* Justin Bieber Tragedy – Vision

I have to start by saying, I truly dislike posting this kind of vision, even more than the smaller random visions I sometimes get. I usually never post these because I believe people should not be made aware of their future. These are the type of visions I often keep to myself or just tell close friends. Since this is a world-wide renowned artist, I will post.

* I saw Justin Bieber sobbing uncontrollably. I was hovering above him. He was in deep pain, mourning some kind of loss. He was alone in a dark room. I saw his eyes, blood red, I felt his pain. He seemed a bit older than now but still looked fairly young. There were many people of all races and ages outside of this room mourning as well. It was as if they could not see him and he could not see them. People from all over the world were walking to this room where he lay. He could not get up and was curled up in a small ball. The temperature of the room was weird, off, something about it. A small light was shining around him, coming in through a far away window, the light seem to call him, to walk to it. He did not seem to want to follow it. His eyes bled black tears. I awoke.

—–  There was a lot of symbols in this vision. I am not sure how much older he was but it seemed like he was just a bit older than he is now. I think tragedy awaits this young artist. Either danger looms for himself or someone near him, someone he loves, a close relative possibly. I believe that the light represents the love everyone shares for him. He did not want to follow it because he was suffering so much at the time that only suffering mattered. Some may say that this vision is a vision of his possible death and the darkness may be death, the light asking him to let go…or of a major accident (danger) coming his way. This may be a possibility. Either way, something tragic looms for him in his future and I wish him and his family well. — I am having second thoughts about posting this one. I really don’t like to ever put names out there in regards to visions. I may take it down soon.

—————– UPDATE Sept. 27, 2012 ————

While this is very tragic to the artist Justin Bieber, I am not sure if this is what the vision I had was about. I felt it was someone closer to him or even him that would suffer a tragedy but from the looks of it, this passing truly hurt him.


UPDATE: 12-13-12

Interesting news about him, though not exactly the vision I had – it does give light to danger which he was facing.


Random but I will post. * Snow Female Dream

I rarely post the type of dreams that are really not of great global importance but something tells me I should.

– I saw a female who had been missing. I was watching her in an abandoned building or home somewhere in a very cold climate / mountain region or area. The building seemed to have an industrial-looking bathroom but I think it could have been a lodge of some sort. This female had been missing for a long time, could not tell if it was days, months,or years. When I saw her, it was bitter cold, snow everywhere. She was in very bad health, and some most people had given up on finding her. Finally, just beyond the old structure I could hear people walking and coming closer. She heard it too but it was hard for her to yell, to even speak as she was highly dehydrated or something was wrong with her vocal chords. She tried very hard to make her way towards the group of people which was composed of 5-6 people of different ages, much like a family. Finally, she struggled to make it out on the path and when a female saw her, she yelled in fright at the sight of this person whom almost looked like a skeleton. They realized she was in trouble, and the female collapsed. I awoke. —

—- This is a tough one. I get the feeling someone is missing or will be missing for a long time. This person was abducted or taken by force it seems, something weird about the circumstance of it all. I feel as if she was left for dead, or like she had been wounded and somehow survived. The search has ended or ends when she is still alive. She feels hopeless. My deep gut feeling tells me that this person dies and I am seeing a hallucination that this female is having of being found before she dies. I think I am seeing a dead female already and that she IS dead or will die before she is found, but sadly she was still alive when the search was stopped.Or maybe she is VERY close to dying before she is found. I feel her soul is or was in a lot of pain. This female was Anglo, tall, light eyes, and between 25-35 as far as I could tell – it was difficult due to her physical state. She had light, straight, shoulder-length hair, or right past her shoulder. She was wearing a weird jacket or top, which was really torn up. It may be something she found like an old blanket or something but whatever it is, it seems torn up or really old. I don’t know what to make of this vision and like I said, I usually do not post this kind of dream but I felt I had to. If anyone hears of a missing person matching the area or person, please let me know. And if it is recent, she is likely still alive.