“Brink of War” – End of ’10 Event Prediction?

I have been trying to lay low lately. During the winter I usually try to focus on my physical side of well-being rather than just on my spiritual and mental side. Still, this latest event happening between the two Korean Nations has definitely piqued my interest.

Could this be the event I have been predicting from the beginning of the year? The event I saw would happen before the end of 2010 and that would spark a grim outlook for the start of 2011? I’ve always said that an event that would gain the world’s attention and cause the “global community to pause” would rule headlines by the end of this year.

While the Chilean miner’s story fit well into that vision (as we all paused and waited and prayed together for the trapped miners), this latest event fits better into what my dreams usually symbolize, the dramatic or more destructive and catastrophic side of world events. My gut tells me that we are definitely on the “brink of war” as North Korea is putting it. I say “WE” because if this war comes to happen, it will not be just the two Korean armies that will be involved. Certainly several European nations as well as China and the US would also have to participate at some level or another.

But beyond the simplicity of agression, lies something deeper and more disturbing. What has been dormant for years, now begins to slowly creep out of its slumber. The possibility of a war and a period of time that may have far-reaching consequences for the entire global community. The beginning of a very dangerous and uncertain period, where one aggressive act, or seemingly far away conflict, might tumble the single domino that can launch an unpredictable and dark chain of events.

As I’ve said and continue to say: Something BIG looms, whether natural or manmade, before year’s end.

Time will tell.

For the few,