Open Letter to the False Prophet Harold Camping.

Mr. Camping, I hope this communication finds you in good health.

I was holding back from writing you this letter but your current rants have left me no choice. You have many people worried and you are causing mass panic in some. I truly did not want to have to call you out like I did in the past with the false prophet Duke Puntalangit but you have left me no other alternative. You are no better, maybe even worse than Mr. Puntalangit. You should know, I respect my elders. I was raised that way and I try to uphold that rule as much as I can. Due to this fact, I will try to remain respectful in regards to the following.

The world will not end this May 21st, 2011 – the beginning of the end will not begin on this date. Your prediction of rapture will not come to fruition. Mr. Camping, you are not part of the group selected to walk within the realms that house that kind of information. I know, at your age, you have probably come to believe your own deranged prophecies, and it will be hard for you to wake up Sunday morning and face the fact that you are not chosen to be the prophet your followers would have hoped. Come midnight Saturday, you will be nothing more than another false prophet who has used his life to spread fear and lies. You have deceived many and your deception will be revealed come May 22nd. On Sunday, you will feel the weight of knowing you are a False Prophet, a failure at that which you have chosen to follow all of these years. Another human trying to deceive his fellow man, with nothing left but a broken reputation and a loss of years you will not be able to replace. I appreciate the fact that you would like this world to end. This world has become, well, “complicated” over the last couple of centuries. Who would not want to see a better system of things or the end of this world and to see a better one? Still your deceptive ways are just as evil as some of the evil that you so harshly condemn.

So, I’ll make you deal. Since you consider yourself a man of honor, and a true seer of things to come. This is a simple deal and I don’t see how you can refuse.

Come Sunday morning, if your prophecy does not come to be, you shall do the honorable thing and leave this planet. Take the example of the Japanese warriors, if you will, and do what they did when they dishonored themselves, or their masters. In this case, you have dishonored yourself and those that so fervently believe in you. It will be the only thing left for you to do come Sunday morning. While, I don’t particularly enjoy the death of any human being, nor do I promote such actions for the general population, in your case, it is a fitting end and the most honorable thing to do. Since you “guarantee” your prophecy, you have nothing to lose.

My end is simple. If the end begins Saturday and there is still some form of telecommunications system in place, I will reveal a secret hidden within your bible. In addition, I will reveal who I am and what my source for gathering information is. By the way, when the end of this world truly comes Mr. Camping, there will be no communication systems available.

So, do we have a deal? Will you accept my challenge? Will you back up your prophecy with your life? Do you have the honor to do it?

Or are you just another coward and a fake?

Come Sunday, we will see what kind of man you truly are. I already know what your followers will learn this weekend. That you are simply an old false prophet with a wrong date and with false hopes of becoming a king amonsgt men.

There is still time to retract your prophecy and apologize to your followers Mr. Camping.

For you and the Few.

Kuk Kabah

To the followers of Mr. Camping, you still have more time left so smile. Please make sure Mr. Camping receives this letter so you can put your prophet to the test.

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