside the dream and was a man in a stall using the bathroom, standing up. No one else was in the bathroom and then the door opened. A man walked in and walked into the stall behind me and started to use it even though there was another stall and another urinal available. I yelled at him as I moved into the next stall.  He just gazed downward in a weird stance. I could sense how evil this person was. I knew instantly that he was a killer, even though he didn’t have the typical look of one. As I finished and went to wash my hands, some other people walked in but the man’s gaze was just on me. He was in some sort of trance, but I believe he knew that I could see what he was. He was about 5’8″-5’10”, white, around 145-165 lbs. He wore vanilla khakis, business-like black shoes, and some sort of lumberjack-type looking shirt (modern)—red and black. He seemed clean-cut, I believe I saw a wedding ring on him. His hair was strawberry blond or reddish and parted neatly. I think he wore thin glasses, simple and not fancy. (may not wear them all the time.) He moved closer to the sink and as he was washing his hands I could see blood under his finger nails. I woke up, it was 4:45 in the morning —-

Interpretation: I try not to interpret most of my dreams as when I do, I often get it wrong or over analyze them. In this case, this is pretty clear cut though.

This is an operating serial killer. My sense is that, while he may appear to be a loner, he is living a double-life. He is married or has a serious relationship and possibly kids – may be divorced (that’s why his wedding ring seemed faint to me). The shirt he wore signifies a past job, a trade he is in or used to be, and / or possibly that he resides in a northern state of colder weather and where there are wooded areas. He is in his late 30’s or early 40’s tops.

He being in public during the day means that he is a hunter, he stalks his prey out in public, maybe getting some twisted excitement from it. Him being in the men’s restroom might signify that he hunts males or has had homosexual encounters in his hidden life.

This person is active and I have a feeling will eventually be caught while making a simple mistake or by chance. He obviously needs to be stopped.


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