*Christopher Dorner LA Manhunt (vision)


This person is near many people.

I see snow on the ground, lightly falling possibly.

I see a white shirt he has worn recently or is wearing. I see headgear, possible black beanie

I see him having been or will be in a small wooded structure, with small slits small windows

There are cops nearby including a K-9 unit

I see a scope, he has a high-powered weapon, rifle. I see a unique type of scope or sniper rifle.

He sets his sights, I see fire and a strike. I see a location with a hillside or mountain side, then a plain and drop off of some sort. He may be hiding near or on a side of a large hill or mountain.

I see the number 3, I see the letter X – this may be a target. 

I see a checklist and another killing, someone on a check list or something he marks off.  

I see a plan of action and escape. I see a terrain map.

I keep seeing the letter “L” and a drop off of some kind, a steep drop off or ravine, possible a large drop of some sort.

He may be using unique or dangerous terrain as a means to hide, as cover. He may be repelling into a location?

There may be a small body of water nearby.

This person is not scared. He is angry and motivated. He is hunting someone. He is in attack mode and using evasion techniques and tactics.

He is possibly at the Eastern end of the manhunt radius. I see a middle or lower eastern location of his location or possibly his next target or victim.

I see a death.

——FEB. 13, 2013 UPDATE ——————

Not bad I guess. I did this session while fully awake and in under 5 minutes. Several details were correct:

– Another killing, a wooded structure, terrain near a hillside, and his death. The “lower eastern” location is interesting as it was on the southern-end of the manhunt radius. As I mentioned to LAPD personnel, he would kill at least 1 more person before it was over. I also gave them details about him being inside a wooden structure or cabin looking out at the cops around him.

—– POLICE Department released details that Dorner was “hiding in plain sight” meaning that the first line of my session “THIS PERSON IS NEAR MANY PEOPLE” was a positive hit.

I’ll rate this at 5 1/2 out of 10.