Arizona / Congresswoman Attack

You can look back at the “Public Area Attack Dream” I posted last year in April, 9 months ago:

 ————–JAN. 11th UPDATE ——- I truly believe this is most probably it. This happened 9 months later which is well within my range. Several correct verifiers here include: public attack which makes national news, started with one intended target and moved on to randoms, people running, happened in a very “open” area if you look at the video, the “openness” I saw could easily fit the desert area it was in, a young girl was shot and killed (there were young people involved and she was a student),  Anglo population (almost 70% White), it was a very happy and calm environenment, in fact, a very calm and beautiful day right before the incident, lots of brick structures around ((“The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)), people ran and hid inside buildings, and it was “senseless and brutal.” The location itself turned out to be an outdoor strip mall area, which I had doubted at first.

As you can see, my visions work largely in very symbolic ways but this one had several real and accurate details. That’s why it’s hard to place some of them into words and accurately guess what exactly they mean sometimes. I truly believe this was it and it happened within my normal 2 year range, 9 months in this case. Terrible incident.

———————————————–   ORIGINAL POST FROM LAST YEAR ———————————————–

I was not going to publish this one. As I’ve told you, I don’t really like to talk about all of my dreams and I certainly do not post all of them up here but I think since this involves younger people, I will post it and keep it brief:

I had this dream on Saturday morning around 4:00am:

I was within the person and was running and hiding. I was in a very public area which seemed like a school of sorts but it easily could have been a church, a university or maybe (but doubt it) a mall. Parts of this place had large open spaces it seemed – just had this “openness” feel to it. It was definitely a place where there was younger and older people. The younger people seemed like students of some kind. I saw brick walls, high walls, and I could see outside a bit into a small garden or green area with very skinny trees, it seemed like a new development or building of some kind? People were running, I could sense death around us, they were very frightened. I was never able to see the people or person that was inflicting this attack but I could sense it was a senseless and brutal attack on what seemed to be maybe random people – or it could have started with an intended target then moved on to random people. I could see the day looked pretty clear and it was a happy / calm environment before this attack happened. I saw people hiding under desks and hiding in closets and bathrooms, trying not to be seen. I could see people running and hiding inside and outside of this complex or building. I feel strongly that the people were American and I feel it was a smaller city maybe, maybe an All-American type of city, mostly Anglo in population — or maybe the location houses mostly Americans? Again, this is just what I feel as I saw mostly Anglo people running.

MY THOUGHTS: Some kind of public attack or attack in a very public area will happen soon – it will definitely make national news. As you have seen my visions have been happening from mere days to a month lately so if this is the same, we will hear of something soon. Usually they take 2-4 years but lately, they have been happening a lot sooner for some reason.


“The dream I want to share with you at this time was in regards to some kind of assasination or assasination attempt, some kind of attack. While the family or person who was the target of the assasins spoke perfect English, I am not sure he or they were American. I sensed we were in a European-style location, whether it was the architecture (look of the place) or an actual European country, I cannot be certain. What I saw was a violent attack where some security or people who were not the main intended target were killed and some higher ups were injured or killed as well. I believe this family or person is either royalty or very prominent in the political world. What I do not know is if he or the main target was actually killed or just injured. I believe he / they were or were very close to dying. I did see lots of blood shed in this attack. I saw a lot of (modern) weapons (some automatic) and I saw a lot of chaos. I saw white walls, marble or tiled floors…men in suits, it was possibly an organized meeting or event of sorts.”

                                             ——————–INTERESTING SIDE NOTE ——————

SIDE NOTE about the “European” reference in my dream: The name of the strip mall where the shootings took place is called “La Toscana Village.”

((ACTUAL DESCRIPTION IN NEWS OF LOCATION: “The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)).


* “East”

News out of the East Coast or Far East.

—————–UPDATE MARCH 11, 2011 —————————————

Obviously, my precognition of the global conflicts in Tunisia, Egypt, and Lybia.

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“Brink of War” – End of ’10 Event Prediction?

I have been trying to lay low lately. During the winter I usually try to focus on my physical side of well-being rather than just on my spiritual and mental side. Still, this latest event happening between the two Korean Nations has definitely piqued my interest.

Could this be the event I have been predicting from the beginning of the year? The event I saw would happen before the end of 2010 and that would spark a grim outlook for the start of 2011? I’ve always said that an event that would gain the world’s attention and cause the “global community to pause” would rule headlines by the end of this year.

While the Chilean miner’s story fit well into that vision (as we all paused and waited and prayed together for the trapped miners), this latest event fits better into what my dreams usually symbolize, the dramatic or more destructive and catastrophic side of world events. My gut tells me that we are definitely on the “brink of war” as North Korea is putting it. I say “WE” because if this war comes to happen, it will not be just the two Korean armies that will be involved. Certainly several European nations as well as China and the US would also have to participate at some level or another.

But beyond the simplicity of agression, lies something deeper and more disturbing. What has been dormant for years, now begins to slowly creep out of its slumber. The possibility of a war and a period of time that may have far-reaching consequences for the entire global community. The beginning of a very dangerous and uncertain period, where one aggressive act, or seemingly far away conflict, might tumble the single domino that can launch an unpredictable and dark chain of events.

As I’ve said and continue to say: Something BIG looms, whether natural or manmade, before year’s end.

Time will tell.

For the few,


*Bin Laden Location Dream (KILLED)

As with several dreams, I often withhold some of the more powerful ones I have so that I can later test myself. These are visions I do not publish or write about but will sometimes share with my GF or a close friend. I hold these back because, over time, this is the only way I can really put my own ability to the test. When I see news about it, I then am able to compare it to my vision.

Recently, there has been some chatter about Bin Laden not being hold up in a cave. That he might be in a home but no other information is known or has been released.

So, with little information trickling out to the public, I will release my vision and hope it might help the greater good.

About 3-4 months ago, I had a dream that I was walking through a village in a mountain-region, somewhere at a high elevation. As I walked through the dusty-rocky, torn-up streets, I knew I was searching for someone but I did not know whom. I was walking up a fairly steep street when I happen to turn to my left towards a house that beckoned me. I saw past an old-thin black metal gate of sorts, maybe with decorative pointy spikes of some sort. The driveway was also steep and muddy or dusty and I believe I saw a small white vehicle in the driveway, towards the top on the right – possibly even below the second floor of the right side of the house. I remember this was a two-story home and I clearly recall a red roof of some sort or a red color attached to the top portion of the home. The home was mostly white or off-white, possibly old white paint turned darker with age. As I kept walking, something made me look back. I focused on the top left window and I could see someone sitting there. The window was fairly large, not too small, and I recall some white curtains on one side. As I looked with deeper focus, I saw the figure of a man and he was reading near the window, not directly next to it but about 2-3 feet back from it, utilizing the natural light. Behind him, I could see some small lamp inside as well but I do not recall if it was on or not. As I focused deep on this person, he must have felt my presence because he suddenly leaned towards the window to look out at me, I clearly saw who it was. It was Osama bin Laden. He looked right at me, then slowly stepped away, but not alarmed in any way. I realized that he was not alarmed because I was inside of a local person, looking from within a man he may be familiar with or a man he knows.

This dream means that Bin Laden is definitely or has definitely been staying within a home recently. This is a small village-type of place with scattered homes but not scarce, there are several homes in the row where I saw his home. I saw evergreen brush nearby – maybe a pine tree of some sort as well. I could sense we were up high, and I could see they have a view of a valley or of the rest of the village from their perspective. A little more detail on the location is that I could see a mountain range in the distance behind the home, a mountain or high ridge could be seen from the street where the home was situated or from the actual back of the home itself. I could see what looked like a little bit of snow atop that mountain or hilltop or the snow could have been a hint to me about the altitude I was at. This was a foggy or overcast day, seemed a bit on the cool side, in the range of 48-64 degrees F. It was a dry cold. This vision also tells me that the locals, or at least some, know that he is there. He looked relaxed so this is a place where he is comfortable. I could sense at least one woman and possibly at least 1-2 children in the home with him. I sensed bodyguards or dark figures downstairs and possibly outside as I recall someone looking at me downstairs near the white vehicle. This home was by no means a palace, but it was not a shack either. I was actually surprised that it was a fairly nice home for the area.

I had this dream not too long ago, and with new reports coming out, I feel he might change his location soon. This is a location he has used before and might return to.


———- UPDATE —— MAY 2, 2011 —-

Seeing as this was one dream I was not going to release, I’m glad I did – if nothing else, for my own sanity. Several verifiers within the dream were spot on:

– Mountain region where mountain range could be seen in the distance – the color of the house was correct – the home was at least 2-stories in height – this was a fairly modern home and not a cave – this was within a city where other homes were right next to it – evergreen trees can be seen in the area – he was traveling with armed bodyguards – he was traveling with at least one woman and his children – people in the region knew he was there or he was very familiar with the region – it was a nice home for the area.

:: While the dream was not perfectly spot on, many details within it were correct, the biggest being that he was not hold up in a cave and was in a home. I believe I may have seen details of 2 homes, one he was previously in and then the one he was killed in…somehow scrambled in my dream. As you already know, my dreams, while detailed in many ways, can also be very symbolic. Obviously, the theme of this dream was where he was hiding, who he was traveling with, and of his impending capture in a more modernized area.

I give myself a 6.5 on this one on a scale of 10.

Fire in the Sky

“A fire comes, a thing for all to see, a vision of a start, across a burning sea.” I have no idea why this phrase popped into my head last night as I lay in bed? I saw something but it was so fast and all I had left was this phrase in my mind. Signs to come more than likely. I’ve mentioned before, an event that “causes pause” and something global that is thought-provoking by year’s end…we will see what this phrase means soon.

I had 2 very disturbing dreams last night, some of the worst ones I’ve ever had. “Disturbing” is the only word I can think of…

Bizarre and scary all at the same time. I saw a large mass of humans overtaken by the ocean. I saw many drowning. (The water was oily or dark – maybe the darkness was blood in the water) I saw a government unwilling to help or seeing it all unfold. (I saw massive military ships or some type of tankers all around the people but not helping or not being able to.) This event is not to be confused with Katrina of past. This was a darker event, something to come. This event was almost “evil” and full of hate. The people were helpless in a hell of water or a city near the water that becomes a site of a major catastrophe in the future, nothing to do with Katrina or the past tsunami. I saw a calculated control of masses of helpless people.

Second, I saw masses escaping rapidly into towards a new  frontier. I saw a bitter cold all of a sudden. I saw despair, death, and fright. I saw a climb of sorts, a long white desert near a mountain. From the ocean to the mountains, I saw fear in humans. I saw something or someone hunting people, I saw white, blinding clouds rising high in the sky and frigid temperatures. I saw clouds of snow or white smoke moving quickly to overtake a large population. I saw then water and more water making escape almost impossible. I saw the faces of the dead, frozen in time, laying on a field of death. Faces only, no bodies, frozen faces as they had died and the hunger for more death and blood from the hunters.

Troubled and dark times loom in humanity’s future.


——————– UPDATE —— MARCH 18, 2011 ————————–

WOW – is the first dream the JAPAN earthquake / tsunami / nuclear event of last week???

It matches fairly well. Def ocean overtakes many and drowns many. Oil has spilled. The government has not been able to contain the nuclear disaster and has been “overwhelmed” as the news indicates. The cities were near the water. Was the “evil” sensation the nuclear aspect of it??? I’m not sure but this is pretty close.

*Celebrity Death Dream –

Okay, so these are the type of vision-dreams I usually never post. They are much smaller, and way less significant than my real visions. What I mean by “less significant” is that they are not dreams that will affect the world in any major or substantial way. These dreams come to me either when I am first falling asleep or once I have awakened but I am still in a semi-groggy state of mind. I never post them because, in contrast to my bigger-more significant dreams, the strong assurance or feeling that they are true visions is not there. Meaning, sometimes they are not real “visions” so I don’t pay attention to them as much.

I’ll post this one because it felt fairly accurate and fairly real. I warn you, this one came to me as I woke up this past Saturday morning, I was still half-asleep but I was also half-AWAKE so I am not sure if it will happen.

– The vision was of a young current celebrity dying unexpectedly. I had the strong feeling that this celeb was a female and fairly young, or way too young to die anyhow. For some reason, I felt the person was of Anglo decent. I saw a thin person. I saw many young people in mourning and this is why I felt strongly the person that died was young. If not it’s possible this celeb’s core demographic or fans is very young. I felt the death was tragic. I saw TV shows covering the death. I saw blue eyes but this was a weak feeling. I did see a crowd of people surrounding the dead celebrity but I could not tell if the person was already dead and this was the funeral or if this was just symbolic that the person was always surrounded by many people.-

Okay, so there you go. These are the type of visions I don’t usually post or talk about because the probability of them happening is always low. Also, I wondered if I was dreaming about one of the young Hollywood actresses, Britt Murphy, who just passed away about a year ago? Only time will tell.

I will say that when they do come true, they happen within 1-6 months, in contrast to my 2-4 year average of my other “regular” visions.


———- UPDATE July 25th, 2011 ————————————-

Amy Winehouse – could be. It fits in some ways but not in others…young and tragic for sure. But much later than I originally thought….who knows?

Past Prediction / Qur’an Burning?

Earlier this year and throughout the year, I have been posting this:

“””””I did predict that there was a larger event happening by the end of 2010, one that will create a massive fright in people and cause people around the world “to take pause.” – While I would love to say that my gut tells my before Summer’s end, by August, I am not quite sure. I do “feel” it is of great importance and something new, something scary, something that will begin a new way of thought. That’s what I feel now, as I see more I will certainly relay that.””””

Is the recent news of the Qur’an burning coming up on 9/11 part of this vision? I’ve said before, I am not sure that the event happening before the end of 2010 is manmade or natural. We can all see that the world is engaged in what is coming this Saturday. People are “frightened” of what might happen if the Pastor from Florida follows through with his plans. The world is “taking pause” holding their breath at this and this event can and might trigger something much bigger to come. I said in other posts that people’s “religion views / beliefs would be questioned” and this certainly has the hallmark of that as well as many other similarities with what I have been predicting.

Now, is it the event I have been feeling? I am not sure. I just saw that it is a world-wide event that would happen before 2010 is over — can this just be a part of that vision? Yes. Can something much larger in scope still happen and eclipse this particular event happening this weekend? Absolutely.

We will all have to wait and see. There are only 3 1/2 months left in 2010.


*Unexpect Earthquake Dream…building collapse?

Vision Dream last night…

Big earthquake coming soon, somewhere unexpected or where it would be rare. Populated 1st or 2nd world area I believe. I heard some English speakers running from a hotel or highrise, although it doesn’t have to be an American city (if it is American, I get a feeling for Texas or Los Angeles metro / Cali area) . Injuries, some deaths. The location will make more news than the actual total tally of injured is my feeling…

I was within the dream, running, trying to escape. I was holding someone’s hand, trying to save them. I had seen an elevator, the building seemed fairly modern in architecture…it felt large. I saw a possible collapse of it. Some barely escaped. I saw white ash around me, big debris falling around. The earth was shaking violently, this event takes many by surprise as I was extremely shocked that it was happening at that location within my dream.

I feel strongly about this one.

——————– A friend asked me if this could be a large explosion…I am not sure. I was pretty certain that this was an earthquake based on the movement of the building from side to side prior to its collapse. In an explosion, the ground doesn’t shake like that prior to the event. I will stick with my orginal thought of this dream being related to a natural disaster. Two dreams of me being WITHIN an earthquake during the period of 2 months or so is a pretty powerful message that a large quake is looming in the near future. I have said that something “special” will happen by the end of 2010 since the beginning of this year and this may all be related.

Know this, times are changing. There are those who believe they are above what is coming, there are some that have actual knowledge of the pending event, there are some who choose to ignore every sign BUT know that ALL will be affected by it. There will be a time of rebirth for the human mind and soul, and that is as much as I will ever say about it all.


New Zealand region nervous after powerful quake

By Brian Walker, CNN ‘September 5, 2010 —
(CNN) — New Zealand’s Christchurch and Canterbury remained on edge Sunday as the quake-hit region entered its second night following a powerful tremor that left buildings in ruins and people scrambling for shelter.
—- I have a strong feeling that another similar quake hits either New Zealand or an area near there very soon. May cause even more damage, will be surprising. ———– SEPT. 7th, 2010. ————

Earth’s Rehearsal…

I remember back when I used to produce and direct concerts for National television. For me, the biggest thrill was the day or morning before the concert, during rehearsals. As a director, I got a private front-row seat to some of the biggest performers in the world at the time – while they warmed up and we tested sound and lights. I often sat back with my arms holding my head, leaning my chair back, thinking how lucky I was to have an intimate moment like this with the artists. As their sole audience, often they would just stare at me, singing their hit songs, looking for my approval, for some kind of comfort. These rehearsals were often minimalistic. Other times, they were full dress-rehearsals, eloborate and intense.

STILL…rehearsals were never as powerful and as exciting as the actual concert. The energy of 50,000-100,000 screaming fans. The energy in the voice of the artist, the thrill of knowing millions would see this at home. The stress that made your veins pump hard.

The real impact was always felt on the night of the big event. It was organized chaos and an emotional havoc that was directed into a fine work of art, one note at at time.

I bring this up because of the earthquake in Ecuador today and some that have happened these past weeks. The headlines read, “No Damage,” a seemingly nice way of saying nobody was hurt. What is interesting to me, is that people are beginning to see 6.0-7.5 earthquakes with “no damage” being reported and they are getting used to it. No big deal, right?

My concern is this:

Are we seeing Earth’s “rehearsal” playing out before our eyes? Are all these quakes a “nice” prelude to what’s coming? To the big event?

Sadly, I believe so.

What’s happening…

PSALM 82:5 “They know not, neither do they understand; They walk to and fro in darkness: All the foundations of the earth are shaken.”

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