The End…**Catastrophic Attack Dream

Yesterday, I was in a place that always seems to activate my dreams.

I am left speechless from my dream last night. It was in 3 parts, all in order of things to come. Honestly, I don’t want to share it yet. It’s scary and I feel this one is 100% accurate. 

I finally saw what all of these dreams I’ve had for decades are leading up to, and it’s not good.

I need to let it sink in, and I need to fully digest the meaning of this event that’s coming. I think my ability is letting me know that something is coming and coming fast. This was not as symbolic as past dreams. While, it still had some symbols in it, it was truly blunt and to the point. At the core of its message: Destruction.

I saw something amazing at the end, yet so terrifying. It was a hopeless feeling to be within it all and know no one could do anything to stop it. What I saw is not anything I could have made up, the machines were so detailed, their intent was clear, the conclusion of it all was so – final.


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