*Animals / Domestic Animals / Day of Darkness VISION

This is by far, one of the strangest vision dreams I have ever had. I will take the advice of my Native American brothers on this one and I will not try to analyze my own vision or even try to interpret this one. The meaning seems complicated.

I saw domestic animals turning wild again. I saw domestic animals attacking people and acting crazy. I saw cats clawing their owners. I saw dogs with no fear of their owners. I saw wild animals roaming the street. I saw domestic animals bleeding from the eyes, transforming into something wicked. I saw the fear of humans when looking at their pets. The animals were sensing something strange and evil and in turn, were going crazy. The animals seemed to be forced to act this way by something humans could not understand. Something or some strange and dark force was controlling them. The animals seemed to know something humans did not know, they felt something deep within.

Then I saw darkness. I saw fear in men. I saw a day with no lights and no electricity. I saw an invasion of some kind, people running, hiding, fighting animals and other people. I saw a looming darkness, an ever-present shadow hovering above great cities. A shadow that carried evil. People could not think straight. These cities were first-world cities as well as cities throughout the world. I saw day turn to night. I saw young people coming together trying to survive. I saw the looting of nice homes. I saw empty streets. I felt hungry and I sensed death and hopelessness. Something was chasing me, I ran upstairs trying to hide then turned to fight…

I Awoke.

It was 4:32am.

*Israel / Gaza Prediction and Vision

The conflict in Israel is fragile.

I see a possible stopping point in the Israel and Hamas conflict, but this gap in violence would only be brief. When the fighting resumes, it seems to me that it will escalate with larger violence and a more deep impact in the region. What seems to be peace and negotiations between several countries only seems to be a prelude to what is coming next. I have seen greater violence in that region in several visions. The vision I had a few weeks ago in regards to religion and a “dome-like” place also may have pointed to this sudden conflict in Israel.

I would not put  a never-before-seen attack in Israel or a Jewish establishment as out of the question during this fragile phase. New attacks, attacks which have not been seen in years, and harsher violence looms.

Other countries will weigh in, trying to help and step in but ultimately, the region is on the verge of exploding into all out chaos.

*White car / White Van / White Truck Attack – Vision


I saw a white vehicle outside of a large building. I couldn’t see exactly the model of the vehicle but I think it was some sort of hybrid between a car and a truck of some kind. Possibly some sort of utility or city worker’s vehicle. I saw this vehicle parked outside of a large building. The colour was either white or a very light color – from the angle I was standing (which was 2-3 stories high) it seemed very light in colour.  I saw a woman speaking to an audience inside. I think she was at a podium or had a microphone. There were other people gathered there but I could not turn to see them. I think this vehicle was carrying something. I think it intended on attacking the people inside.

Two more details which I would normally never release are: The female I saw speaking seemed to be black and was wearing a gold-type colour of clothing. Also, I saw a fog or dark shadow covering the place, not sure if that had to do with the time of day or with the weather in the area.

The vision stopped.

* Large Fire / Political or Government Building – Awake Vision

 5:32pm (while awake)

I saw a large fire, a violent fire, a tragic fire. It destroys an important building or part of it – I see running flames, fast flames. Confusion, screaming, I see men in suits or some sort of uniformed dress – maybe military uniforms of some kind. I see deaths. I see possible intent behind the reason of the fire. I see mourning. I see important or known people, possibly politically related or goverment related. I see large hallways with fire. I see someone running, a tall man.

It stopped.

– These are rare visions, while I am sitting here fully awake. Often, my awake visions are either false, very far away, or are images from things I have seen already – rarely are they timely or near this time or things to come. I do feel strongly about this one though. Like it has not passed yet. We will see, yet, I would not place much stock in it.