Arizona / Congresswoman Attack

You can look back at the “Public Area Attack Dream” I posted last year in April, 9 months ago:

 ————–JAN. 11th UPDATE ——- I truly believe this is most probably it. This happened 9 months later which is well within my range. Several correct verifiers here include: public attack which makes national news, started with one intended target and moved on to randoms, people running, happened in a very “open” area if you look at the video, the “openness” I saw could easily fit the desert area it was in, a young girl was shot and killed (there were young people involved and she was a student),  Anglo population (almost 70% White), it was a very happy and calm environenment, in fact, a very calm and beautiful day right before the incident, lots of brick structures around ((“The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)), people ran and hid inside buildings, and it was “senseless and brutal.” The location itself turned out to be an outdoor strip mall area, which I had doubted at first.

As you can see, my visions work largely in very symbolic ways but this one had several real and accurate details. That’s why it’s hard to place some of them into words and accurately guess what exactly they mean sometimes. I truly believe this was it and it happened within my normal 2 year range, 9 months in this case. Terrible incident.

———————————————–   ORIGINAL POST FROM LAST YEAR ———————————————–

I was not going to publish this one. As I’ve told you, I don’t really like to talk about all of my dreams and I certainly do not post all of them up here but I think since this involves younger people, I will post it and keep it brief:

I had this dream on Saturday morning around 4:00am:

I was within the person and was running and hiding. I was in a very public area which seemed like a school of sorts but it easily could have been a church, a university or maybe (but doubt it) a mall. Parts of this place had large open spaces it seemed – just had this “openness” feel to it. It was definitely a place where there was younger and older people. The younger people seemed like students of some kind. I saw brick walls, high walls, and I could see outside a bit into a small garden or green area with very skinny trees, it seemed like a new development or building of some kind? People were running, I could sense death around us, they were very frightened. I was never able to see the people or person that was inflicting this attack but I could sense it was a senseless and brutal attack on what seemed to be maybe random people – or it could have started with an intended target then moved on to random people. I could see the day looked pretty clear and it was a happy / calm environment before this attack happened. I saw people hiding under desks and hiding in closets and bathrooms, trying not to be seen. I could see people running and hiding inside and outside of this complex or building. I feel strongly that the people were American and I feel it was a smaller city maybe, maybe an All-American type of city, mostly Anglo in population — or maybe the location houses mostly Americans? Again, this is just what I feel as I saw mostly Anglo people running.

MY THOUGHTS: Some kind of public attack or attack in a very public area will happen soon – it will definitely make national news. As you have seen my visions have been happening from mere days to a month lately so if this is the same, we will hear of something soon. Usually they take 2-4 years but lately, they have been happening a lot sooner for some reason.


“The dream I want to share with you at this time was in regards to some kind of assasination or assasination attempt, some kind of attack. While the family or person who was the target of the assasins spoke perfect English, I am not sure he or they were American. I sensed we were in a European-style location, whether it was the architecture (look of the place) or an actual European country, I cannot be certain. What I saw was a violent attack where some security or people who were not the main intended target were killed and some higher ups were injured or killed as well. I believe this family or person is either royalty or very prominent in the political world. What I do not know is if he or the main target was actually killed or just injured. I believe he / they were or were very close to dying. I did see lots of blood shed in this attack. I saw a lot of (modern) weapons (some automatic) and I saw a lot of chaos. I saw white walls, marble or tiled floors…men in suits, it was possibly an organized meeting or event of sorts.”

                                             ——————–INTERESTING SIDE NOTE ——————

SIDE NOTE about the “European” reference in my dream: The name of the strip mall where the shootings took place is called “La Toscana Village.”

((ACTUAL DESCRIPTION IN NEWS OF LOCATION: “The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)).


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