*Great City Flood / Destruction Vision Dream

I saw a beautiful city near or within many hills or a mountainside. I saw beautiful homes, lavish structures. I saw the wealth of this city. I could see large homes built upon the hillside. This city was important in one way or another. It was either seen as the center of commerce for an area or important in another way. It was very affluent and rich in culture and status. Many people knew of this city, the city was loved.

Then black clouds approached the horizon. Clouds unlike any I had seen before. Clouds full of death and hate. Something was behind the clouds, they were growing higher and coming closer to the great city, getting darker and more menacing as they approached. Then, streams of water begin to pour from the hills, from the earth, water begin to flow out with great intensity. I saw water like waterfalls, the kind you would see when a dam breaks. Then water began falling from the clouds, heavy rain, never-ending rain. The flood had begun. People tried to escape but the water just kept rising and falling. More water erupted from the hills, from the mountain. It was useless to try to run, many people died here. The water was too much. This was an epic flood, one rarely seen in history.

Something was driving the rain, something caused the rain to fall upon this city. Great destruction fell upon the people of this beautiful city.

I awoke. 3:11am

– Intense vision dream. Very symbolic. I felt the danger. Water destroys or greatly damages a city known for its grandeur in the future.