How my Vision Dreams work…

Okay, so this is as good time as any to explain how this thing I have works and to stress why I try to stay away from “predicting” and analyzing my dreams and visions too much.

It seems I was off by a month when I said another “major world event” would happen after the Haiti earthquake. I should have just explained that my ability showed me a greater event coming soon and that would have sufficed – but no, I had to push it and predict a late month event in January…and while it was a late month event, it was the following month of February. Again, THIS is exactly why I don’t try to over-analyze my dreams or predict certain dates, etc. I will say this, the Chile earthquake, while bigger and one of the most powerful in modern history, is not the last “major world event” that is coming in 2010 – I’ll be honest and say that I have no clue of the month or time of day but it will be of great importance of tragedy. Besides these new quakes are just the beginning of a violent cycle on the planet, brought on by nature as it has over millions of years. That’s just one factor which will begin to turn the tide of human evolution in the coming months and couple of years. The next big event happening later this year will create more questions about our future than it will answer anything…will it be natural or man-made? Well, that is a toss-up as I have seen both in my dreams, some from a source you would not believe — I will say that I’ve had 3 very strong dreams that included water and monstrous flooding that is scary, maybe these events will include waterfront countries, water, etc….not positive on that.

AND, so, here is my brief explanation of my “vision dreams” –

I was born with the ability to see things in my dreams, in my sleep. I am not a “waking psychic” and while I do have a unique way of honing in on certain events to come, these visions come to me 99% of the time when I am asleep or in an extremely relaxed state of mind. Meaning, I cannot sit here at my computer and tell you the future at random. I am given visions and I have no control of their content – they rob me of my sleep and show me devastation and pain. At times I am “within a person” in my dream where I feel their emotions and their fear — and others, I am “hovering” above the event or scene. When I awake, I am physically exhausted and when I am “within” a person, it is doubly so. My visions come true within 2-4 years max of their occurance date. While rare, they have happened within 24-hrs but this is very rare for me.

I can work the Tarot fairly well but I choose not to indulge in the practice, I feel it is not wise to mess with my ability while I am awake and sometimes I freak out my friends. I am very intuitive when it comes to people’s thoughts but I cannot read minds, so to speak. My grandmother and great-grandmother were both very powerful psychics and come to find out, years later, that both of my parents have some sort of ability as well which they do not practice nor care to talk about. My sisters do not posses any ability but have seen certain things while around me when we were younger.

Back to my vision dreams. They started full-force when I was 12. They are ALWAYS violent, tragic, and mostly at a National or Global scale. Few are meaningless and some have saved my life-like the time I saw a “Red Van” hitting me. The next day, as I went to work, I had a weird feeling as I came up to an intersection where the other drivers had a stop sign. I recalled the dream and for the first time stopped at the corner, where I had the right of way. Wouldn’t you know it? A “red van” zoomed past their stop sign, ignoring it and surely would have hit my car on the driver’s side, I am certain it would have been violent and not good for me, to say the least. 

All of my dreams that are visions happen, period. What worries me is that they are becoming more and more violent and some I cannot even tell how they could be real or ever happen…meaning, they are so alien and so INSANE that I fear the worst in the coming years. A year ago, I received a “message” and I have only told one person because I don’t like to speak about it, fearing it is very real and soon to come. If I thought my telling people of it would solve anything or stop it, I would but I think there is nothing to be done and so I don’t like to think of it.

I see what’s coming and that’s as far as I really want to get into the explanation. As it is, I’ve said more on here than I ever have publically, and whether you believe me or not, that is not of concern to me. I’m not trying to be Nostradamus, be on Oprah, or be praised so, I really don’t care what anyone thinks. I know my track record and it speaks for itself. I am sharing because I WANT to and it helps me deal on a daily basis.

Mark my words…the worst is yet to come and by year’s end…something that will cause the world “to take pause” is coming.


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