*Celebrity Death Dream –

Okay, so these are the type of vision-dreams I usually never post. They are much smaller, and way less significant than my real visions. What I mean by “less significant” is that they are not dreams that will affect the world in any major or substantial way. These dreams come to me either when I am first falling asleep or once I have awakened but I am still in a semi-groggy state of mind. I never post them because, in contrast to my bigger-more significant dreams, the strong assurance or feeling that they are true visions is not there. Meaning, sometimes they are not real “visions” so I don’t pay attention to them as much.

I’ll post this one because it felt fairly accurate and fairly real. I warn you, this one came to me as I woke up this past Saturday morning, I was still half-asleep but I was also half-AWAKE so I am not sure if it will happen.

– The vision was of a young current celebrity dying unexpectedly. I had the strong feeling that this celeb was a female and fairly young, or way too young to die anyhow. For some reason, I felt the person was of Anglo decent. I saw a thin person. I saw many young people in mourning and this is why I felt strongly the person that died was young. If not it’s possible this celeb’s core demographic or fans is very young. I felt the death was tragic. I saw TV shows covering the death. I saw blue eyes but this was a weak feeling. I did see a crowd of people surrounding the dead celebrity but I could not tell if the person was already dead and this was the funeral or if this was just symbolic that the person was always surrounded by many people.-

Okay, so there you go. These are the type of visions I don’t usually post or talk about because the probability of them happening is always low. Also, I wondered if I was dreaming about one of the young Hollywood actresses, Britt Murphy, who just passed away about a year ago? Only time will tell.

I will say that when they do come true, they happen within 1-6 months, in contrast to my 2-4 year average of my other “regular” visions.


———- UPDATE July 25th, 2011 ————————————-

Amy Winehouse – could be. It fits in some ways but not in others…young and tragic for sure. But much later than I originally thought….who knows?

Aliens / Curiousity Killed the Cat

It’s always interesting when you see these shows on TV, shows talking about aliens and UFOs. All of these people around Earth want to see life on other planets. So many wish to live to see aliens come to Earth.

I think Mr. Stephen Hawking summarized it well during a TV interview:

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,”

— Now, think closely on what this person said. Hawking is definitely not perfect nor is he always right but he is one of the smartest humans to have ever lived during the past 5,500 years. What he was trying to explain in that simple comment is extremely logical and important to the future of this planet, as it pertains to aliens.

Imagine, for a second that some form of life finds us before we find them.

Okay, what happens every time a more advanced species finds a less advanced one? Do you sit around trying to have a conversation with a rat or an ant? Now think for a second what would happen if an advanced being with more superior intelligence finds humans on Earth? It doesn’t take a renowned astrophysicist to figure that one out: If they find us first, this means they are far more intelligent, far more advanced, and far superior to us…simple as that.  More advanced means better weaponry systems as well. Meaning, it will not be pretty and you might want to think about the question of whether or not they would be coming in peace.

Speaking of which…

Let’s go further. Why are humans trying desperately to find planets that can sustain life outside of Earth? If we found it, how many humans, out of the 6 billion on Earth do you think the powers that be would take with them? Humans are ruining Earth by overpopulating it as well as by the way we produce our goods. This is a fact. We are running out of precious resources like water and destroying our only protection from space, the ozone. Now, if we actually found another planet with living organisms or other intelligent life, do you think they would welcome a species like humans with open arms to their planet?

Now, wouldn’t it be logical that the opposite would apply? That if “aliens” or another species is looking for an alternative planet to live on or to acquire resources from, that we would welcome them with open arms? That they would come here and negotiate with us or care what we think about why they are here? If they get here, they have a mission and do you think that mission would be a peaceful one? Think further. If there are intelligent life forms searching for planets like Earth, much like we are, is it wise to be sending out signals to let them know where we are? Because if we saw each other, then it would be a race to see who gets to each other’s planet first, right?

This is what Stephen Hawking was talking about and this is what humans should consider when they wish for another species of intelligent life to visit Earth. In their quest to satisfy their curiousity, humans are blind to the consequences of the very thing they hope for.

Be careful what you wish for, is an appropriate saying here.

((By the way, there’s “certain evidence” to suggest that Earth’s population and level of advancement seems to regress back to the stone-age on a consistent basis throughout Earth’s history. Then as it grows to a certain large number and advanced state, it is destroyed again, and humans have to start from basic scratch levels…just thought I’d throw that out there.))

Past Prediction / Qur’an Burning?

Earlier this year and throughout the year, I have been posting this:

“””””I did predict that there was a larger event happening by the end of 2010, one that will create a massive fright in people and cause people around the world “to take pause.” – While I would love to say that my gut tells my before Summer’s end, by August, I am not quite sure. I do “feel” it is of great importance and something new, something scary, something that will begin a new way of thought. That’s what I feel now, as I see more I will certainly relay that.””””

Is the recent news of the Qur’an burning coming up on 9/11 part of this vision? I’ve said before, I am not sure that the event happening before the end of 2010 is manmade or natural. We can all see that the world is engaged in what is coming this Saturday. People are “frightened” of what might happen if the Pastor from Florida follows through with his plans. The world is “taking pause” holding their breath at this and this event can and might trigger something much bigger to come. I said in other posts that people’s “religion views / beliefs would be questioned” and this certainly has the hallmark of that as well as many other similarities with what I have been predicting.

Now, is it the event I have been feeling? I am not sure. I just saw that it is a world-wide event that would happen before 2010 is over — can this just be a part of that vision? Yes. Can something much larger in scope still happen and eclipse this particular event happening this weekend? Absolutely.

We will all have to wait and see. There are only 3 1/2 months left in 2010.