You Know Who You Are…

For the individual that is trying to “seek” me out: Don’t. I am not impressed with people like you nor your ability to search me out by “other” means. Again, I am not impressed. I am not one to be searched out.   I am not here to be your prophet.  I use that word in the title of my blog because it is a term people can relate to and understand but know now that I do not consider myself one, nor am I one.

As for everyone else, I am a nobody. I am less than others because others at least get to sleep 7-8 hours a night and I do not. I am less than others because I am not a wealthy man. I am less than others because I do not have the happiness of having my own children to love me. I am a regular person with, at most, an interesting ability. I have a normal life. Some are great at math, I suck at it. Some can run fast, I cannot. Some know the secrets of nano-technology, it’s as good as Greek to me.

What I do have are dreams, plain and simple.

I do not claim and will never claim to speak to god or say that I have received a message from god. I really do not know and care not where this ability comes from. I am not its servant, there are others that can serve “whatever” or “whoever.” I’m not looking to be followed by anyone, nor looking for followers. This blog is for my own therapy, period. I am no better than anyone else. I am NOT claiming to be special, in fact, I am claiming to be cursed.

If you are a person that finds my blog, then I thank you for your time. BUT I plead with you to take anything I say or write with a grain of salt. Do not see it as anything else other than simple dreams of things that may or may not happen. Use it as entertainment at most, but do not over think them — there are plenty of other people like me that would love your time and attention and, honestly, probably appreciate it more.

For the specific individual this post is really for:

Obviously, I was able to see what you were “trying” to do. If I would not let a perfect stranger roam my house at night while I sleep; what makes you think I would ever allow you to tread upon the precious space I travel through in my dreams.  Now you know what’s what.

DO NOT attempt it again.

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