Eruption / Chaos / Disaster

An average day, a strange chaos from below.

Massive grey ash plumes from the earth, fire quickly follows.

Ash reaching the clouds, moving toward hundreds of cars on a highway and a neighborhood nearby.

An entire hilltop vanishes.

Fire races across the ground at the speed of sound, consuming everything in front of it.

A building where war is born, no more.

People in shock, mouths open, death overtakes many, mourning follows.

3:42 am



*Plane Burning / Accident Dream

I was in the cockpit of a large plane. It was either military cargo or a very large commercial airliner. I saw it right after some type of event had happened concerning the plane. It had a wide large front nose. I saw smoke around the cockpit and smoke coming from underneath the plane. I could see a rural area or mountainous terrain nearby. One of the people in the cockpit seemed to be passed out or dead. The pilot was composed and was actually trying to get control of the plane. He was in his late 30’s or early 40’s. He was wearing a crisp white shirt and had a few stars on his shoulder. He was speaking English. I heard lots of screaming and I felt the fear in the others on the plane. The pilot was trying everything to regain control – ultimately, the plane crashed. I felt death.

I woke up. It was 4:02am


I feel there will be a plane going down soon. It will make global news. I don’t think the pilot was involved. I also think it seemed to be caused by something not natural, possibly sabotage of some sort – felt electrical in nature. I don’t believe this has happened, I believe it to be a future event.

MARCH 19, 2016  – possible.

At 2237, at Rostov-on-Don, the crew aborted a landing attempt to Runway 22 due to poor weather conditions. The plane was instructed to enter a holding pattern at 15,000 feet where it remained for a little under two hours. During a second landing attempt, at 3.4 miles from the runway and an altitude of 1,500 feet the crew executed a second go around and climbed to 3,975 feet, after which, the plane went out of control in a nose down attitude and hit the runway at high rate of speed and disintegrated. All 55 passengers and crew of 7 were killed.

Another Aviation Disaster

I saw fire, lots of fire. I could see parts of a plane on the ground and possibly some still falling. I saw a dusty rural road or a side road. I saw possible crops or a green field of some kind near the tragedy – may be a marker or hint to the location of this tragic event. I could not tell what had caused the tragedy but it felt like it was sudden. I saw people running and some on fire which leads me to believe that some may survive it. I ran toward it and could feel the intense  heat coming from the red-hot fire. I was looking for survivors and saw a man on fire, burning on the ground. I saw parts of the plane scattered. The air was black with smoke.

I woke up. It was 4:50am.

Summary: This was one of my visions which I feel will happen sooner than later. I could not tell if there was foul play involved nor whether or it happened in the sky on the ground. From what I could tell, it had happened in the air and the plane either tried to land or was close to the ground when it happened. I saw lots of death. I was sad when I woke up after this one.

—— July 17, 2014 UPDATE —  sad that this came true.





*Political Demise / Tragic Vision Dream

I see a death / demise of a major political figure. This is a very strong person, which leads me to be believe it is a male – not in a sexist way – but in the overwhelming feeling of “strong” which is my marker for male. If it is a female, this person is known to have male-type of qualities or be surrounded by many males or one particular strong male influence. They are “at the top of their game” but the fall is coming and it will be a great one. I see “death” which may mean political or a physical tragedy in their near future. The headlines read, “Tragic, Incredible, Twist, and Unbelievable.” This person is a well-respected individual, with a high profile and the news will shock many. This feels like it will happen closer to May, give or take 4 weeks. Feels like spring – as it with all, it can be sooner or later.

Related vision markers: I see blue. I see expensive suits or someone with fashion-sense. I see denial. I see headlines in major news outlets. I see a large metropolitan city.

**** 3-23-2015

Can this be Hillary Clinton and the email scandal? If the scandal continues to evolve and eventually knocks her out of the Presidential race, this might be what it was about. Though, the Italian Prime Minister scandal was close to this too.

POSSIBLE: Trump Scandal to come.

*Major Global News Event

I see a major global news event happening this week or next. Some sort of violent or rarely-seen event which will leave many shocked or possibly confused.

I see fear, I see death, I see women crying. I see ash, I see smoke, I see children hurt. I see mourning, I see men dead. I see blood in the streets, I see dark clouds, I see a building on the ground.

When I say violent, I don’t always mean man-made – this may be natural as well.

I am not sure why I have this feeling. I am hoping it is wrong but I feel it strongly within me. I had a waking vision of what was going to happen but I truly do not want to put it all completely into words.

—– UPDATE: April 15, 2013 —————

Possibly. Matches on several levels including: rarely-seen, death, women and men, as well as children in the area…not sure yet if children are hurt but the vision was fairly on about it being a mixed crowd. The smoke and ash are perfectly on. The blood on the streets are also perfectly on. ((the child dying now too)) The building on the ground is confusing to me but the rest seems to make sense. Also, in my vision I could not tell if it was an attack or just natural and so far the news is confused about the origin so it makes sense it would not be clear in my vision. Sad day for many.

Interestingly enough, in my first post last week, I used the tag word “global attack” – I sensed it could be some form of attack as well.

—–update: 6:35 EST —-

8-year old child confirmed as one of the victims.

“Nation mourns…”


“rarely-seen event which will leave many shocked or possibly confused.” This part of the session / vision has come true. All are confused by the event and by all the details surrounding it.

*Christopher Dorner LA Manhunt (vision)


This person is near many people.

I see snow on the ground, lightly falling possibly.

I see a white shirt he has worn recently or is wearing. I see headgear, possible black beanie

I see him having been or will be in a small wooded structure, with small slits small windows

There are cops nearby including a K-9 unit

I see a scope, he has a high-powered weapon, rifle. I see a unique type of scope or sniper rifle.

He sets his sights, I see fire and a strike. I see a location with a hillside or mountain side, then a plain and drop off of some sort. He may be hiding near or on a side of a large hill or mountain.

I see the number 3, I see the letter X – this may be a target. 

I see a checklist and another killing, someone on a check list or something he marks off.  

I see a plan of action and escape. I see a terrain map.

I keep seeing the letter “L” and a drop off of some kind, a steep drop off or ravine, possible a large drop of some sort.

He may be using unique or dangerous terrain as a means to hide, as cover. He may be repelling into a location?

There may be a small body of water nearby.

This person is not scared. He is angry and motivated. He is hunting someone. He is in attack mode and using evasion techniques and tactics.

He is possibly at the Eastern end of the manhunt radius. I see a middle or lower eastern location of his location or possibly his next target or victim.

I see a death.

——FEB. 13, 2013 UPDATE ——————

Not bad I guess. I did this session while fully awake and in under 5 minutes. Several details were correct:

– Another killing, a wooded structure, terrain near a hillside, and his death. The “lower eastern” location is interesting as it was on the southern-end of the manhunt radius. As I mentioned to LAPD personnel, he would kill at least 1 more person before it was over. I also gave them details about him being inside a wooden structure or cabin looking out at the cops around him.

—– POLICE Department released details that Dorner was “hiding in plain sight” meaning that the first line of my session “THIS PERSON IS NEAR MANY PEOPLE” was a positive hit.

I’ll rate this at 5 1/2 out of 10.

Another Mass Attack Prediction *Dream

Two men, possibly up to four. Their ages ranged from 22-35 possibly. Seemed like white males or light-skinned males, wearing body armour or something else that looked like leather or a costume of sorts. Wearing black. I saw interesting or weird hair styles on a couple of them. They also wore some kind of mask or something covering their face. At first I thought they were some type of gas masks. It seemed the shooting started outside then moved into a building or office space. I can barely tell the location outside but the area had a quaint, small-city feel, which could be just the architectual design of area. I saw the word “strip mall” come up but I am not sure. I know that there was something I was trying to sense about the location and the location itself may prove to be newsworthy. Definitely looked like a commercial part of a town or city. They came in shooting and started shooting everyone, people ran. I could not make out if this was an office but certain details seemed “clinical” or like a lab or something even medical possibly. There was a business next to it which seemed like an auto shop or something like a craft workshop. I also saw a young black female child in the area who had keys to a door in the next door building. I was able to see outside and I sensed /saw a black van, looked like an older model van, with big tires. I could see 1-2 other people waiting outside in the van, I sensed a female may have been outside or involved as well. The shooters had several types of weapons which seemed like “heavy weaponry” – something about the weapons was out of place, as if they didn’t fit normal weapons used in such an attack. Something interesting about the weapons indeed (maybe they were after weapons?). They also will have semi-automatic machine guns and a handgun as well. There was a plan they all had, whether, in the attack itself or in what they were after.

I woke up. It was 4:55am.

Addition: I am going to add something I usually don’t give out. I usually keep details to myself but I feel like I want to give more out to you:::: The group that seemed to cause this attack was a fairly organized group. They were a “team” or an “organization” of some kind it seemed. They were also very “revolutionary” in their philosophies, possible outcasts of sorts. Possibly a red-headed leader amongst them or a high-ranking member.

*Great City Flood / Destruction Vision Dream

I saw a beautiful city near or within many hills or a mountainside. I saw beautiful homes, lavish structures. I saw the wealth of this city. I could see large homes built upon the hillside. This city was important in one way or another. It was either seen as the center of commerce for an area or important in another way. It was very affluent and rich in culture and status. Many people knew of this city, the city was loved.

Then black clouds approached the horizon. Clouds unlike any I had seen before. Clouds full of death and hate. Something was behind the clouds, they were growing higher and coming closer to the great city, getting darker and more menacing as they approached. Then, streams of water begin to pour from the hills, from the earth, water begin to flow out with great intensity. I saw water like waterfalls, the kind you would see when a dam breaks. Then water began falling from the clouds, heavy rain, never-ending rain. The flood had begun. People tried to escape but the water just kept rising and falling. More water erupted from the hills, from the mountain. It was useless to try to run, many people died here. The water was too much. This was an epic flood, one rarely seen in history.

Something was driving the rain, something caused the rain to fall upon this city. Great destruction fell upon the people of this beautiful city.

I awoke. 3:11am

– Intense vision dream. Very symbolic. I felt the danger. Water destroys or greatly damages a city known for its grandeur in the future.

*Animals / Domestic Animals / Day of Darkness VISION

This is by far, one of the strangest vision dreams I have ever had. I will take the advice of my Native American brothers on this one and I will not try to analyze my own vision or even try to interpret this one. The meaning seems complicated.

I saw domestic animals turning wild again. I saw domestic animals attacking people and acting crazy. I saw cats clawing their owners. I saw dogs with no fear of their owners. I saw wild animals roaming the street. I saw domestic animals bleeding from the eyes, transforming into something wicked. I saw the fear of humans when looking at their pets. The animals were sensing something strange and evil and in turn, were going crazy. The animals seemed to be forced to act this way by something humans could not understand. Something or some strange and dark force was controlling them. The animals seemed to know something humans did not know, they felt something deep within.

Then I saw darkness. I saw fear in men. I saw a day with no lights and no electricity. I saw an invasion of some kind, people running, hiding, fighting animals and other people. I saw a looming darkness, an ever-present shadow hovering above great cities. A shadow that carried evil. People could not think straight. These cities were first-world cities as well as cities throughout the world. I saw day turn to night. I saw young people coming together trying to survive. I saw the looting of nice homes. I saw empty streets. I felt hungry and I sensed death and hopelessness. Something was chasing me, I ran upstairs trying to hide then turned to fight…

I Awoke.

It was 4:32am.

*Israel / Gaza Prediction and Vision

The conflict in Israel is fragile.

I see a possible stopping point in the Israel and Hamas conflict, but this gap in violence would only be brief. When the fighting resumes, it seems to me that it will escalate with larger violence and a more deep impact in the region. What seems to be peace and negotiations between several countries only seems to be a prelude to what is coming next. I have seen greater violence in that region in several visions. The vision I had a few weeks ago in regards to religion and a “dome-like” place also may have pointed to this sudden conflict in Israel.

I would not put  a never-before-seen attack in Israel or a Jewish establishment as out of the question during this fragile phase. New attacks, attacks which have not been seen in years, and harsher violence looms.

Other countries will weigh in, trying to help and step in but ultimately, the region is on the verge of exploding into all out chaos.