*Bin Laden Location Dream (KILLED)

As with several dreams, I often withhold some of the more powerful ones I have so that I can later test myself. These are visions I do not publish or write about but will sometimes share with my GF or a close friend. I hold these back because, over time, this is the only way I can really put my own ability to the test. When I see news about it, I then am able to compare it to my vision.

Recently, there has been some chatter about Bin Laden not being hold up in a cave. That he might be in a home but no other information is known or has been released.

So, with little information trickling out to the public, I will release my vision and hope it might help the greater good.

About 3-4 months ago, I had a dream that I was walking through a village in a mountain-region, somewhere at a high elevation. As I walked through the dusty-rocky, torn-up streets, I knew I was searching for someone but I did not know whom. I was walking up a fairly steep street when I happen to turn to my left towards a house that beckoned me. I saw past an old-thin black metal gate of sorts, maybe with decorative pointy spikes of some sort. The driveway was also steep and muddy or dusty and I believe I saw a small white vehicle in the driveway, towards the top on the right – possibly even below the second floor of the right side of the house. I remember this was a two-story home and I clearly recall a red roof of some sort or a red color attached to the top portion of the home. The home was mostly white or off-white, possibly old white paint turned darker with age. As I kept walking, something made me look back. I focused on the top left window and I could see someone sitting there. The window was fairly large, not too small, and I recall some white curtains on one side. As I looked with deeper focus, I saw the figure of a man and he was reading near the window, not directly next to it but about 2-3 feet back from it, utilizing the natural light. Behind him, I could see some small lamp inside as well but I do not recall if it was on or not. As I focused deep on this person, he must have felt my presence because he suddenly leaned towards the window to look out at me, I clearly saw who it was. It was Osama bin Laden. He looked right at me, then slowly stepped away, but not alarmed in any way. I realized that he was not alarmed because I was inside of a local person, looking from within a man he may be familiar with or a man he knows.

This dream means that Bin Laden is definitely or has definitely been staying within a home recently. This is a small village-type of place with scattered homes but not scarce, there are several homes in the row where I saw his home. I saw evergreen brush nearby – maybe a pine tree of some sort as well. I could sense we were up high, and I could see they have a view of a valley or of the rest of the village from their perspective. A little more detail on the location is that I could see a mountain range in the distance behind the home, a mountain or high ridge could be seen from the street where the home was situated or from the actual back of the home itself. I could see what looked like a little bit of snow atop that mountain or hilltop or the snow could have been a hint to me about the altitude I was at. This was a foggy or overcast day, seemed a bit on the cool side, in the range of 48-64 degrees F. It was a dry cold. This vision also tells me that the locals, or at least some, know that he is there. He looked relaxed so this is a place where he is comfortable. I could sense at least one woman and possibly at least 1-2 children in the home with him. I sensed bodyguards or dark figures downstairs and possibly outside as I recall someone looking at me downstairs near the white vehicle. This home was by no means a palace, but it was not a shack either. I was actually surprised that it was a fairly nice home for the area.

I had this dream not too long ago, and with new reports coming out, I feel he might change his location soon. This is a location he has used before and might return to.


———- UPDATE —— MAY 2, 2011 —-

Seeing as this was one dream I was not going to release, I’m glad I did – if nothing else, for my own sanity. Several verifiers within the dream were spot on:

– Mountain region where mountain range could be seen in the distance – the color of the house was correct – the home was at least 2-stories in height – this was a fairly modern home and not a cave – this was within a city where other homes were right next to it – evergreen trees can be seen in the area – he was traveling with armed bodyguards – he was traveling with at least one woman and his children – people in the region knew he was there or he was very familiar with the region – it was a nice home for the area.

:: While the dream was not perfectly spot on, many details within it were correct, the biggest being that he was not hold up in a cave and was in a home. I believe I may have seen details of 2 homes, one he was previously in and then the one he was killed in…somehow scrambled in my dream. As you already know, my dreams, while detailed in many ways, can also be very symbolic. Obviously, the theme of this dream was where he was hiding, who he was traveling with, and of his impending capture in a more modernized area.

I give myself a 6.5 on this one on a scale of 10.

February 15, 2010 — Serial Killer Dream

Serial Killer Dream:

I was in small public bathrooom, it was either in a mall or hotel. The walls were beige / off-white. Typical public restroom. I was inside the dream and was a man in a stall using the bathroom, standing up. No one else was in the bathroom and then the door opened. A man walked in and walked into the stall behind me and started to use it even though there was another stall and another urinal available. I yelled at him as I moved into the next stall.  He just gazed downward in a weird stance. I could sense how evil this person was. I knew instantly that he was a killer, even though he didn’t have the typical look of one. As I finished and went to wash my hands, some other people walked in but the man’s gaze was just on me. He was in some sort of trance, but I believe he knew that I could see what he was. He was about 5’8″-5’10”, white, around 145-165 lbs. He wore vanilla khakis, business-like black shoes, and some sort of lumberjack-type looking shirt (modern)—red and black. He seemed clean-cut, I believe I saw a wedding ring on him. His hair was strawberry blond or reddish and parted neatly. I think he wore thin glasses, simple and not fancy. (may not wear them all the time.) He moved closer to the sink and as he was washing his hands I could see blood under his finger nails. I woke up, it was 4:45 in the morning —-

Interpretation: I try not to interpret most of my dreams as when I do, I often get it wrong or over analyze them. In this case, this is pretty clear cut though.

This is an operating serial killer. My sense is that, while he may appear to be a loner, he is living a double-life. He is married or has a serious relationship and possibly kids – may be divorced (that’s why his wedding ring seemed faint to me). The shirt he wore signifies a past job, a trade he is in or used to be, and / or possibly that he resides in a northern state of colder weather and where there are wooded areas. He is in his late 30’s or early 40’s tops.

He being in public during the day means that he is a hunter, he stalks his prey out in public, maybe getting some twisted excitement from it. Him being in the men’s restroom might signify that he hunts males or has had homosexual encounters in his hidden life.

This person is active and I have a feeling will eventually be caught while making a simple mistake or by chance. He obviously needs to be stopped.