Open Letter to the False Prophet Harold Camping.

Mr. Camping, I hope this communication finds you in good health.

I was holding back from writing you this letter but your current rants have left me no choice. You have many people worried and you are causing mass panic in some. I truly did not want to have to call you out like I did in the past with the false prophet Duke Puntalangit but you have left me no other alternative. You are no better, maybe even worse than Mr. Puntalangit. You should know, I respect my elders. I was raised that way and I try to uphold that rule as much as I can. Due to this fact, I will try to remain respectful in regards to the following.

The world will not end this May 21st, 2011 – the beginning of the end will not begin on this date. Your prediction of rapture will not come to fruition. Mr. Camping, you are not part of the group selected to walk within the realms that house that kind of information. I know, at your age, you have probably come to believe your own deranged prophecies, and it will be hard for you to wake up Sunday morning and face the fact that you are not chosen to be the prophet your followers would have hoped. Come midnight Saturday, you will be nothing more than another false prophet who has used his life to spread fear and lies. You have deceived many and your deception will be revealed come May 22nd. On Sunday, you will feel the weight of knowing you are a False Prophet, a failure at that which you have chosen to follow all of these years. Another human trying to deceive his fellow man, with nothing left but a broken reputation and a loss of years you will not be able to replace. I appreciate the fact that you would like this world to end. This world has become, well, “complicated” over the last couple of centuries. Who would not want to see a better system of things or the end of this world and to see a better one? Still your deceptive ways are just as evil as some of the evil that you so harshly condemn.

So, I’ll make you deal. Since you consider yourself a man of honor, and a true seer of things to come. This is a simple deal and I don’t see how you can refuse.

Come Sunday morning, if your prophecy does not come to be, you shall do the honorable thing and leave this planet. Take the example of the Japanese warriors, if you will, and do what they did when they dishonored themselves, or their masters. In this case, you have dishonored yourself and those that so fervently believe in you. It will be the only thing left for you to do come Sunday morning. While, I don’t particularly enjoy the death of any human being, nor do I promote such actions for the general population, in your case, it is a fitting end and the most honorable thing to do. Since you “guarantee” your prophecy, you have nothing to lose.

My end is simple. If the end begins Saturday and there is still some form of telecommunications system in place, I will reveal a secret hidden within your bible. In addition, I will reveal who I am and what my source for gathering information is. By the way, when the end of this world truly comes Mr. Camping, there will be no communication systems available.

So, do we have a deal? Will you accept my challenge? Will you back up your prophecy with your life? Do you have the honor to do it?

Or are you just another coward and a fake?

Come Sunday, we will see what kind of man you truly are. I already know what your followers will learn this weekend. That you are simply an old false prophet with a wrong date and with false hopes of becoming a king amonsgt men.

There is still time to retract your prophecy and apologize to your followers Mr. Camping.

For you and the Few.

Kuk Kabah

To the followers of Mr. Camping, you still have more time left so smile. Please make sure Mr. Camping receives this letter so you can put your prophet to the test.

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Open Letter to the False Prophet: Duke Puntalangit

This is, in no way, a personal attack on this man. It is an attack on his false prophecies and deceptive ways. And yes, I am also a little ticked-off that he copied the wordpress theme from my page to use on his page, but that’s beside the point.

What I cannot stand is those who would try and pretend to have an ability and a power that they could never and will never have. Those that deceive good people. The false prophets that try to use scary false “locutions” and prophecies to scare people that are just looking to believe in something. I chose Duke Puntalangit to make an example out of him because he pretends to speak under the guidance of GOD and furthermore, insults the human community by posting exact dates for future events. Even I, who have predicted dozens of future events have never ONCE received a date, nevermind, two or three dates within a month. It was one of the first ways I knew he was lying and a false prophet. If he actually had this power he would know that seers receive very wide-open and often very symbolic visions of events. He also fails to mention that we SEERS receive “warnings of POSSIBLE future events” to come and never certainties. So, even things we see may still change, although they usually never do.

I think if you visit his blog: – you will easily be able to understand how misguided this individual is and what harm he aimed to put out there to the world. I told him a month ago that his predictions, without a doubt, would not come to be but he proceeded to write and say they would, with his first major prediction proving false today. No war has broken out in Israel. Can it in the next year? Yes. But it can also do so in the next decade, just not by the end of April, 2010 Mr. Puntalangit.

For those of you who read this, I want to remind you of something important once again:

I am not a prophet and even though I have an ability to see many future things, I will never consider myself one. I am not a psychic, I am one who is tortured by the dreams I see – forever my nights will be filled with horror to come and how I wish it would move on from me. Lastly, I’ve told you all before, place your faith in your own ability to survive the future; as individuals and as a race of thinking and thought-enabled people. Plan for the future but always remain hopeful that the human race ,as a species and in its current form of civilization, will survive what will soon be unleashed by forces beyond religion.

I have posted this on Mr. ” Duke Puntalangit’s” blog page:

On April 29, 2010 at 6:56 pm kukkabah Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Duke, I feel sorry for you.

I warned you not to keep doing this and I told you without a doubt that your “predictions” would not come to fruition. I’ve told you that this “gift,” which is nothing resembling an actual gift, is not to be played with nor is it anything to be wished for.

It is a daily crutch and often a literal nightmare for those of us who can actually see events to come. Duke, I don’t think anything gave you these predictions and I believe you might have just made them up. I ask you to look deep within yourself and find out why you aimed to deceive so many.

I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again. There is a great “thought-changing” event happening later this year. It will cause the world-community to see things in a different light and open their minds to something new. You will know it when you see it and you will be glad you did not know of it prior to the date. It will NOT be pretty.

May your GOD be with you for the future seasons to come Duke and may you find a way to forgive yourself for the negative energy you have unleashed upon the world and those that actually believed in you because they so greatly need to believe in something, even a false prophet.

For the few,
Kuk Kabah

PS – I really wish you would not have copied my theme from my wordpress page…but I guess imitation is a form of flattery so I won’t be too upset.


On April 9, 2010 at 3:44 pm kukkabah Said:

Hello Duke…I am happy to inform you that this vision will not come to fruition. A great “thought-changing” event will happen later this year though.


On April 23, 2010 at 4:54 pm kukkabah Said:


Why do you put yourself out there like this? You must know that GOD is not giving you this information and that few will ever believe you again after this month.

Understand that your prophecy will not happen. While it is a good guess, it simply will not be. The misinformation you post serves only to confuse the masses, as it has always been.

Why am I so sure?

Duke, I was born with a certain ability that is connected to others like me and you are not one of the people that has it. People like me, we are able to “feel” those that share our ability to see future things, and I hate to tell you this but you do not share in it. I appreciate that you might believe it, I am not calling you a liar in any way. I think you might actually believe what is in you mind and I think this next month will prove to you that this special ability has not been bestowed upon you. You are not chosen for this, and that doesn’t make you less of a person, just less powerful.

Duke, if you knew what really comes with this ability, you would not want it my friend, trust me, and take it to heart. This is not something that you want to live with nor deal with on a daily basis. Believe that you are blessed by not having it, and that you are actually lucky to not see the truth of what is to come.

Know this though: A great event will surface by year’s end, 2010. It will be one that will captivate the world, the way we think, and things that we have not seen or worried about in decades and centuries will once again begin to arise.

Pray for yourself and those you love because what is to come in the next few seasons will be a chaos that no one, and no “Power” will be able to save humans from.

In truth,
Kuk Kabah


No need to rub it in too much…I just hope “Mr. DP” learned his lesson. It’s 12:06 in Jerusalem and what do you know? The war did not break out.

Too bad people like DP exist in this world. I feel bad for those he deceived. Really, I’m not here to judge though and I’m sure he’ll have his demons to deal with if he has any type of conscious. As I have said before, do not place your faith in another human – seek peace from within and try to work hard to make your destiny what you’d like it to be.

Fortune tellers, and people even like me, who see future things, are not to be held up to any standard higher than anyone else. We are not to be trusted blindly as most of us can barely trust the things we see and predict, ourselves.

Place your faith elsewhere, you are far better off.


PS – For the record, it brought me no joy to prove DP wrong. He apologized on his blog and I must respect that he was man enough to do so, no further ill words or emotions from me towards him.

I hate false prophets like this!

Things like this anger me and so I have to make an example out of someone. So be it.

Recently, someone sent me a link to THIS:

The End Times As I Saw It

Prophecies and Visions of Duke Puntalangit

A US City Will Be Annihilated

April 6, 2010

Three bombs will be planted. One of tactical strength, will be caught and averted in Washington, but five days later, the other two, of strategic strength, will be unstoppable. The people can still be saved, but the other City is doomed to destruction. This City will never rise again. It will happen between the months of April and May of 2010.

MY THOUGHTS—————— Must I tell you again that no REAL prophet or anyone with the power that I share with others can ever give you specific dates and information as suggested in the prophecy above? Please do not let people like this “DUKE” manipulate your mind into thinking that he knows anything that will happen. That he may have at one point had a small vision or lucid dream of a future event, okay, I will give him that. And while I do not have the authority to punish those that would trick and prey upon others under the guise of a special power, I must and will call them out. I have posted a response to Mr. Duke and I give it less than a 50% chance of him allowing it to post on his site.  I hope he does post it so that he can redeem some sort of self-dignity after his “nuclear prophecy” does not happen. I welcome his answer and reasoning for telling a lie of this magnitude. I also will welcome his apology to me and everyone else after the month of May. This is NOT a personal attack on him as a person, just on his bad decision to scare people trying to use a power he does not have or could ever understand.


Dear Duke,

I just have a question for you. This is not meant to disrespect you or your visions in any way so please forgive the blunt way I place the following question.

The Bible warns of false prophets and mentions that when the prophet speaks and that which he speaks of does not occur (of course you know the verse), this is how you know he / she is a false prophet.

Now, speaking of your latest “nuclear prophecy” which you say will happen between April and May of 2010:

A US City Will Be Annihilated
April 6, 2010

Three bombs will be planted. One of tactical strength, will be caught and averted in Washington, but five days later…will happen between the months of April and May of 2010

—— What will you do when this prophecy does not come true? Will you stop blogging about your prophecies? Will you apologize to your readers / followers for specifying a false date?

I say this because I can tell you that this prophecy will not happen between April and May of this year, period. I know this because that kind of knowledge, the specification of the date of the great civilization-changing event coming to the US has not and WILL NOT be delivered to any human before its occurrence.

Just curious.


——– UPDATE—– His response to me:

Dear Kukkabah,

Thank you for your concern.

There is only one possibility and that is the possibility that God Wills. Since I sincerely believe that I am The Lord’s messenger, though I am worthless and undeserving of this, then I should only see the fulfillment of these prophesied events. There are no “ifs” in obedience. I only obey, nothing more and nothing less.

God Bless.


————- PS – Don’t worry Duke, “The Lord” is not the one guiding you, meditate and what you are really doing and what is your real driving force, for it is not GOD.———————–