What is this really…who am I?

I want to open up about something. This is for everyone that has found this blog and for those that follow my visions.

This “ability” I have is something I have always run away from. It’s something I have never sought out and something that I have fought internally with, over the past 25 years. I’ve always heard of how interested people are in this thing and how they wish they could have it or see it or be closer to it and I can’t comprehend why. Why would you want something that is out of your control for the most part? Why know things to come which only bring thoughts of pain and future despair?

I play down my ability. I always have. I have always hidden it and suppressed it. I write very cryptic and short abbreviated versions of what I see. I don’t write them all down, I try to erase many from my thoughts when I awake. I don’t want to be anyone’s Prophet here nor the link to the source I connect with. I don’t want that attention, not for that reason. I use maybe 25% of my ability. I know, I have said many times that I cannot control it at all and that it only comes in my dreams. This is 50% accurate. Yes, I do what I do mostly while I’m in the Delta phase of my sleep. As I mentioned, this ability is not entirely controllable, but it is, partly. I CHOOSE not to indulge in it. I CHOOSE not to participate in it at the level It would like me to. I CHOOSE not to disclose certain visions or parts of visions or certain details of the visions. Why? Because this civilization does not deserve it, period. This civilization is beyond the peak of recognition, a point where things could have turned around many years ago. This civilization is past it and what is to come is what has been created by its own actions. People learned war more than love, destruction more than compassion, it’s what stuck with them from the source – because it’s the easier part to adapt to. This is a war-like civilization and all the love in the world combined will not heal it and will definitely not save it. It enjoys violent games and violent movies. Violent stories and violent music. News thrives on violent events, stations lead with the bloodiest. A child can see where is this is going. Yes, violence has been around for thousands of years because humans have forgotten the connection they have to each other and have chosen things that only benefit them rather than a united society. So, as destruction comes, people will cry and ask “why?” And the anwer will be, “Don’t you thrive on this? Isn’t this what you are used to? Isn’t war and violence what you worship here?” Sad.

I am not the judge, nor am I the executioner. I am not the one that will bring what is to come, nor the one that will save the world. I am the messenger of pain, a duty I was handed and had no choice in. I am the messenger of destruction, a trait that is the opposite of my soul and my search here. I am not here to be the Prophet that tells you “when,” I am the one that is here to tell you “It is happening.” I was born to messengers and I am one, I did not have a choice in that. What I can control, is the information I release. That IS my choice. Whether the death of a celebrity (a unique one is on the way) or whether it’s telling you that strange things we have not seen in our lifetime will increase, the messages that flow through me are what you would call, negative and fear-soaked visions – all omens of death.

I want to make something clear. Outside of small occasions where I used the ability to better myself mentally or at times to save my life from minor incidents, I have never used my ability for my own benefit in the material world. Not to make money, not to gain love, not to gain fame…all things easily attained via the source we seers connect to.

I am here to live a simple life. I am here to search out the few sources of wisdom and peace that are left on this planet. I am here to study myself, to find what part of me can still connect to what is left of a higher-minded humanity. I am here to influence the one person that will be touched by one of my messages and start a chain of events that will matter in the future. I will see it all with you.

I know how this all sounds (crazy) and this is why I never talk about all of it. How can someone understand something like this when they cannot see it or possess it? I’m just a simple guy. I work to make a living. I enjoy good wine. So, I stick to what people are comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter what I have or what I relay to you. Parts of the future will not change. This blog is for the few but mostly, it’s for me. It ties me back to the reality of where I am. It’s a “reality check” in a lucid dream, so to speak. It lets me know I am still here, wired in. It serves me a greater purpose than it ever will you. It’s a type of selfish act I will never be able to explain to you.

What do you need to know about the future? What is coming? Where does it all end? Pain.

Understand that 99.999% of what you know, is not real, not in the way you think. Try to comprehend that your version of reality is a dream and your version of dreams are more real and connected to the truth of the fiber of the source of things than your “reality.”

Know that things will be VERY clear and that you will gain knowledge of the truth, only once it’s too late. Blame that on your past generations, not on yourself. What is on the way is not what you think. Who comes here, is not who you believe it is and only when (**) arrives will you finally fully comprehend what has been happening over the course of the last 6,000-7,000 years here. Do you see how psychic ability is growing? How more people seem to be having strange nightmares? Can you figure out why this is happening? If you can, it’s a clue to what is happening in the collective human psyche. Something is troubling the whole race, something deeper than they can all comprehend. Do you think “something” is getting the human psyche prepared for the a future event?

There was a very scientific study done at a very famous research lab towards the end of the 20th century. It was based on showing people random “shocking or disturbing photos” mixed in with nice “regular” photos. What was interesting was that medical devices hooked up to the volunteers picked up on something very interesting and unexplainable. The mind was picking up the “disturbing” photographs BEFORE they were actually visually shown to the people in the study. Think on that for a bit. Some part of the unconscious was preparing the phycial side for the “shock” it was about to “see.” I share this with you because 99% of people want “proof” of precognition and this example provides a tiny bit of a connection to what I am trying to tell you. If you can wrap your mind around that study and put it into context of the bigger picture, you will start to see where this is all leading.

“Enjoy life everyday. Live for the now. Know that only THIS moment exists.” All ancient wisdom from the few that have managed to reach a higher level of consciousness here. There is a reason for their related theories, for their united epiphany — The future is not what you think.

I’m sorry if this blog is outside of my norm, or darker than usual. I’m just tired of sugar-coating things. I will try to be a bit more honest and open with you in the future.

Watch for an interesting sign in the next 10-12 days. You will know it when you see it.


*Bin Laden Location Dream (KILLED)

As with several dreams, I often withhold some of the more powerful ones I have so that I can later test myself. These are visions I do not publish or write about but will sometimes share with my GF or a close friend. I hold these back because, over time, this is the only way I can really put my own ability to the test. When I see news about it, I then am able to compare it to my vision.

Recently, there has been some chatter about Bin Laden not being hold up in a cave. That he might be in a home but no other information is known or has been released.

So, with little information trickling out to the public, I will release my vision and hope it might help the greater good.

About 3-4 months ago, I had a dream that I was walking through a village in a mountain-region, somewhere at a high elevation. As I walked through the dusty-rocky, torn-up streets, I knew I was searching for someone but I did not know whom. I was walking up a fairly steep street when I happen to turn to my left towards a house that beckoned me. I saw past an old-thin black metal gate of sorts, maybe with decorative pointy spikes of some sort. The driveway was also steep and muddy or dusty and I believe I saw a small white vehicle in the driveway, towards the top on the right – possibly even below the second floor of the right side of the house. I remember this was a two-story home and I clearly recall a red roof of some sort or a red color attached to the top portion of the home. The home was mostly white or off-white, possibly old white paint turned darker with age. As I kept walking, something made me look back. I focused on the top left window and I could see someone sitting there. The window was fairly large, not too small, and I recall some white curtains on one side. As I looked with deeper focus, I saw the figure of a man and he was reading near the window, not directly next to it but about 2-3 feet back from it, utilizing the natural light. Behind him, I could see some small lamp inside as well but I do not recall if it was on or not. As I focused deep on this person, he must have felt my presence because he suddenly leaned towards the window to look out at me, I clearly saw who it was. It was Osama bin Laden. He looked right at me, then slowly stepped away, but not alarmed in any way. I realized that he was not alarmed because I was inside of a local person, looking from within a man he may be familiar with or a man he knows.

This dream means that Bin Laden is definitely or has definitely been staying within a home recently. This is a small village-type of place with scattered homes but not scarce, there are several homes in the row where I saw his home. I saw evergreen brush nearby – maybe a pine tree of some sort as well. I could sense we were up high, and I could see they have a view of a valley or of the rest of the village from their perspective. A little more detail on the location is that I could see a mountain range in the distance behind the home, a mountain or high ridge could be seen from the street where the home was situated or from the actual back of the home itself. I could see what looked like a little bit of snow atop that mountain or hilltop or the snow could have been a hint to me about the altitude I was at. This was a foggy or overcast day, seemed a bit on the cool side, in the range of 48-64 degrees F. It was a dry cold. This vision also tells me that the locals, or at least some, know that he is there. He looked relaxed so this is a place where he is comfortable. I could sense at least one woman and possibly at least 1-2 children in the home with him. I sensed bodyguards or dark figures downstairs and possibly outside as I recall someone looking at me downstairs near the white vehicle. This home was by no means a palace, but it was not a shack either. I was actually surprised that it was a fairly nice home for the area.

I had this dream not too long ago, and with new reports coming out, I feel he might change his location soon. This is a location he has used before and might return to.


———- UPDATE —— MAY 2, 2011 —-

Seeing as this was one dream I was not going to release, I’m glad I did – if nothing else, for my own sanity. Several verifiers within the dream were spot on:

– Mountain region where mountain range could be seen in the distance – the color of the house was correct – the home was at least 2-stories in height – this was a fairly modern home and not a cave – this was within a city where other homes were right next to it – evergreen trees can be seen in the area – he was traveling with armed bodyguards – he was traveling with at least one woman and his children – people in the region knew he was there or he was very familiar with the region – it was a nice home for the area.

:: While the dream was not perfectly spot on, many details within it were correct, the biggest being that he was not hold up in a cave and was in a home. I believe I may have seen details of 2 homes, one he was previously in and then the one he was killed in…somehow scrambled in my dream. As you already know, my dreams, while detailed in many ways, can also be very symbolic. Obviously, the theme of this dream was where he was hiding, who he was traveling with, and of his impending capture in a more modernized area.

I give myself a 6.5 on this one on a scale of 10.

Aliens / Curiousity Killed the Cat

It’s always interesting when you see these shows on TV, shows talking about aliens and UFOs. All of these people around Earth want to see life on other planets. So many wish to live to see aliens come to Earth.

I think Mr. Stephen Hawking summarized it well during a TV interview:

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,”

— Now, think closely on what this person said. Hawking is definitely not perfect nor is he always right but he is one of the smartest humans to have ever lived during the past 5,500 years. What he was trying to explain in that simple comment is extremely logical and important to the future of this planet, as it pertains to aliens.

Imagine, for a second that some form of life finds us before we find them.

Okay, what happens every time a more advanced species finds a less advanced one? Do you sit around trying to have a conversation with a rat or an ant? Now think for a second what would happen if an advanced being with more superior intelligence finds humans on Earth? It doesn’t take a renowned astrophysicist to figure that one out: If they find us first, this means they are far more intelligent, far more advanced, and far superior to us…simple as that.  More advanced means better weaponry systems as well. Meaning, it will not be pretty and you might want to think about the question of whether or not they would be coming in peace.

Speaking of which…

Let’s go further. Why are humans trying desperately to find planets that can sustain life outside of Earth? If we found it, how many humans, out of the 6 billion on Earth do you think the powers that be would take with them? Humans are ruining Earth by overpopulating it as well as by the way we produce our goods. This is a fact. We are running out of precious resources like water and destroying our only protection from space, the ozone. Now, if we actually found another planet with living organisms or other intelligent life, do you think they would welcome a species like humans with open arms to their planet?

Now, wouldn’t it be logical that the opposite would apply? That if “aliens” or another species is looking for an alternative planet to live on or to acquire resources from, that we would welcome them with open arms? That they would come here and negotiate with us or care what we think about why they are here? If they get here, they have a mission and do you think that mission would be a peaceful one? Think further. If there are intelligent life forms searching for planets like Earth, much like we are, is it wise to be sending out signals to let them know where we are? Because if we saw each other, then it would be a race to see who gets to each other’s planet first, right?

This is what Stephen Hawking was talking about and this is what humans should consider when they wish for another species of intelligent life to visit Earth. In their quest to satisfy their curiousity, humans are blind to the consequences of the very thing they hope for.

Be careful what you wish for, is an appropriate saying here.

((By the way, there’s “certain evidence” to suggest that Earth’s population and level of advancement seems to regress back to the stone-age on a consistent basis throughout Earth’s history. Then as it grows to a certain large number and advanced state, it is destroyed again, and humans have to start from basic scratch levels…just thought I’d throw that out there.))

Past Prediction / Qur’an Burning?

Earlier this year and throughout the year, I have been posting this:

“””””I did predict that there was a larger event happening by the end of 2010, one that will create a massive fright in people and cause people around the world “to take pause.” – While I would love to say that my gut tells my before Summer’s end, by August, I am not quite sure. I do “feel” it is of great importance and something new, something scary, something that will begin a new way of thought. That’s what I feel now, as I see more I will certainly relay that.””””

Is the recent news of the Qur’an burning coming up on 9/11 part of this vision? I’ve said before, I am not sure that the event happening before the end of 2010 is manmade or natural. We can all see that the world is engaged in what is coming this Saturday. People are “frightened” of what might happen if the Pastor from Florida follows through with his plans. The world is “taking pause” holding their breath at this and this event can and might trigger something much bigger to come. I said in other posts that people’s “religion views / beliefs would be questioned” and this certainly has the hallmark of that as well as many other similarities with what I have been predicting.

Now, is it the event I have been feeling? I am not sure. I just saw that it is a world-wide event that would happen before 2010 is over — can this just be a part of that vision? Yes. Can something much larger in scope still happen and eclipse this particular event happening this weekend? Absolutely.

We will all have to wait and see. There are only 3 1/2 months left in 2010.


The Past…Revisited.

When you think back on a memory, what do you think you are seeing in your mind? A better question: Do you think what you are seeing is stored in your mind and within your body? Meaning, are you tapping into your own brain or do you think it possible that this memory is stored somewhere else in the universe? Like a universal memory bank or library?

Humans tend to write things down. Whether on ancient tablets or on internet blogs such as the one you are reading now. Most feel that by placing a story, a memory, or any other kind of information on something tangible, it makes it real. Furthermore, they believe it is then available for others to read, study, and learn from. This is a simple and linear way of looking at how information and knowledge is passed on from human to human and generation to generation. Scientists are just beginning to study how this works and to see if it is possible that this might be a little more complex than it really seems. You see, what they are beginning to figure out (but have yet to properly do so) is that once knowledge has been unleashed into the global conscious, it cannot be destroyed. Therefore, it can obviously be used and manipulated by those who can reach it, be it by physical means or otherwise. Of course, science is funny that way. Nothing is “real” until it can be proven. And then, it is only real until it is proven otherwise by a more advanced science! Amusing, huh? I hate to be childish here but…LOL.

I don’t want to get too technical with you. For one, I am not a scientist nor do I claim to know how to properly explain all of this to you in a perfect way. What I want to share with you is meant to open your mind a little and make you see things in a different way. Few people know what I am about to share; about me anyhow. It’s an art of sorts, an ability that many in history have had, many pretend to have, and one that has been hotly debated over time. Whether you believe in it or not, well, that’s a personal thing. You see, everyone is born with dark spiritual covers over their eyes. As a baby and a young person, one is still able to see through them, even though these are as “see-through” as they will probably ever be for most. As most humans grow older, their “spiritual glasses” become darker even, being able to see less and less every year. Few, and I mean very few, will grow to improve their individual spiritual vision, seeing things others cannot. These people are usually labeled as “crazy” by others, which is quite ironic, if you ask me. I’m trying hard here to explain things in a way you might be able to understand so I hope you are following me. What I mean by all this is that some people choose to live like a blind person, placing limits on what they are able to see. Of course, I understand that for some, it is impossible to open their minds or eyes to anything. Hey, someone has to be ignorant on this earth, it’s the natural balance of life. That’s another topic though.

Okay, back to what I wanted to share with you. I have something unique I do. It’s what you would call a “trick” of sorts. It’s a crude but efficient way of describing it, I guess. Since I was young, I have a unique waking ability that I rarely use. It’s more of a parlor trick to me so I will rarely indulge in doing it. Still, several close to me have felt the power of it and I guess they have been left impressed, in a good or bad way. I am always amused at how easily those that cannot see the things I see are impressed with these things though. My last girlfriend saw first-hand what I did but she was extremely religious and I believe it scared her more than it enchanted her. I apologized for it but, then again, it was her idea to begin with.


When I first meet a person, I’m talking about within the first 1-2 weeks, I am able to do something most cannot. Once in a while, I am able to do it for people I have known past a year, but this is RARE. Under the right circumstance, meaning in a truly relaxed mental state, as well as if I am happy and undisturbed, I am able to “see” or “recall” one of “their” past childhood memories. That’s right, not one of mine; one of theirs. Basically, I enter into a wide field of memories. I cannot tell you exactly how the process works but it’s fairly simple from my point of view. What I see are millions of things going on, I also hear sounds scattering, all muffled at first. Then, I begin to “follow” the person, to try and find them from these millions of bytes of information. The process can take from a minute to 10 minutes. My last girlfriend was from India and I found it hard because of how many people have lived and died around the continent where she was from. You see, I feel all kinds of past thoughts and emotions and scenes, not just from the current period of time. So, the more populated the area from where the person is, the harder it is for me to “hone in” on or track them. As I get closer and closer, I begin to move towards their memory bank, their past thoughts. Since this is in the past (way in the past), I see them as a child, usually between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. Sometimes, I can have a secondary hit in their teens but that’s rare, as in the case with another girlfriend of mine. In that case, I actually saw her and another friend stealing some items from a store, all the while they laughed and giggled about it. My girlfriend denied it at first but after I described it more in detail, she caved in and admitted to me what I was seeing; something she had never shared with me or anyone else. Anyhow, back to my Indian girlfriend. She was very hard to spot but I finally found her. Now, at this point, I have to mention that I cannot see great-great detail. Usually, I am able just to pick out a few things that are specific to that person, things I would not know, things that are not truly of any importance, and things that they may not even remember or recollect until after I bring them up. In the case with my Indian gf, I saw several things. First, I saw poor living conditions and I noticed she was barefoot, meaning she loved to be barefoot as a small child. She was shocked and said that yes, she hated wearing shoes as a kid. Then, I saw a very close female person holding her hand, but I knew it was not her mom or sibling and knew she was not part of her blood family. She said yes, there was someone in her household that she was extremely close to as a child, a female that was like an adopted part of their family. But I felt this was not enough to prove to her what I was seeing, so I had to give her something else. I said the word “aunt” came to me, she called her “aunt,”  but never by her real name. Then she freaked out, she said this person was like her aunt and she called her the equivalent of “aunt” in India instead of her name, throughout her life. At this point, I stopped. I can give you many scenarios of other memories I’ve “recalled” but this was just the most recent. Again, it’s not that impressive but remember my ability is a “dreaming ability” so these waking abilities are just extras in my life that are not fully developed.

Anyhow, this is just a small example of how memories can continue past the time they are “lived” through. The energy that makes up a memory cannot be dissolved, it has to be housed somewhere. See, without the building blocks of these actions and memories, the present as we know it, could not form. Like a 10-story building. Each floor must be built one at a time. If the floor underneath disappeared as another floor was built, the building would surely collapse. Would you think life, as a whole, would not uphold the same laws?

Now, I am sure, if I studied this long enough, I could get better at it. Also, I know there are a few living here that can actually enter this field and control it far better than I can or might ever be able to. Some of them, like the remote viewers used by the government in the past, are very good. I know a few of them, and they are very talented at what they do, even being able to train others to do it. The information of the past is information that willl live forever in time, if you know how to find it, you can use it.

Well, I can see this blog got way too long already. I just wanted to share it with you. Sounds crazy, right? Yeah, well, it’s not what You would call “normal” obviously. But maybe you should tweak what your spectrum of “normality” really is. For the skeptics, I could care less about you. For the scientists, come on, you’re the experts, you tell us what’s happening here!

You see, an oxygen molecule exists right in front of your eyes whether you can “see” it or not.

For the few,