I hate false prophets like this!

Things like this anger me and so I have to make an example out of someone. So be it.

Recently, someone sent me a link to THIS:

The End Times As I Saw It

Prophecies and Visions of Duke Puntalangit

A US City Will Be Annihilated

April 6, 2010

Three bombs will be planted. One of tactical strength, will be caught and averted in Washington, but five days later, the other two, of strategic strength, will be unstoppable. The people can still be saved, but the other City is doomed to destruction. This City will never rise again. It will happen between the months of April and May of 2010.


MY THOUGHTS—————— Must I tell you again that no REAL prophet or anyone with the power that I share with others can ever give you specific dates and information as suggested in the prophecy above? Please do not let people like this “DUKE” manipulate your mind into thinking that he knows anything that will happen. That he may have at one point had a small vision or lucid dream of a future event, okay, I will give him that. And while I do not have the authority to punish those that would trick and prey upon others under the guise of a special power, I must and will call them out. I have posted a response to Mr. Duke and I give it less than a 50% chance of him allowing it to post on his site.  I hope he does post it so that he can redeem some sort of self-dignity after his “nuclear prophecy” does not happen. I welcome his answer and reasoning for telling a lie of this magnitude. I also will welcome his apology to me and everyone else after the month of May. This is NOT a personal attack on him as a person, just on his bad decision to scare people trying to use a power he does not have or could ever understand.


Dear Duke,

I just have a question for you. This is not meant to disrespect you or your visions in any way so please forgive the blunt way I place the following question.

The Bible warns of false prophets and mentions that when the prophet speaks and that which he speaks of does not occur (of course you know the verse), this is how you know he / she is a false prophet.

Now, speaking of your latest “nuclear prophecy” which you say will happen between April and May of 2010:

A US City Will Be Annihilated
April 6, 2010

Three bombs will be planted. One of tactical strength, will be caught and averted in Washington, but five days later…will happen between the months of April and May of 2010

—— What will you do when this prophecy does not come true? Will you stop blogging about your prophecies? Will you apologize to your readers / followers for specifying a false date?

I say this because I can tell you that this prophecy will not happen between April and May of this year, period. I know this because that kind of knowledge, the specification of the date of the great civilization-changing event coming to the US has not and WILL NOT be delivered to any human before its occurrence.

Just curious.


——– UPDATE—– His response to me:

Dear Kukkabah,

Thank you for your concern.

There is only one possibility and that is the possibility that God Wills. Since I sincerely believe that I am The Lord’s messenger, though I am worthless and undeserving of this, then I should only see the fulfillment of these prophesied events. There are no “ifs” in obedience. I only obey, nothing more and nothing less.

God Bless.


————- PS – Don’t worry Duke, “The Lord” is not the one guiding you, meditate and what you are really doing and what is your real driving force, for it is not GOD.———————–


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