Eruption / Chaos / Disaster

An average day, a strange chaos from below.

Massive grey ash plumes from the earth, fire quickly follows.

Ash reaching the clouds, moving toward hundreds of cars on a highway and a neighborhood nearby.

An entire hilltop vanishes.

Fire races across the ground at the speed of sound, consuming everything in front of it.

A building where war is born, no more.

People in shock, mouths open, death overtakes many, mourning follows.

3:42 am



*Day of Disaster – Vision Prophecy

This vision prophecy came to me in a dream 3 days ago. It was one of the most disturbing I have ever had, I rank it in the top five visions of this magnitude.

– “The day started as any other, calm. People went about their business and did what they normally do. Then, all of a sudden, everything went “dark.” It seemed I was in a very large city but it felt as if this was a global event. Power was lost and things just “stopped.” The skies became black, dark with anger. The clouds seemed very different. I saw people running, there was complete chaos. The feeling was of horror in the air. People’s hearts seemed like they wanted to explode from the fear. I saw people just standing staring at the skies in disbelief as well – almost hypnotized. I then saw a complete breakdown of society. Streets were now empty, dirty, in rubble. People crying aloud, asking where God was. I heard people say, “I can’t believe it really happened. I can’t believe this is real, this is really happening.” I heard a man saying, “This can’t be real, I cannot believe this can be real, no one believed this could happen to us.” They were speaking English. I saw the devastation of this city, all the time the skies were angry – they looked like no skies I have ever seen – they almost did not look real. There was something that I could not see behind the clouds but I knew something was there. I can tell something had hit the city where I was, something came from above. I went back in time a little and saw something coming from the sky but could not tell what. I could just see a trail then great destruction on the ground. I went back to where I was, forward in time. I saw masses of people scared, huddled together in empty buildings, starving and dirty. Families all mixed together, scared in the dark, hungry and crying. I was in a person that seemed much like my current self, fairly younger. The person was worried about his parents and wanted to go find them and search for them even though they lived far away. It seemed this was a global disaster, something extraordinary that was never before seen or felt. I wandered into the streets and could no longer recognize this place, it was like the world had changed in days, or weeks. Society had been devastated. I awoke at 4:15am.

—–  This was an extremely disturbing dream for me. It left me drained and in a complete daze the whole next day after having it. I could not get the vivid pictures out of my mind. I could feel my heart beating hard all day at the thought of this dream. This event came out of nowhere, a complete shock, no one expected it and that was the scariest part. Also frightening was whatever was in the sky. There was something completely evil about the skies. The hues of darkness and the evil reds behind the clouds made it all horrific. I am afraid that this is a real prophecy from my power. This is why I am sharing it. I believe this is going to happen. Something is headed towards us, some great catastrophic event comes near. And even though I could not tell if it was just regional, I felt as if the entire world felt the effects of this great tragic event to come. This vision was a warning.

—- UPDATE: April 2, 2012 ———–

I had a brief glimpse of this vision again early this morning. I believe this is a true vision more now than before. I think the symbolism of this vision was that the “evil” I sensed was the cause of this disaster – meaning, whomever or whatever caused this had evil intentions. Also, I think I heard “English” because I was translating this in my head as the vision I had this morning was more mumbled and I could not understand everyone. I think this means that this does not necessarily have to be the USA or an English-speaking country. I wanted to follow-up because I have a stronger feeling now that this could be a manmade, human-caused disaster. Something is warning me of a violent event.

Dec. 21, 2012…one year away. What happens AFTER?

I get many personal messages asking me about 2012, especially December 21st.

“What will happen? Is it really the end of the world? Were the Mayans and Hopi right?” Etc.

I will say this: The human race is ready for a change, I believe many people feel this way and I believe many people can actually feel it. We have reached a dangerous period in our current human civilization. Technology, civil unrest, and the economy are all playing a role in the coming events. Like every other past society, there is a peak and there is a fall; this is a cycle which will never be broken. Societies come and go and we are no different. Sure, human ego and its tech-know-how would have some believe otherwise, but the plain truth is nothing is as powerful as the forces that have been in place for hundreds of thousands of years before us – they shaped our beginning and they will definitely shape our end.

Now, what is the “end of the world” going to look like? Ask anyone who was a physical witness to the great Indian tsunami in 2004. Coincidently, that was on December 26. Ask anyone who was in Japan when the earthquake and following tsunami struck just last year. Some believed it was the end of the world, and for some it WAS the end. The world as we have known it for the past 2,000-3,000 years is coming to an end. But it has already begun. Do you truly believe all will be well and all of a sudden December 21st comes around and the world ends? No. This is a buildup. This is a process. It’s a domino effect which started last century and will culminate in the years to come. The world is already changing, socially and physically. Plagues, mass death, major wars, famine, and the rise of natural disasters are already here.

It is evolving, regardless of what the collective masses think.

One way or another, the world as we “know it” will change. My dreams have shown me what happens days or years AFTER December 21st – this means that even if a major catastrophe would emerge on that day, many are alive and many will survive. Major things are coming. Large terrible things loom. Suffering is on the way, do not doubt this. For many, 2012 will be their last year, and yet, for others, they will see December 22, 2012 and beyond. Will there be a 2013? Absolutely. How it will look? That’s the better question.

The final evolution of this race and of this planet has begun and the final chapter is now in play. Strange days to come. Strange things to be seen. A new way of thinking is to come. A new society and social mentality is to come. The next ten years of this planet will be an experience unlike any other in the past 1,000 years. Some will think technology will restrain it. Some will think weapons will help. Some will think prayer will stop it. Some will think control over the masses will delay it. All will be wrong.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and live cautiously. Yet, cherish life and cherish love. Remain positive about yourself.

As for me, I know this. I will survive what is coming. My duties here are not done yet. And if 2012 brings the worst, then I am ready and prepared to give it my best.

* Italia / Italy Vision: Mourning Period.

Italy vision.

I was in a coastal city, walking on the beach, my thoughts were filled with despair. I walked and walked and came upon a poem written in the damp sand:

“The land of Italia will weep. Sorrow, sadness, a shock from coast to coast – mothers will mourn, fathers left helpless, the eldest chief is laid to rest. Streets of blood of the young. To the land of the people that worship the sun, their wine turns bitter, a bad taste in their mouths. Italy shall shed tears in this ocean.”

I woke up.

————— UPDATE: November 29, 2011 ————————

My original post of this vision was on October 3rd, 2011, more than a month before Berlusconi resigned as Prime Minister of Italy. Could the “eldest chief is laid to rest” line in the vision be a reference to Berlusconi? Berlusconi was in power for 17 years and was seen as the “chief” figure in Italy. This is a very interesting part of the vision and a very interesting coincidence. Not to mention, soon after the vision, Italy began to be more in the news in regards to its troubling economic state. Not much after that, Italy was also hit with terrible floods. This combined with the “social unrest” visions I have had lately could mean trouble for Italia. I truly believe this vision holds a painful future for that country that is yet to come and Berlusconi stepping down (retiring / resting) is just part of the bigger vision.

————————- UPDATE: May 29, 2012 —————————

*Social Collapse / First-World Unrest / Disaster Dream

This vision came last night, around 2:15am.

– I saw masses of people on the street. I saw hunger, despair, grief. I saw commercial buildings being used as shelters, as homes. I saw first-world people living in the worst of conditions. Something had happened to the country, or maybe to the world. Society had witnessed some kind of social collapse, a loss of order, possible after a major disaster or event. I saw lawless people roaming the street, brute force was the law of the land. I saw people in clothing we see today, nothing too futuristic. I saw people needing medical assistance but none to be had. I then went into a building that was fortified, somewhat. A few lived within the walls with some resources. Others around the building were trying to get in to get those resources. Once, mild-tempered people, now acting like animals. I felt the fear and defeat of those within the building – it was only a matter of time, the others would get in and harm them and take what was theirs. I then traveled into a camp area filled with more homeless people. These people didn’t know the streets well, they were once well-to-do people. I felt a great economic collapse, money was not important in this place. Being homeless was new to them and so they suffered. The masses were hopeless. Food and water were scarce. I saw women with small dying children. Everyone seemed to have some sort of dirt on their skin and clothing, some form of ash or “soot” all around. This takes place in countries that have not seen this in centuries or maybe even ever. Something social had occurred here, something massive had brought this great place to ruins. – Then I woke up.

– What can it mean? Something massive looms, within months, a couple of years or within the decade. Social unrest in first-world countries to rise. Possible massive, first-world social unrest looming. Possible social or government collapse on the verge or happening. Possible major disaster, manmade or natural to cause a major social breakdown. Watch for economic news as a possible trigger to something larger – a possible social revolution to hit countries that do not expect it. Remember, these dreams are possibilities so the major message of the vision could simply be “social unrest to come” and what may happen after if it grows beyond control.

The causes of the effect are endless, all I was allowed to see was the end result and how people were living after the collapse or event had happened.

———————— OCTOBER 14, 2011 ————————————————————-

May have something to do with the latest “Occupy” movement across the world. More comes from this, domino effect.

The End…**Catastrophic Attack Dream

Yesterday, I was in a place that always seems to activate my dreams.

I am left speechless from my dream last night. It was in 3 parts, all in order of things to come. Honestly, I don’t want to share it yet. It’s scary and I feel this one is 100% accurate. 

I finally saw what all of these dreams I’ve had for decades are leading up to, and it’s not good.

I need to let it sink in, and I need to fully digest the meaning of this event that’s coming. I think my ability is letting me know that something is coming and coming fast. This was not as symbolic as past dreams. While, it still had some symbols in it, it was truly blunt and to the point. At the core of its message: Destruction.

I saw something amazing at the end, yet so terrifying. It was a hopeless feeling to be within it all and know no one could do anything to stop it. What I saw is not anything I could have made up, the machines were so detailed, their intent was clear, the conclusion of it all was so – final.


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Hunger and Chaos to Rise

It has been told to me, in no uncertain terms during this dream cycle that 2 things will rise during my lifetime:

The civilized world will begin to collapse in countries we see as stable.  While, we have seen Egypt begin to “fall” or to “change” – the changes I see coming are far-wider reaching and into societies which currently seem the most stable.

Hunger will rise beyond measures we have seen in the past. Civil people will become uncivilized due to their hunger and their fear of death due to starvation. While we are used to seeing 3rd world countries suffer at the mercy of hunger, we will see 2nd and even 1st world countries feel the pain of hunger in the near future.

These things have been shown to me clearly. This is a clear message that I will see the beginning of this incredible and terrible cycle during my lifetime. I will bear witness to the evolution of man into a beast due to his violent and chaotic environment.

Kuk Kabah

* Red Mountain / Red Wind and Sky Dream —

This is a really symbolic vision – it drained me. It may be the vision I was waiting for during this current cycle of dreams I am in. Here are a few details —-

I saw a blistering wind near a large red mountain. The air was hot, burning, wild, forming a slashing feel across the earth. I saw dark red clouds, a vicious red wind, I could see a high mountaintop nearby through the burning wind. The earth was scorched, the ground was burning, it was dry, a mix of black wind and red dust swirled around me or the person I was within. I felt hot, the ground felt unbearable to the touch. Few in the area were living. It was a lonely time and place, the wind carried death with it – something abrupt had occurred in this place – this place seemed like planet earth yet this location within the planet seemed unrecognizable. I walked as if in pain or injured. I could barely keep my eyes open from whatever was in the air. The whole sky was a deep red or red-orange color as far as the eye could see. There was no mercy here. Lava red colors and heat dominated this area. There was a major loss of life here. The person I was within was drenched in desperation and could not believe his eyes, he was still wearing clothing that seemed as if he was living a regular life just moments before or days before this new reality. He was not ready for what occurred to him. It seemed as if he would die soon after I would exit his body and the dream. One more detail, there seemed to be some black streaks on the mountain or in the wind, like a smoke of sorts but not sure, it was hard to see.

— The red in the dream seems very symbolic, either of fire or a color attached to a bigger meaning or cause of this incident. The mountain may be an actual location, the height of it and the way the word “mountain” kept coming to me in the dream may hold a clue to it all. The wind seems to carry the most meaning –  it was wild, hot and turbulent. Maybe the wind carries a clue to the location or to the cause of it as well. It reminded me of what you would see in an atomic or massive explosion aftermath – whether it was manmade or not would be only a guess from the details I saw. One thing was for sure, this was a devastating incident.

————— UPDATE ————– Sept. 20, 2011 ——————————


World Ending on May 21, 2011 False Prediction

Happy to report, this 2011 “End of the World” prediction (May 21) is a FALSE prediction. Based on the prediction / vision of Harold Camping. He predicted that “Rapture” would begin on this date marked by several major earthquakes.

You still have a little more time, this will not happen on this particular date. (By the way, I am not exactly calling H. Camping a false prophet. I believe that Camping is fairly accurate with the insight he had to some major quakes coming our way. Where he went wrong was when he added religion and his own beliefs into the mix.  His warning is fairly accurate as far as the time period we are entering which is a very dangerous one.)

Do look forward to a massive earthquake coming our way within a few months, maybe even before summer or around the Western Hemisphere summer months. Look for a populated area and death to follow. Do look for a particular event filled with questions and mystery with a possible connection to the “sky” or air.

As for May 21, 2011 – this will NOT come to fruition.

– KK

——————————————————– DATED May 17, 2011 —————————————————-

Open Letter to the False Prophet Harold Camping.

Mr. Camping, I hope this communication finds you in good health.

I was holding back from writing you this letter but your current rants have left me no choice. You have many people worried and you are causing mass panic in some. I truly did not want to have to call you out like I did in the past with the false prophet Duke Puntalangit but you have left me no other alternative. You are no better, maybe even worse than Mr. Puntalangit. You should know, I respect my elders. I was raised that way and I try to uphold that rule as much as I can. Due to this fact, I will try to remain respectful in regards to the following.

The world will not end this May 21st, 2011 – the beginning of the end will not begin on this date. Your prediction of rapture will not come to fruition. Mr. Camping, you are not part of the group selected to walk within the realms that house that kind of information. I know, at your age, you have probably come to believe your own deranged prophecies, and it will be hard for you to wake up Sunday morning and face the fact that you are not chosen to be the prophet your followers would have hoped. Come midnight Saturday, you will be nothing more than another false prophet who has used his life to spread fear and lies. You have deceived many and your deception will be revealed come May 22nd. On Sunday, you will feel the weight of knowing you are a False Prophet, a failure at that which you have chosen to follow all of these years. Another human trying to deceive his fellow man, with nothing left but a broken reputation and a loss of years you will not be able to replace. I appreciate the fact that you would like this world to end. This world has become, well, “complicated” over the last couple of centuries. Who would not want to see a better system of things or the end of this world and to see a better one? Still your deceptive ways are just as evil as some of the evil that you so harshly condemn.

So, I’ll make you deal. Since you consider yourself a man of honor, and a true seer of things to come. This is a simple deal and I don’t see how you can refuse.

Come Sunday morning, if your prophecy does not come to be, you shall do the honorable thing and leave this planet. Take the example of the Japanese warriors, if you will, and do what they did when they dishonored themselves, or their masters. In this case, you have dishonored yourself and those that so fervently believe in you. It will be the only thing left for you to do come Sunday morning. While, I don’t particularly enjoy the death of any human being, nor do I promote such actions for the general population, in your case, it is a fitting end and the most honorable thing to do. Since you “guarantee” your prophecy, you have nothing to lose.

My end is simple. If the end begins Saturday and there is still some form of telecommunications system in place, I will reveal a secret hidden within your bible. In addition, I will reveal who I am and what my source for gathering information is. By the way, when the end of this world truly comes Mr. Camping, there will be no communication systems available.

So, do we have a deal? Will you accept my challenge? Will you back up your prophecy with your life? Do you have the honor to do it?

Or are you just another coward and a fake?

Come Sunday, we will see what kind of man you truly are. I already know what your followers will learn this weekend. That you are simply an old false prophet with a wrong date and with false hopes of becoming a king amonsgt men.

There is still time to retract your prophecy and apologize to your followers Mr. Camping.

For you and the Few.

Kuk Kabah

To the followers of Mr. Camping, you still have more time left so smile. Please make sure Mr. Camping receives this letter so you can put your prophet to the test.

——————– UPDATE – AUGUST 23rd, 2011 ————————————————————

Well, the latter part of this post had fairly accurate points. I wrote that Mr. Camping was only right about the earthquakes to come and that we would see a few in the Western Hemisphere before the end of the summer. While, not as destructive as the ones we will soon see, they were of a larger-than-usual magnitude for the areas they hit, Colorado and Virginia / Washington D.C. – they hit just in time to make national news before summer’s end. I’ll be honest, it’s hard seeing these things come true for me. Knowing greater, bigger, and more deadly things are on the way, these smaller visions only prove to me that my ability is growing in strength. I feel terrible about what’s coming and for those that are truly innocent and will suffer. Is this the last quake this year in the Western hemisphere? Don’t hold your breath. I have strong feelings about September and some interesting national and global disruptions to come. Manmade or Natural, that, you will have to wait and see.


Was this the Japan quake or something worse to come?

——————ORINAL VISION POSTED JULY-2010————————-

“Destruction Dream — Coming Soon.”

I wish I could tell you the source of it. I had a very strong vision last night. I saw a dark-blueish hue in the sky. I could not tell if it was day turned to night or night but the sky was dark, grey, dark-blue…full of dust or smoke. It was a major destruction of a highly populated area. I felt the heavy pains of death in the air, the stench of destruction as only my dreams can paint. Grief beyond measurement, surely dozens, hundreds, or thousands had perished. This was a modern city. It seemed left in ruins. I could see the tops of buildings scattered across the ground. Lights flickering in the distance, could have been small fires burning through the deep darkness.

I could not tell if it was man-made or natural, I tried my hardest this morning to recall but I was left totally exhausted, almost missing work today.  I tried to see if it was an “attack” of sorts, a country on country, or just a rogue group. I tried to see if it was natural but could not see detail. I feel as if my ability did not want me to know the source of the desctruction. It’s the first my vision within a dream is blocked like this. Something or someone is blocking me from seeing the source of it which worries me. This will make Global headlines and effect many beyond the borders of the actual specific area of destruction.

It’s major and this one will happen within 6-24 months it seems. I really doubt this is one vision that takes the full 2 years to happen.