What is this really…who am I?

I want to open up about something. This is for everyone that has found this blog and for those that follow my visions.

This “ability” I have is something I have always run away from. It’s something I have never sought out and something that I have fought internally with, over the past 25 years. I’ve always heard of how interested people are in this thing and how they wish they could have it or see it or be closer to it and I can’t comprehend why. Why would you want something that is out of your control for the most part? Why know things to come which only bring thoughts of pain and future despair?

I play down my ability. I always have. I have always hidden it and suppressed it. I write very cryptic and short abbreviated versions of what I see. I don’t write them all down, I try to erase many from my thoughts when I awake. I don’t want to be anyone’s Prophet here nor the link to the source I connect with. I don’t want that attention, not for that reason. I use maybe 25% of my ability. I know, I have said many times that I cannot control it at all and that it only comes in my dreams. This is 50% accurate. Yes, I do what I do mostly while I’m in the Delta phase of my sleep. As I mentioned, this ability is not entirely controllable, but it is, partly. I CHOOSE not to indulge in it. I CHOOSE not to participate in it at the level It would like me to. I CHOOSE not to disclose certain visions or parts of visions or certain details of the visions. Why? Because this civilization does not deserve it, period. This civilization is beyond the peak of recognition, a point where things could have turned around many years ago. This civilization is past it and what is to come is what has been created by its own actions. People learned war more than love, destruction more than compassion, it’s what stuck with them from the source – because it’s the easier part to adapt to. This is a war-like civilization and all the love in the world combined will not heal it and will definitely not save it. It enjoys violent games and violent movies. Violent stories and violent music. News thrives on violent events, stations lead with the bloodiest. A child can see where is this is going. Yes, violence has been around for thousands of years because humans have forgotten the connection they have to each other and have chosen things that only benefit them rather than a united society. So, as destruction comes, people will cry and ask “why?” And the anwer will be, “Don’t you thrive on this? Isn’t this what you are used to? Isn’t war and violence what you worship here?” Sad.

I am not the judge, nor am I the executioner. I am not the one that will bring what is to come, nor the one that will save the world. I am the messenger of pain, a duty I was handed and had no choice in. I am the messenger of destruction, a trait that is the opposite of my soul and my search here. I am not here to be the Prophet that tells you “when,” I am the one that is here to tell you “It is happening.” I was born to messengers and I am one, I did not have a choice in that. What I can control, is the information I release. That IS my choice. Whether the death of a celebrity (a unique one is on the way) or whether it’s telling you that strange things we have not seen in our lifetime will increase, the messages that flow through me are what you would call, negative and fear-soaked visions – all omens of death.

I want to make something clear. Outside of small occasions where I used the ability to better myself mentally or at times to save my life from minor incidents, I have never used my ability for my own benefit in the material world. Not to make money, not to gain love, not to gain fame…all things easily attained via the source we seers connect to.

I am here to live a simple life. I am here to search out the few sources of wisdom and peace that are left on this planet. I am here to study myself, to find what part of me can still connect to what is left of a higher-minded humanity. I am here to influence the one person that will be touched by one of my messages and start a chain of events that will matter in the future. I will see it all with you.

I know how this all sounds (crazy) and this is why I never talk about all of it. How can someone understand something like this when they cannot see it or possess it? I’m just a simple guy. I work to make a living. I enjoy good wine. So, I stick to what people are comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter what I have or what I relay to you. Parts of the future will not change. This blog is for the few but mostly, it’s for me. It ties me back to the reality of where I am. It’s a “reality check” in a lucid dream, so to speak. It lets me know I am still here, wired in. It serves me a greater purpose than it ever will you. It’s a type of selfish act I will never be able to explain to you.

What do you need to know about the future? What is coming? Where does it all end? Pain.

Understand that 99.999% of what you know, is not real, not in the way you think. Try to comprehend that your version of reality is a dream and your version of dreams are more real and connected to the truth of the fiber of the source of things than your “reality.”

Know that things will be VERY clear and that you will gain knowledge of the truth, only once it’s too late. Blame that on your past generations, not on yourself. What is on the way is not what you think. Who comes here, is not who you believe it is and only when (**) arrives will you finally fully comprehend what has been happening over the course of the last 6,000-7,000 years here. Do you see how psychic ability is growing? How more people seem to be having strange nightmares? Can you figure out why this is happening? If you can, it’s a clue to what is happening in the collective human psyche. Something is troubling the whole race, something deeper than they can all comprehend. Do you think “something” is getting the human psyche prepared for the a future event?

There was a very scientific study done at a very famous research lab towards the end of the 20th century. It was based on showing people random “shocking or disturbing photos” mixed in with nice “regular” photos. What was interesting was that medical devices hooked up to the volunteers picked up on something very interesting and unexplainable. The mind was picking up the “disturbing” photographs BEFORE they were actually visually shown to the people in the study. Think on that for a bit. Some part of the unconscious was preparing the phycial side for the “shock” it was about to “see.” I share this with you because 99% of people want “proof” of precognition and this example provides a tiny bit of a connection to what I am trying to tell you. If you can wrap your mind around that study and put it into context of the bigger picture, you will start to see where this is all leading.

“Enjoy life everyday. Live for the now. Know that only THIS moment exists.” All ancient wisdom from the few that have managed to reach a higher level of consciousness here. There is a reason for their related theories, for their united epiphany — The future is not what you think.

I’m sorry if this blog is outside of my norm, or darker than usual. I’m just tired of sugar-coating things. I will try to be a bit more honest and open with you in the future.

Watch for an interesting sign in the next 10-12 days. You will know it when you see it.


Arizona / Congresswoman Attack

You can look back at the “Public Area Attack Dream” I posted last year in April, 9 months ago:

 ————–JAN. 11th UPDATE ——- I truly believe this is most probably it. This happened 9 months later which is well within my range. Several correct verifiers here include: public attack which makes national news, started with one intended target and moved on to randoms, people running, happened in a very “open” area if you look at the video, the “openness” I saw could easily fit the desert area it was in, a young girl was shot and killed (there were young people involved and she was a student),  Anglo population (almost 70% White), it was a very happy and calm environenment, in fact, a very calm and beautiful day right before the incident, lots of brick structures around ((“The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)), people ran and hid inside buildings, and it was “senseless and brutal.” The location itself turned out to be an outdoor strip mall area, which I had doubted at first.

As you can see, my visions work largely in very symbolic ways but this one had several real and accurate details. That’s why it’s hard to place some of them into words and accurately guess what exactly they mean sometimes. I truly believe this was it and it happened within my normal 2 year range, 9 months in this case. Terrible incident.

———————————————–   ORIGINAL POST FROM LAST YEAR ———————————————–

I was not going to publish this one. As I’ve told you, I don’t really like to talk about all of my dreams and I certainly do not post all of them up here but I think since this involves younger people, I will post it and keep it brief:

I had this dream on Saturday morning around 4:00am:

I was within the person and was running and hiding. I was in a very public area which seemed like a school of sorts but it easily could have been a church, a university or maybe (but doubt it) a mall. Parts of this place had large open spaces it seemed – just had this “openness” feel to it. It was definitely a place where there was younger and older people. The younger people seemed like students of some kind. I saw brick walls, high walls, and I could see outside a bit into a small garden or green area with very skinny trees, it seemed like a new development or building of some kind? People were running, I could sense death around us, they were very frightened. I was never able to see the people or person that was inflicting this attack but I could sense it was a senseless and brutal attack on what seemed to be maybe random people – or it could have started with an intended target then moved on to random people. I could see the day looked pretty clear and it was a happy / calm environment before this attack happened. I saw people hiding under desks and hiding in closets and bathrooms, trying not to be seen. I could see people running and hiding inside and outside of this complex or building. I feel strongly that the people were American and I feel it was a smaller city maybe, maybe an All-American type of city, mostly Anglo in population — or maybe the location houses mostly Americans? Again, this is just what I feel as I saw mostly Anglo people running.

MY THOUGHTS: Some kind of public attack or attack in a very public area will happen soon – it will definitely make national news. As you have seen my visions have been happening from mere days to a month lately so if this is the same, we will hear of something soon. Usually they take 2-4 years but lately, they have been happening a lot sooner for some reason.


“The dream I want to share with you at this time was in regards to some kind of assasination or assasination attempt, some kind of attack. While the family or person who was the target of the assasins spoke perfect English, I am not sure he or they were American. I sensed we were in a European-style location, whether it was the architecture (look of the place) or an actual European country, I cannot be certain. What I saw was a violent attack where some security or people who were not the main intended target were killed and some higher ups were injured or killed as well. I believe this family or person is either royalty or very prominent in the political world. What I do not know is if he or the main target was actually killed or just injured. I believe he / they were or were very close to dying. I did see lots of blood shed in this attack. I saw a lot of (modern) weapons (some automatic) and I saw a lot of chaos. I saw white walls, marble or tiled floors…men in suits, it was possibly an organized meeting or event of sorts.”

                                             ——————–INTERESTING SIDE NOTE ——————

SIDE NOTE about the “European” reference in my dream: The name of the strip mall where the shootings took place is called “La Toscana Village.”

((ACTUAL DESCRIPTION IN NEWS OF LOCATION: “The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)).