*Truck / Delivery Service Event

I saw a FedEx or UPS-type truck on a crowded city street. I could see business people and tourists or shoppers in the area, I saw a female pushing a baby stroller and a runner pass by me. I saw someone in uniform (I was within this person) trying to evacuate many people. I had arrived in some sort of police or emergency vehicle. There had been a last-minute warning of some sort, though this was not truly expected by the masses. I felt danger and fear, and like time was running out. It seemed like a large, modern city, felt like a NYC type of location as I could see some high-rises in the distance and around me. I saw a large brown building to my right and felt like I was in a shopping or bank district with shopping nearby. There was a lot of planning around this event. I wasn’t in the dream long enough to see if it went through.

I woke, it was 4:10am.


From what I could tell, they were using some sort of established delivery system / company for some form of attack. I could see that it was a recognizable brand like FedEx but wasn’t 100% sure. This may just represent a delivery company of sorts. The group was very well organized.

Another Mass Attack Prediction *Dream

Two men, possibly up to four. Their ages ranged from 22-35 possibly. Seemed like white males or light-skinned males, wearing body armour or something else that looked like leather or a costume of sorts. Wearing black. I saw interesting or weird hair styles on a couple of them. They also wore some kind of mask or something covering their face. At first I thought they were some type of gas masks. It seemed the shooting started outside then moved into a building or office space. I can barely tell the location outside but the area had a quaint, small-city feel, which could be just the architectual design of area. I saw the word “strip mall” come up but I am not sure. I know that there was something I was trying to sense about the location and the location itself may prove to be newsworthy. Definitely looked like a commercial part of a town or city. They came in shooting and started shooting everyone, people ran. I could not make out if this was an office but certain details seemed “clinical” or like a lab or something even medical possibly. There was a business next to it which seemed like an auto shop or something like a craft workshop. I also saw a young black female child in the area who had keys to a door in the next door building. I was able to see outside and I sensed /saw a black van, looked like an older model van, with big tires. I could see 1-2 other people waiting outside in the van, I sensed a female may have been outside or involved as well. The shooters had several types of weapons which seemed like “heavy weaponry” – something about the weapons was out of place, as if they didn’t fit normal weapons used in such an attack. Something interesting about the weapons indeed (maybe they were after weapons?). They also will have semi-automatic machine guns and a handgun as well. There was a plan they all had, whether, in the attack itself or in what they were after.

I woke up. It was 4:55am.

Addition: I am going to add something I usually don’t give out. I usually keep details to myself but I feel like I want to give more out to you:::: The group that seemed to cause this attack was a fairly organized group. They were a “team” or an “organization” of some kind it seemed. They were also very “revolutionary” in their philosophies, possible outcasts of sorts. Possibly a red-headed leader amongst them or a high-ranking member.

*White car / White Van / White Truck Attack – Vision


I saw a white vehicle outside of a large building. I couldn’t see exactly the model of the vehicle but I think it was some sort of hybrid between a car and a truck of some kind. Possibly some sort of utility or city worker’s vehicle. I saw this vehicle parked outside of a large building. The colour was either white or a very light color – from the angle I was standing (which was 2-3 stories high) it seemed very light in colour.  I saw a woman speaking to an audience inside. I think she was at a podium or had a microphone. There were other people gathered there but I could not turn to see them. I think this vehicle was carrying something. I think it intended on attacking the people inside.

Two more details which I would normally never release are: The female I saw speaking seemed to be black and was wearing a gold-type colour of clothing. Also, I saw a fog or dark shadow covering the place, not sure if that had to do with the time of day or with the weather in the area.

The vision stopped.

*Religious tragedy vision…gathering of many religions.

 I was in a large place, it was some sort of large gathering where many religious people were. Men, women, children, of all ages and all races. I saw hundreds, if not, thousands of people at this place. At first it seemed I was in a large dome-like indoor area but I also sensed wilderness or big trees (maybe a park) outside. I had gotten there just after some sort of mass shooting or mass tragedy had happened. People were laying dead in different areas. Men were carrying wounded out, lots of confusion and screaming. Blood on the steps and dead bodies throughout. It had been a peaceful reunion just moment before. I could hear sirens outside but could not see the police inside. I tried to see who did it but I could not.

I awoke.

— Some type of mass shooting looms. It may possibly be some gathering of various religious groups or a gathering amongst several different groups of people or associations. People will die during this tragic event. It will raise questions about the rise religious violence and the possible growth of homegrown acts of violence

————UPDATE: NOVEMBER 16th, 2012 ————–

Could this vision have anything to do with what is starting to happen in the Middle East? Can the religious differences between Israel and Palestine be at the heart of my vision? Maybe what is happening there will spark the tragic event I saw? We will see this vision come true sooner than later I believe.

——–UPDATE December 17, 2012 ———–

Could the “mass shooting” I saw have anything to do with Connecticut? I’ve had a couple of similar visions lately which all together add up to it. As I’ve said before,my visions are largely symbolic not always crystal clear. I felt a mass shooting was near though.

*Shooting Spree / Public Shooting Vision

“He walks in the guise of secrecy, vengeance on his mind. Calculating, the target in his sights, dragging an arsenal behind. An open place, business all around, a place where many roam – I saw violence, semi-automatic fire, I see a large dome. Sparks from the weapon, many run and flee, crying, disbelief, the whole world would see. A maniac, a cold-blooded man…children, people of all ages, they all ran. A public violent event, weeping time comes near, a cruel message this man wanted the entire world to hear.”

– Too many details in this vision. It was very violent, I saw the man…I saw a very busy public place and the shooting – many people all around – saw a mix of business people and people relaxing. Deaths occurred.

—————– UPDATE July 30, 2012 ———————–

This one hurts my heart and hits close to home, I will not say why though. – I waited a little while before posting on this out of respect for the victims and their families and because I was mourning the incident as well. It hurts me to see this one come true in such a specific way. Obviously, this was more than likely the Aurora Movie Theatre Shooting in Colorado.

Too many details match up. The “large dome” I saw was probably the theatre itself. I think it was Aurora because a few details I did not release were:

1.  He was wearing a mask or costume. (Guise is another word for disguise or “concealing the true nature of something”) So “walks in the guise of secrecy” defined it well.

2. Children or a child died. ( I mentioned children)

3. He was a crazy person or someone with deep psychological issues (I mentioned “maniac”)

Because of those details (I often do not release everything about a vision to have details to verify for myself), I believe this was it. Also, things like “calculating” which describe how calculating he was and how well he planned it, even the planning at his apartment match the incident.

The “vengeance” in the dream seems to be the reason behind his act. Maybe vengeance against his parents, his university, or vengeance against society as a whole possibly.

It definitely does not mean another like-incident will not happen in the future though.

As for the “cruel message this man wanted the entire world to hear” – I believe that either he has still to speak on this and will come out later or that the overall message is gun control in America, which is now a hot political debate.

UPDATE: December 17th, 2012

Troubled by the latest shooting in Connecticut. I still believe my original vision was closer linked to the Aurora shootings but obviously, this latest event fits well too. I am a little confused over it. I also believe a couple of more, if not at least one more, of these events will happen before the end of the year or within a short time from now.

* Red Mountain / Red Wind and Sky Dream —

This is a really symbolic vision – it drained me. It may be the vision I was waiting for during this current cycle of dreams I am in. Here are a few details —-

I saw a blistering wind near a large red mountain. The air was hot, burning, wild, forming a slashing feel across the earth. I saw dark red clouds, a vicious red wind, I could see a high mountaintop nearby through the burning wind. The earth was scorched, the ground was burning, it was dry, a mix of black wind and red dust swirled around me or the person I was within. I felt hot, the ground felt unbearable to the touch. Few in the area were living. It was a lonely time and place, the wind carried death with it – something abrupt had occurred in this place – this place seemed like planet earth yet this location within the planet seemed unrecognizable. I walked as if in pain or injured. I could barely keep my eyes open from whatever was in the air. The whole sky was a deep red or red-orange color as far as the eye could see. There was no mercy here. Lava red colors and heat dominated this area. There was a major loss of life here. The person I was within was drenched in desperation and could not believe his eyes, he was still wearing clothing that seemed as if he was living a regular life just moments before or days before this new reality. He was not ready for what occurred to him. It seemed as if he would die soon after I would exit his body and the dream. One more detail, there seemed to be some black streaks on the mountain or in the wind, like a smoke of sorts but not sure, it was hard to see.

— The red in the dream seems very symbolic, either of fire or a color attached to a bigger meaning or cause of this incident. The mountain may be an actual location, the height of it and the way the word “mountain” kept coming to me in the dream may hold a clue to it all. The wind seems to carry the most meaning –  it was wild, hot and turbulent. Maybe the wind carries a clue to the location or to the cause of it as well. It reminded me of what you would see in an atomic or massive explosion aftermath – whether it was manmade or not would be only a guess from the details I saw. One thing was for sure, this was a devastating incident.

————— UPDATE ————– Sept. 20, 2011 ——————————


Arizona / Congresswoman Attack

You can look back at the “Public Area Attack Dream” I posted last year in April, 9 months ago:

 ————–JAN. 11th UPDATE ——- I truly believe this is most probably it. This happened 9 months later which is well within my range. Several correct verifiers here include: public attack which makes national news, started with one intended target and moved on to randoms, people running, happened in a very “open” area if you look at the video, the “openness” I saw could easily fit the desert area it was in, a young girl was shot and killed (there were young people involved and she was a student),  Anglo population (almost 70% White), it was a very happy and calm environenment, in fact, a very calm and beautiful day right before the incident, lots of brick structures around ((“The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)), people ran and hid inside buildings, and it was “senseless and brutal.” The location itself turned out to be an outdoor strip mall area, which I had doubted at first.

As you can see, my visions work largely in very symbolic ways but this one had several real and accurate details. That’s why it’s hard to place some of them into words and accurately guess what exactly they mean sometimes. I truly believe this was it and it happened within my normal 2 year range, 9 months in this case. Terrible incident.

———————————————–   ORIGINAL POST FROM LAST YEAR ———————————————–

I was not going to publish this one. As I’ve told you, I don’t really like to talk about all of my dreams and I certainly do not post all of them up here but I think since this involves younger people, I will post it and keep it brief:

I had this dream on Saturday morning around 4:00am:

I was within the person and was running and hiding. I was in a very public area which seemed like a school of sorts but it easily could have been a church, a university or maybe (but doubt it) a mall. Parts of this place had large open spaces it seemed – just had this “openness” feel to it. It was definitely a place where there was younger and older people. The younger people seemed like students of some kind. I saw brick walls, high walls, and I could see outside a bit into a small garden or green area with very skinny trees, it seemed like a new development or building of some kind? People were running, I could sense death around us, they were very frightened. I was never able to see the people or person that was inflicting this attack but I could sense it was a senseless and brutal attack on what seemed to be maybe random people – or it could have started with an intended target then moved on to random people. I could see the day looked pretty clear and it was a happy / calm environment before this attack happened. I saw people hiding under desks and hiding in closets and bathrooms, trying not to be seen. I could see people running and hiding inside and outside of this complex or building. I feel strongly that the people were American and I feel it was a smaller city maybe, maybe an All-American type of city, mostly Anglo in population — or maybe the location houses mostly Americans? Again, this is just what I feel as I saw mostly Anglo people running.

MY THOUGHTS: Some kind of public attack or attack in a very public area will happen soon – it will definitely make national news. As you have seen my visions have been happening from mere days to a month lately so if this is the same, we will hear of something soon. Usually they take 2-4 years but lately, they have been happening a lot sooner for some reason.


“The dream I want to share with you at this time was in regards to some kind of assasination or assasination attempt, some kind of attack. While the family or person who was the target of the assasins spoke perfect English, I am not sure he or they were American. I sensed we were in a European-style location, whether it was the architecture (look of the place) or an actual European country, I cannot be certain. What I saw was a violent attack where some security or people who were not the main intended target were killed and some higher ups were injured or killed as well. I believe this family or person is either royalty or very prominent in the political world. What I do not know is if he or the main target was actually killed or just injured. I believe he / they were or were very close to dying. I did see lots of blood shed in this attack. I saw a lot of (modern) weapons (some automatic) and I saw a lot of chaos. I saw white walls, marble or tiled floors…men in suits, it was possibly an organized meeting or event of sorts.”

                                             ——————–INTERESTING SIDE NOTE ——————

SIDE NOTE about the “European” reference in my dream: The name of the strip mall where the shootings took place is called “La Toscana Village.”

((ACTUAL DESCRIPTION IN NEWS OF LOCATION: “The supermarket is in an affluent neighborhood of Tucson, set in the La Toscana Village shopping center, a bustling place with red-brick pillars and green awnings”)).


“Brink of War” – End of ’10 Event Prediction?

I have been trying to lay low lately. During the winter I usually try to focus on my physical side of well-being rather than just on my spiritual and mental side. Still, this latest event happening between the two Korean Nations has definitely piqued my interest.

Could this be the event I have been predicting from the beginning of the year? The event I saw would happen before the end of 2010 and that would spark a grim outlook for the start of 2011? I’ve always said that an event that would gain the world’s attention and cause the “global community to pause” would rule headlines by the end of this year.

While the Chilean miner’s story fit well into that vision (as we all paused and waited and prayed together for the trapped miners), this latest event fits better into what my dreams usually symbolize, the dramatic or more destructive and catastrophic side of world events. My gut tells me that we are definitely on the “brink of war” as North Korea is putting it. I say “WE” because if this war comes to happen, it will not be just the two Korean armies that will be involved. Certainly several European nations as well as China and the US would also have to participate at some level or another.

But beyond the simplicity of agression, lies something deeper and more disturbing. What has been dormant for years, now begins to slowly creep out of its slumber. The possibility of a war and a period of time that may have far-reaching consequences for the entire global community. The beginning of a very dangerous and uncertain period, where one aggressive act, or seemingly far away conflict, might tumble the single domino that can launch an unpredictable and dark chain of events.

As I’ve said and continue to say: Something BIG looms, whether natural or manmade, before year’s end.

Time will tell.

For the few,


Destruction Dream — Coming Soon. (Japan?)

I wish I could tell you the source of it. I had a very strong vision last night. I saw a dark-blueish hue in the sky. I could not tell if it was day turned to night or night but the sky was dark, grey, dark-blue…full of dust or smoke. It was a major destruction of a highly populated area. I felt the heavy pains of death in the air, the stench of destruction as only my dreams can paint. Grief beyond measurement, surely dozens, hundreds, or thousands had perished. This was a modern city. It seemed left in ruins. I could see the tops of buildings scattered across the ground. Lights flickering in the distance, could have been small fires burning through the deep darkness.

I could not tell if it was man-made or natural, I tried my hardest this morning to recall but I was left totally exhausted, almost missing work today.  I tried to see if it was an “attack” of sorts, a country on country, or just a rogue group. I tried to see if it was natural but could not see detail. I feel as if my ability did not want me to know the source of the desctruction. It’s the first my vision within a dream is blocked like this. Something or someone is blocking me from seeing the source of it which worries me. This will make Global headlines and effect many beyond the borders of the actual specific area of destruction.

It’s major and this one will happen within 6-24 months it seems. I really doubt this is one vision that takes the full 2 years to happen.


5.4 earthquake hits Southern California; felt in Los Angeles [Updated]

July 7, 2010 |  5:00 pm

A 5.9 earthquake rocked Southern California this afternoon and was felt across a wide area.

According to U.S. Geological Survey, the quake hit at 4:53 p.m. near Borrego Springs, about 28 miles south of Palm Springs. It was followed by several small aftershocks.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but some residents said the quake caused glass to break.

Its the latest in a string of powerful of quakes to hit Southern California in the last few months, ever since a 7.2 quake hit the Mexicali area on Easter Sunday.



Two Earthquakes Strike Chile July 14 2010:

by Amy Judd | July 14, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Two Earthquakes Strike Chile on Wednesday But No New Damage Reported

One earthquake was measured at a 5.3 magnitude and struck at 4:21am, followed by another at 4:32am that measured 6.5. There have been no new reports of damage in an area that is still devastated and recovering from the February 27 earthquake.

Residents felt the shaking and some people in the town of Tirua fled to higher ground for fear of a tsunami according to the Associated Press.


Recent Times Square DREAM

Please scroll down and see the DREAM-VISION I had regarding: AIRPORT Red Truck / Bio Chemical-Explosives Attack

It was fairly close in many aspects, including: crowded pedestrian area, a car being left alone, security forces studying device, guy was about to travel to Dubai (vacation area in the middle of the dessert) before his final destination, gas in the canisters, etc.