– Mark 13:7-8

– Genesis 6:7

——————————— AUGUST 23rd, 2011 —————————–

A few have asked, “What happens in September?” Truly, you will have to wait, we all will. I have a strong feeling about September-October but specifically, September. I have seen a couple of visions that I cannot post, yet. As I have mentioned before, I must keep certain visions to myself as they are my gauge for my own private means. I share plenty already and have often thought of not sharing so much. I put myself out there because I believe a few deserve to know certain future things to come. This transitional phase between late August to October brings a few incidents that will cause a “stir.” If you know my past writing, I hate to write dates, months, times, etc. September feels the strongest to me as far as what I have seen and that’s as far as I’ll put myself out there.

Some have asked me, “Will there be more quakes in 2011?” Of course. There are always quakes, every day, everywhere. The quakes that I speak of are not those though. The things I see are not those things that happen, make the 10pm news, then disappear. The things I speak of will change lives, countries, policies, and eventually, humanity as a whole. “Will there be a larger and more powerful quake to come in 2011?” might be a better question.

Place your faith elsewhere, don’t search out people like me for answers. I only write these things because I must, because it is my escape. There are certain things in our lives that cannot be changed, the things I dream of, the things I see, cannot be changed – why worry about them?

—————- Did we make it out of the dangerous September-October period I had the premonition about? Almost. 30 more days to go. October may prove to be interesting. I hope not.


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  1. Hello, I found your blog while researching prophecies. Ever since a dream I had in April I have been receiving words in my mind. Sometime I have seen visions but more often at odd times words come into my mind. Just a few days ago I started a blog to catalog these things. Often these things don’t make sense to me nor have any clear interpretation. I was curious if you could provide any insight to these things I have been receiving.

    There are a few phrases like “many islands” which I usually interpret to mean the Philippines. but it’s still usually not direct or clear. I am originally from the Philippines and I have been told I am to preach these things mainly to my fellow Filipinos.

    Any insights and possible interpretations would be appreciated.

    • Thank you for finding me and thank you for taking time to write me.

      I do not claim to be the greatest expert in the area, as it pertains to others, just as the ability pertains to me. However, I will share a little a bit with you.

      As time goes by, you will see many others around the world begin to have visions of future things. Some will be false prophets. Others will tap into the ability because the energy that creates the ability is becoming stronger. As the human collective becomes more involved with wanting to know about things like 2012 and other “end of the world” scenarios, they will create energy that will enhance the ability within some here.

      You may be one of the people that is tapping into this new created energy. Now, this is just a mere possibility and it does not mean that you will receive it in full strength. Most true seers were born with the ability and were tapped into it, from long before. My suggestion to you is to keep a record of what you see and hear and then create a ranking system for yourself. Meaning, really pick out the factors that were precise. Saying “many islands” can seem accurate if there is a volcanic explosion or major event on a place like the Philippines. However, saying “volcanic ash consumes a group of 4 islands” is more accurate.

      Lastly, I will say this. Make sure you want this to enter your life and be a part of it. If you truly begin to receive visions, if the ability roots itself within you, it will be out of your control. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can control it, believe me, you cannot. The mind itself is very powerful, you don’t need to be a natural psychic or seer to use it to foretell certain things. Much like you can see the path of a flying baseball towards a batter, you can see certain events coming from a mile away. I hope this helps you.

      Best to you,

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