*Social Collapse / First-World Unrest / Disaster Dream

This vision came last night, around 2:15am.

– I saw masses of people on the street. I saw hunger, despair, grief. I saw commercial buildings being used as shelters, as homes. I saw first-world people living in the worst of conditions. Something had happened to the country, or maybe to the world. Society had witnessed some kind of social collapse, a loss of order, possible after a major disaster or event. I saw lawless people roaming the street, brute force was the law of the land. I saw people in clothing we see today, nothing too futuristic. I saw people needing medical assistance but none to be had. I then went into a building that was fortified, somewhat. A few lived within the walls with some resources. Others around the building were trying to get in to get those resources. Once, mild-tempered people, now acting like animals. I felt the fear and defeat of those within the building – it was only a matter of time, the others would get in and harm them and take what was theirs. I then traveled into a camp area filled with more homeless people. These people didn’t know the streets well, they were once well-to-do people. I felt a great economic collapse, money was not important in this place. Being homeless was new to them and so they suffered. The masses were hopeless. Food and water were scarce. I saw women with small dying children. Everyone seemed to have some sort of dirt on their skin and clothing, some form of ash or “soot” all around. This takes place in countries that have not seen this in centuries or maybe even ever. Something social had occurred here, something massive had brought this great place to ruins. – Then I woke up.

– What can it mean? Something massive looms, within months, a couple of years or within the decade. Social unrest in¬†first-world countries to rise. Possible massive, first-world social unrest looming. Possible social or government collapse on the verge or happening. Possible major disaster, manmade or natural to cause a major social breakdown. Watch for economic news as a possible trigger to something larger – a possible social revolution to hit countries that do not expect it.¬†Remember, these dreams are possibilities so the major message of the vision could simply be “social unrest to come” and what may happen after if it grows beyond control.

The causes of the effect are endless, all I was allowed to see was the end result and how people were living after the collapse or event had happened.

———————— OCTOBER 14, 2011 ————————————————————-

May have something to do with the latest “Occupy” movement across the world. More comes from this, domino effect.