*Aircraft Tragedy Vision

I see a fast moving aircraft. It is important and future looking. Could be a newer type of plane but feels somewhat military or even possibly a spacecraft of sorts, or a connection to these. I see fire, possibly an explosion or impact, and I see the demise of this craft. I see a unique looking cockpit or front area of the craft, capsule looking. Something is very important, secretive, or unique about the way the cockpit is built or the way it is flown. It is traveling at a very high rate of speed when the tragedy happens.

I see the letters L, E (e), and C…as well as an interesting logo, whether in the visual aspect of it or the meaning of it.

Impact Words: craft, speed, capsule, station, space, flight, tragic, explosion, aircraft.

– Vision ends.

—————–UPDATE — not the ASIANA plane crash. Does not match too well. Something else will happen.


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  1. it was the Virgin plane…

    • Seems so.

  2. Thanks a lot for your latest comment which gives more insight to the future.

    I fear that the days ahead of us will not be interesting, but tragic instead.

  3. Is this one the plane you have dreamed of?


    • luisgiza: It looked very much so like that.

  4. I see fire, possibly an explosion or impact,….

    Yes, it should be an impact of a craft shaped like the Shuttle.

    Your dream/vision confirms one of the prediction made by the Remote Viewers group of major Ed Dames, an event which should be imminent.

    More info about that prediction can be found here: http://www.viewzone.com/rv2013.html

    • luigiza: Interestingly enough, I was using RV techniques when I saw this vision. Very interesting that it matches with the group’s findings.

    • Luigiza:: I was away and unable to focus on giving you a proper answer. The things I see are always signs of a more disturbing and troubling time to come. They are basically markers on the path to something greater. They show me things that are coming leading up to something bigger. When we see an international incident involving some sort of aircraft, we will know we are getting closer to a larger event. I always withhold certain information but in this case I will share something else with you. There will some sort of celebrity death or tragedy around the same time of the aircraft event, either right before it or right after. It’s not that the celebrity news is as important but it is another marker in the timeline.

      Interesting days ahead of us all.

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