* Bridge Collapse Dream

I was in a vehicle driving alongside a large bridge. The bridge was made of heavy steel, blueish or dark green in color, it connected two large metropolitan areas or cities. It had been severely damaged by some form of disaster, be it manmade or natural. I went past some barricades to see what had happened. I could see wrecked and abandoned cars and as I moved past them I went a bit higher to get a bird’s-eye view. I could see this had been a violent and unexpected disaster – I could see many cars had fallen into the river or water below. The water seemed muddy and dark green with patches of lighter green hue as well. I could see people had drowned and others were still trying to swim. I tried to make out what cities I was looking at but I really couldn’t tell, other than my gut feeling was “eastern coast” and “American” – felt very much like New York or someplace similar to it in architecture and structure – could easily be European though, all I could really tell is that I could see tall modern buildings in the city on the other side of the bridge. I tried to sense if the bridge had just collapsed by accident, by some natural disaster like flooding or earthquake or from a structural failure, OR if it was orchestrated by someone, but I was truly being blocked from receiving that information.

I woke up.

—————- I am guessing that this was a fairly accurate vision of a bridge disaster in the near future. I didn’t see too much symbolic influence in the dream. It was also not far future, seems to be close. Could be anywhere in the world but will be a large known city. —————-

UPDATE: November 30, 2012.

Other than deaths, the vision seems to maybe fit the New Jersey bridge collapse:


I mentioned “unexpected” – I mentioned “New York” – I mentioned “between two metropolitan areas or large cities” – I mentioned the “muddy dark green water” of the river below. I mentioned “Eastern Coast” of America. The “two cities” are possible New York and New Jersey. The “cars” falling into the river could definitely be the “box cars” of the train.

The description of the actual bridge as far as material and color fit as well.

This falls within 1 year of my vision. It could be it. Not entirely 100% because there are no deaths just hospital visits from respiratory symptoms.

We’ll see if another happens which better fits this vision.


I will share something with you today because it is a sign of things to come and because I promised I would – if I ever received the sign I was waiting for.

When I was young, I almost died in a very large earthquake, I was still a baby living in another country. Many years after, I was given a vision that I would one day “feel” and live through another quake. When I did, this would be a sign of something larger to come and of a more dangerous period in the world.

I must explain something to you. Long ago, I moved to, and currently live, in one of the safest places in the world, where earthquakes almost never strike. Recently, without explanation, I awoke to the feeling of my bed moving and shaking – it was an earthquake, small, yet noticeable. My stomach turned, not because of the quake, but because of the bigger meaning behind it.

For you, that read my posts, believe one thing: We have now entered a very dangerous time in our current civilization. This new phase will bring on violent global changes. Both, manmade and natural. While we have already entered a violent phase in the last couple of years, this Omen I have received marks the next level of things to come. You will soon see what I mean and you will think of this post. A couple of years ago, I mentioned this phase would bring about things we have not seen in a long time, if ever. Our civilization is quickly headed towards a major catastrophic event that will change the way we feel and think about everything.

I will continue to bring you my visions and dreams as they come and I wish you all the best for now.

– KK

* City on Fire Vision / Dream

Last night 3:40am.

I saw a great modern city on fire. This was a massive event. At first, I was hovering a few hundred feet up in the air, watching it from above. The fire consumed the city with great anger and a passionate hunger. People tried to save what they could, all running, all scared. I saw red flames high above the city as day turned into night. The fire moved in a parallel line across the city, burning buildings, creating havoc and death – I could hear screams all across this area. I remember seeing a coastline or water near the city (very faintly towards the east of the city) and I felt like the city was somewhere on the Eastern or Southeastern coast of a modern-day country. I saw many small homes and not so many tall buildings – more homes than buildings. I could not see the cause of this great fire, not sure if it was manmade or natural.

I then moved into someone’s body who lived within the city. It was a male and he trying to save some documents and money from a safe inside of his home or condo / apartment. He was scared, rushing to get his valuables and find his family members. I saw many people running up and down the street, some trying to escape in vehicles but some of the roads were blocked with too many cars and other obstacles.

I then saw the aftermath of this event. I saw many people stranded, left without anything. They were exhausted, in shock – many living on the streets. I woke up.

– This is obviously a vision of a large fire-related disaster to come. The large city may just be a symbol for a large modern neighborhood or location. The coastline may be a symbol for a true location or for a location named after water or near water. I believe the person that I was within must have survived as he was the same person living in a camp-like location after the event.


– Mark 13:7-8

– Genesis 6:7

——————————— AUGUST 23rd, 2011 —————————–

A few have asked, “What happens in September?” Truly, you will have to wait, we all will. I have a strong feeling about September-October but specifically, September. I have seen a couple of visions that I cannot post, yet. As I have mentioned before, I must keep certain visions to myself as they are my gauge for my own private means. I share plenty already and have often thought of not sharing so much. I put myself out there because I believe a few deserve to know certain future things to come. This transitional phase between late August to October brings a few incidents that will cause a “stir.” If you know my past writing, I hate to write dates, months, times, etc. September feels the strongest to me as far as what I have seen and that’s as far as I’ll put myself out there.

Some have asked me, “Will there be more quakes in 2011?” Of course. There are always quakes, every day, everywhere. The quakes that I speak of are not those though. The things I see are not those things that happen, make the 10pm news, then disappear. The things I speak of will change lives, countries, policies, and eventually, humanity as a whole. “Will there be a larger and more powerful quake to come in 2011?” might be a better question.

Place your faith elsewhere, don’t search out people like me for answers. I only write these things because I must, because it is my escape. There are certain things in our lives that cannot be changed, the things I dream of, the things I see, cannot be changed – why worry about them?

—————- Did we make it out of the dangerous September-October period I had the premonition about? Almost. 30 more days to go. October may prove to be interesting. I hope not.

* Seaside City Flooded – Ocean / Water Dream.

I saw several homes built high on stilts. I was in a city by the sea. There were businesses of all kinds, including what seemed to be a car dealership (s). I saw that these homes / properties / buildings had been built to withstand nature: hurricanes and high tides. I was in a home with a nice family. The man of the house, the person I was speaking to, seemed to maybe be a doctor or well-to-do person. I remember being near a large window overlooking the ocean as we spoke. I vaguely recall hearing a noise of some sort then, an angry large wave comes out of nowwhere and shakes the foundations of the house I was in. The wave was huge, then more waves begin to pound the house and the city. The water begins to overtake these homes and to fill the city with water. People scatter, yet many are taken by surprise it seemed. Calm turns into utter fright and death. Many drown. At some point I was on some kind of public bus (could have been a subway or rail) and water was racing towards us rapidly. Their confidence and baseless self-assurance of how they built this place hurt them in the end. 

—- Nature always wins. Guessing it’s an American or English-speaking city as I heard the people in the home speaking English. The family whose home I was in was a middle to very high-income family, they were Anglo. They seemed to own businesses in the area and seemed to be known in the area possibly. I am not sure if the man I was within at the home survived the event. I noticed that when I was on the bus in the dream, the person I was within was planning how he would get out when the water hit them, meaning, he was either ex-military or had some sort of survival skills background. He was very calm given the situation. My simple guess is that this may be hurricane related. Maybe a hurricane or storm that is not supposed to be a threat and all of a sudden becomes a major threat, or just simply a large ocean-related event (unknown cause) near a coastal city that is a surprise to everyone. I do not dismiss a rare event that would cause a sudden rise in tides, even a tsunami of sorts. It may be a warning for this hurricane season or next…that I am not sure of.

– KK

——————— UPDATE ————– AUGUST 8th

This is in China over the weekend, a 65-foot wave hit a chemical plant and the city was also flooded with massive waves hitting the coast. Honestly, I don’t think this is my vision. Very close as far as a large wave and it happened just a couple of days after but I think there would have been more damage and loss of life if it were my dream. My gut is that we have yet to see a bigger wave-related and ocean destruction event coming soon. And some place with more English-speakers.


Storm’s 65-foot waves threaten to hit Chinese chemical plant

Rocks, concrete blocks reportedly used to plug 200-meter wide breach in dike

———————— UPDATE ————- AUGUST 26th, 2011 ———————————————–

Obviously, this vision seems to correspond to Hurricane Irene, which originally was thought to be headed towards Florida, and now is headed towards the Northern East Coast of the United States – something that was unexpected. The vision is so far hitting on a couple of factors, including the “unexpected” and on “possible high-dollar properties and well-to-do areas” that may be affected. Another possible hit here is that the visions showed me a large public transit system, including possibly a subway system, which if it hits New York City, it will definitely affect. The original large window I saw may represent buildings with lots of glass or definitely those large homes near the coast which tend to have those large windows… the homes on high-stilts may represent the obvious, which are the homes on the coast or the famous highrises NYC is known for. I have a strong feeling this hurricane is headed towards a high-density populated area.

One last note, I saw lots of people in my dream, which would indicate a largely populated area. Also, the survival person in the dream, he was a hard-headed person that was not too afraid. The meaning of this may be that some people will not evacuate and a few will die or be in harm’s way. I’ll have to see what the outcome is.

I always hope for the best, but as usual, these visions are of things that will happen where there is no choice in the matter.

—————————— UPDATE September 1, 2011 ———————————-

Obviously, this vision was about Hurricane Irene, one of the worst in history to hit the East Coast of the US. It happened within a month or so of my vision which scares me and let’s me know more devastation is on the way. The oceans are angry and are in retaliation mode.

The End…**Catastrophic Attack Dream

Yesterday, I was in a place that always seems to activate my dreams.

I am left speechless from my dream last night. It was in 3 parts, all in order of things to come. Honestly, I don’t want to share it yet. It’s scary and I feel this one is 100% accurate. 

I finally saw what all of these dreams I’ve had for decades are leading up to, and it’s not good.

I need to let it sink in, and I need to fully digest the meaning of this event that’s coming. I think my ability is letting me know that something is coming and coming fast. This was not as symbolic as past dreams. While, it still had some symbols in it, it was truly blunt and to the point. At the core of its message: Destruction.

I saw something amazing at the end, yet so terrifying. It was a hopeless feeling to be within it all and know no one could do anything to stop it. What I saw is not anything I could have made up, the machines were so detailed, their intent was clear, the conclusion of it all was so – final.


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Hunger and Chaos to Rise

It has been told to me, in no uncertain terms during this dream cycle that 2 things will rise during my lifetime:

The civilized world will begin to collapse in countries we see as stable.  While, we have seen Egypt begin to “fall” or to “change” – the changes I see coming are far-wider reaching and into societies which currently seem the most stable.

Hunger will rise beyond measures we have seen in the past. Civil people will become uncivilized due to their hunger and their fear of death due to starvation. While we are used to seeing 3rd world countries suffer at the mercy of hunger, we will see 2nd and even 1st world countries feel the pain of hunger in the near future.

These things have been shown to me clearly. This is a clear message that I will see the beginning of this incredible and terrible cycle during my lifetime. I will bear witness to the evolution of man into a beast due to his violent and chaotic environment.

Kuk Kabah

* Red Mountain / Red Wind and Sky Dream —

This is a really symbolic vision – it drained me. It may be the vision I was waiting for during this current cycle of dreams I am in. Here are a few details —-

I saw a blistering wind near a large red mountain. The air was hot, burning, wild, forming a slashing feel across the earth. I saw dark red clouds, a vicious red wind, I could see a high mountaintop nearby through the burning wind. The earth was scorched, the ground was burning, it was dry, a mix of black wind and red dust swirled around me or the person I was within. I felt hot, the ground felt unbearable to the touch. Few in the area were living. It was a lonely time and place, the wind carried death with it – something abrupt had occurred in this place – this place seemed like planet earth yet this location within the planet seemed unrecognizable. I walked as if in pain or injured. I could barely keep my eyes open from whatever was in the air. The whole sky was a deep red or red-orange color as far as the eye could see. There was no mercy here. Lava red colors and heat dominated this area. There was a major loss of life here. The person I was within was drenched in desperation and could not believe his eyes, he was still wearing clothing that seemed as if he was living a regular life just moments before or days before this new reality. He was not ready for what occurred to him. It seemed as if he would die soon after I would exit his body and the dream. One more detail, there seemed to be some black streaks on the mountain or in the wind, like a smoke of sorts but not sure, it was hard to see.

— The red in the dream seems very symbolic, either of fire or a color attached to a bigger meaning or cause of this incident. The mountain may be an actual location, the height of it and the way the word “mountain” kept coming to me in the dream may hold a clue to it all. The wind seems to carry the most meaning –  it was wild, hot and turbulent. Maybe the wind carries a clue to the location or to the cause of it as well. It reminded me of what you would see in an atomic or massive explosion aftermath – whether it was manmade or not would be only a guess from the details I saw. One thing was for sure, this was a devastating incident.

————— UPDATE ————– Sept. 20, 2011 ——————————


New Visions Arising…

My dream pattern is returning. The warm up dreams started 3-4 days ago, after returning from outside of the country.

When my dreams return, things begin to happen around the world. I give it anywhere from this weekend to 2 months for a global event…though, I’ve yet to see it. I am sure the dream-vision is on the way. I will post it when I get it.


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Open Letter to the False Prophet Harold Camping.

Mr. Camping, I hope this communication finds you in good health.

I was holding back from writing you this letter but your current rants have left me no choice. You have many people worried and you are causing mass panic in some. I truly did not want to have to call you out like I did in the past with the false prophet Duke Puntalangit but you have left me no other alternative. You are no better, maybe even worse than Mr. Puntalangit. You should know, I respect my elders. I was raised that way and I try to uphold that rule as much as I can. Due to this fact, I will try to remain respectful in regards to the following.

The world will not end this May 21st, 2011 – the beginning of the end will not begin on this date. Your prediction of rapture will not come to fruition. Mr. Camping, you are not part of the group selected to walk within the realms that house that kind of information. I know, at your age, you have probably come to believe your own deranged prophecies, and it will be hard for you to wake up Sunday morning and face the fact that you are not chosen to be the prophet your followers would have hoped. Come midnight Saturday, you will be nothing more than another false prophet who has used his life to spread fear and lies. You have deceived many and your deception will be revealed come May 22nd. On Sunday, you will feel the weight of knowing you are a False Prophet, a failure at that which you have chosen to follow all of these years. Another human trying to deceive his fellow man, with nothing left but a broken reputation and a loss of years you will not be able to replace. I appreciate the fact that you would like this world to end. This world has become, well, “complicated” over the last couple of centuries. Who would not want to see a better system of things or the end of this world and to see a better one? Still your deceptive ways are just as evil as some of the evil that you so harshly condemn.

So, I’ll make you deal. Since you consider yourself a man of honor, and a true seer of things to come. This is a simple deal and I don’t see how you can refuse.

Come Sunday morning, if your prophecy does not come to be, you shall do the honorable thing and leave this planet. Take the example of the Japanese warriors, if you will, and do what they did when they dishonored themselves, or their masters. In this case, you have dishonored yourself and those that so fervently believe in you. It will be the only thing left for you to do come Sunday morning. While, I don’t particularly enjoy the death of any human being, nor do I promote such actions for the general population, in your case, it is a fitting end and the most honorable thing to do. Since you “guarantee” your prophecy, you have nothing to lose.

My end is simple. If the end begins Saturday and there is still some form of telecommunications system in place, I will reveal a secret hidden within your bible. In addition, I will reveal who I am and what my source for gathering information is. By the way, when the end of this world truly comes Mr. Camping, there will be no communication systems available.

So, do we have a deal? Will you accept my challenge? Will you back up your prophecy with your life? Do you have the honor to do it?

Or are you just another coward and a fake?

Come Sunday, we will see what kind of man you truly are. I already know what your followers will learn this weekend. That you are simply an old false prophet with a wrong date and with false hopes of becoming a king amonsgt men.

There is still time to retract your prophecy and apologize to your followers Mr. Camping.

For you and the Few.

Kuk Kabah

To the followers of Mr. Camping, you still have more time left so smile. Please make sure Mr. Camping receives this letter so you can put your prophet to the test.

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