* Increased Security / Loss of Privacy / Life Beyond 2012

This vision was very complicated and drawn-out. I will give you a summary.

– We, as a civilization, will definitely live past December 21, 2012. That, an event or change of human philosophy happens before or on that date, is still extremely possible. That more world-wide catastrophic events will happen, that is a certainty. But human civilization will not end this year. In fact, through these trials, technology will increase and become a larger part of society as a whole. Beware, an event looms which will cause increased security around the world to happen. A major loss of privacy is headed towards everyone as a human family in the future. Technology will play a large role in the control of information and of conduct.

I will give you one example. I was in another time, in the future. I was hovering within a room, looking at two small children with their mother. The room was a living room in a high-rise apartment building in a large, very modern city. I could tell it was the future by the technology all around them. Their clothing looked different as well. I was trying to figure out the year and asked aloud. One of the children seemed to hear my voice but shook his head and ignored it. The feeling I got was late 2000’s or very early 2100’s. The outer walls were all windows and I could see the surrounding buildings were about the same, very box-like buildings, very uniform in size and shape, as well as architecture. It was a highly populated city. I then looked below, we were roughly about 12-15 floors up. I could see masses below going about their day, it was late afternoon, early evening. The lights from the buildings, apartments, and advertisements lit up the street. I saw what seemed to be cars, very futuristic, but I could still tell they were vehicles on the ground, just then, I saw a police car rise above the street level. It was marked “Police” and looked like the other cars but the main difference is that it had a propulsion system in the back which allowed it to float and ride around in the air. They were flashing lights as if something had happened or if they were looking for someone. I saw large round openings in the back where fire would come out and propel it then it would float somehow. One of them came up between the buildings, shining a very large and powerful light into the apartments, making people turn their heads in discomfort. As it moved past the apartment I was in, I heard one of the little boys tell their mom, “I hate that they can look in here and see everything!” The mom, startled by that said, “Be QUIET! Don’t say that, they can hear you!” I was amazed at the comment. As I focused on the police car again, I noticed that as they shone the light at the building across the street, there was something in the light which was causing vibrations to the windows so they could hear what people inside were saying as well. A complete lack of privacy was the new norm in this futuristic city. I awoke.

This vision dream was powerful and obviously was showing me many different things and possibilities. Amongst them, that people will survive the coming disasters. No matter what comes, civilization will continue to move forward or bounce back. That technology will continue to develop. Last, that by the time of this dream, control of society was a normal factor in life. Lack of privacy was very high. Mass control of information and conduct was present.

As a sidenote, within this vision, I felt that some kind of event happens here soon, something that will change privacy laws or the way privacy exists. Something happens that will cause an even stricter control over people. Security issues come to a very high level in our awareness soon. I can’t exactly see what but I can feel it and I believe this part of the dream happens very soon.

April Skies

Strange things coming to the sky in April. Beware of the signs this brings. From the sky comes a sign of the times we are entering. The sky brings a message.

————- UPDATE: April 2, 2012 ——

First sign on first week of the month: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/space/news/article.cfm?c_id=325&objectid=10796268 –

—————————————————- Damaging and Interesting Weather ———————–


——————————————— Interesting UFO sighting ——————————–


—————————- Large Rare Solar Eruption —————————————————-


—————————– Possible Volcanic Eruption ————————————————–




Dec. 21, 2012…one year away. What happens AFTER?

I get many personal messages asking me about 2012, especially December 21st.

“What will happen? Is it really the end of the world? Were the Mayans and Hopi right?” Etc.

I will say this: The human race is ready for a change, I believe many people feel this way and I believe many people can actually feel it. We have reached a dangerous period in our current human civilization. Technology, civil unrest, and the economy are all playing a role in the coming events. Like every other past society, there is a peak and there is a fall; this is a cycle which will never be broken. Societies come and go and we are no different. Sure, human ego and its tech-know-how would have some believe otherwise, but the plain truth is nothing is as powerful as the forces that have been in place for hundreds of thousands of years before us – they shaped our beginning and they will definitely shape our end.

Now, what is the “end of the world” going to look like? Ask anyone who was a physical witness to the great Indian tsunami in 2004. Coincidently, that was on December 26. Ask anyone who was in Japan when the earthquake and following tsunami struck just last year. Some believed it was the end of the world, and for some it WAS the end. The world as we have known it for the past 2,000-3,000 years is coming to an end. But it has already begun. Do you truly believe all will be well and all of a sudden December 21st comes around and the world ends? No. This is a buildup. This is a process. It’s a domino effect which started last century and will culminate in the years to come. The world is already changing, socially and physically. Plagues, mass death, major wars, famine, and the rise of natural disasters are already here.

It is evolving, regardless of what the collective masses think.

One way or another, the world as we “know it” will change. My dreams have shown me what happens days or years AFTER December 21st – this means that even if a major catastrophe would emerge on that day, many are alive and many will survive. Major things are coming. Large terrible things loom. Suffering is on the way, do not doubt this. For many, 2012 will be their last year, and yet, for others, they will see December 22, 2012 and beyond. Will there be a 2013? Absolutely. How it will look? That’s the better question.

The final evolution of this race and of this planet has begun and the final chapter is now in play. Strange days to come. Strange things to be seen. A new way of thinking is to come. A new society and social mentality is to come. The next ten years of this planet will be an experience unlike any other in the past 1,000 years. Some will think technology will restrain it. Some will think weapons will help. Some will think prayer will stop it. Some will think control over the masses will delay it. All will be wrong.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and live cautiously. Yet, cherish life and cherish love. Remain positive about yourself.

As for me, I know this. I will survive what is coming. My duties here are not done yet. And if 2012 brings the worst, then I am ready and prepared to give it my best.

* Italia / Italy Vision: Mourning Period.

Italy vision.

I was in a coastal city, walking on the beach, my thoughts were filled with despair. I walked and walked and came upon a poem written in the damp sand:

“The land of Italia will weep. Sorrow, sadness, a shock from coast to coast – mothers will mourn, fathers left helpless, the eldest chief is laid to rest. Streets of blood of the young. To the land of the people that worship the sun, their wine turns bitter, a bad taste in their mouths. Italy shall shed tears in this ocean.”

I woke up.

————— UPDATE: November 29, 2011 ————————

My original post of this vision was on October 3rd, 2011, more than a month before Berlusconi resigned as Prime Minister of Italy. Could the “eldest chief is laid to rest” line in the vision be a reference to Berlusconi? Berlusconi was in power for 17 years and was seen as the “chief” figure in Italy. This is a very interesting part of the vision and a very interesting coincidence. Not to mention, soon after the vision, Italy began to be more in the news in regards to its troubling economic state. Not much after that, Italy was also hit with terrible floods. This combined with the “social unrest” visions I have had lately could mean trouble for Italia. I truly believe this vision holds a painful future for that country that is yet to come and Berlusconi stepping down (retiring / resting) is just part of the bigger vision.

————————- UPDATE: May 29, 2012 —————————


Recent Visions / Dreams / Feelings

I wanted to keep you up to date on some of my most recent dreams. By now, I’ve told you that I don’t place every single dream up on my blog and sometimes I leave some information out because I use the missing information at times to verify my dreams and keep others from using that information.

Recently, I’ve blogged much about the rise of more earthquakes and water-based disasters. As you can see, this is beginning to happen more and more and already.

It really doesn’t take a genius or psychic / seer to see that something is happening here on earth beneath the surface, literally and figuratively. It’s obvious we are on the verge of something big and nothing compared to the paranoid feelings that arose before the year 2000. What the human population, as a whole, is feeling is more like a deep sixth sense that is telling them something is not right. This feeling is global and it will begin to rise more and more as we approach 2012. Whether or not the date of Dec. 21, 2012 will bring about a major destruction of sorts (enter your own personal belief here), what we cannot deny is the mutual feeling of a significant change in our world and culture as we know it.

I cannot stress enough the feeling and dreams I’ve had concerning this year. That something will happen that will make the world take pause and see things in a whole different light. Things we have not seen ever or in decades and centuries begin by year’s end. Earth’s ancient cycle, a season we cannot measure, has begun and during this cycle things are going to be experienced and seen at a level that will stagger human imagination and rock religious and personal beliefs to their core.


Lately, I have seen the death of major biological and natural areas on earth. Armed conflict which will rise to an extreme and very dangerous level. Natural disasters that match or eclipse those of recent recorded history. Sudden night-related events in the sky. An escalation of power used against a minority of people.  An assassination that will increase or cause a large global conflict. It’s not only me that is seeing an increase in these visions, many seers around the world are sensing and seeing the same or similar things. Whether, some of these or all of these happen, we will see.

Two nights ago, I had a weird vision of a tall brownish looking building being completely annihilated by some new or unseen type of weapon. The weapon seemed to harness sound or some sort of wave-length to destroy the building. I could not tell who was using the weapon but I saw the building turn to ash and dust in seconds. It could possibly signify a pending attack where a new or extremely powerful weapon will be used.

It could also mean that something else, another civilization, has a weapon like this and is showing us how it can be used against a human population. Yes, I know that seems completely crazy or “out there” but you must understand that my visions are so symbolic that I don’t discount any possibility. Besides, I’ve never published my other visions in regards to beings that are not quite 100% human – and if you knew of those, a possibility like this might make more sense.

Is this the end of days? All I can feel, is that it is the end of days as we know them.

2010 is sure to be a scary year by the time it’s all said and done.

DREAM: AIRPORT Red Truck / Bio Chemical-Explosives Attack

1-18-10 RED TRUCK / Attack DREAM:

I’ve not yet explained how my dreams work and I will at a later time. For now, I’ll just let you know that I had one of my visions last night. Woke up exhausted and with a major headache but I am still at work this morning, on Martin Luther’s Holiday, on standby with a client.

— I was hovering above a scene. The location seemed to be an Americanized/modern airport. It could be another type of modern area, but definitely a place with lots of pedestrian and auto traffic. I felt it was an airport. I saw an older-model suburban-type truck, either very rusty or red in color. I saw there was no one in the car, and soon others started to notice it too, including security staff. The car was dropped off in the middle of the road and was sort of blocking traffic. I saw (for the first time) two options. In the first scenario, I saw the device going off and injuring many just seconds after another larger dark car had passed it. I saw the device, it looked home-made but very well done. I could see two 3-4 inch diameter heavy rubber canisters with glass or fiber glass tops and I could sense liquid or gas within each canister. It was yellowish / greenish in color – and I could sense it was biochemical or poison of some kind. Attached to it was a remote device of some sort or explosives to make the material disburse. I could see the two people responsible for the device escaping the scene (running) and fleeing to a remote area where there was both dry / dusty territories (didn’t seem like the US by this time – possible meaning they are foreigners returning to their country) as well as pockets of water like small lakes or ponds. I could see them climbing hills or a mountain. Other people bathed or vacationed at these water holes which were in the area – these seemed like older / ancient locations. I could see one suspect was a taller individual who had great survival skills and knowledge. He had a skinny face, beard, in his late 30’s / early 40’s. The person with him seemed injured or simply not able to keep up as well with him. There was a very large manhunt for them but they seemed to be able to escape detection.

The second part of my vision was almost the same but the device did not go off and security forces were able to study the device – the two individuals were still on the run. ———-

It was interesting because, I know predictions are “possibilities” of the future and not 100% certainties. This vision was a reassurance to me of that fact of my ability. Certain things can happen to change the outcome of a vision and it was as if a voice was literally reminding me of this by showing me both outcomes.

I hope this is one vision that does not occur, where investigators find them before the attack or where the device malfunctions.



Man flees in Munich airport laptop explosives alert

January 20, 2010 — Updated 1739 GMT (0139 HKT)

Police may have video of possible car bomb suspect

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// ]]>May 2, 2010 7:13 p.m. EDT

Berlin, Germany (CNN) — A passenger fled from security officers after his laptop computer bag tested positive for explosives at an airport in Munich, the country’s federal police told CNN on Wednesday.

Police said they are searching for the passenger, who fled from the secure area of the airport into the public area of Terminal 2, police said. Part of the airport has been shut down.

Police are not sure if the man is still in the airport, they said, and did not know which flight he was booked on.

It was not immediately clear whether there was actually an explosive in the laptop bag.

All planes in that area of Terminal 2 were evacuated and all luggage was removed, police said. The passengers had to leave the secure area and be rescreened, an airport representative told CNN, adding that the airport is otherwise operating normally.


Police may have video of possible car bomb suspect

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// ]]>May 2, 2010 7:13 p.m. EDT
CNN) — Law enforcement officials are examining video that may have captured the image of a suspect in the attempted Times Square car bombing, New York’s police commissioner said Sunday.The video “shows a white male in his 40s, in Shubert Alley, looking back in the direction of West 45th Street,” Commissioner Ray Kelly told a news conference, adding that the man looked around in a “furtive manner.”

“He also was seen shedding a dark-colored shirt, revealing a red one underneath. He put the darker one into a bag that he was carrying,” he said.

The video was captured about a half block from where police said a Nissan Pathfinder containing bomb-making materials was found Saturday evening on West 45th Street in the city’s iconic Times Square area.

Kelly said detectives are traveling to Pennsylvania to interview a tourist who believes he may have caught the suspect’s image on camera.

iReport: Were you there? Share pics, videos

Also Sunday, Kelly said an NYPD bomb squad blew open a large gun locker found in the Pathfinder, revealing eight bags of an “unknown substance” and a pressure-cooker-type metal pot containing a “bird’s nest of wires and M-88 firecrackers.”

Kelly said New York’s Department of Environmental Protection is working to identify the substance, which he later said may be fertilizer, describing it as granular in nature.

The gun locker was one of many items found in the rear of the Pathfinder after a T-shirt vendor alerted a nearby police officer to smoke coming out of the vehicle.

Officials removed from the SUV three propane tanks weighing between 15 and 17 pounds, Kelly said, comparing them to the kind typically used on backyard barbecues. One of the tanks had more M-88 firecrackers attached to the side, Kelly said, some of which detonated inside the vehicle.

Also found in the vehicle’s back seat were two full five-gallon gasoline containers, Kelly said. And between those gasoline containers was a “16-ounce can filled with between 20 and 30 M-88 devices,” he said, adding that two clocks on the floor of the vehicle’s back seat were connected by wires to the can containing the firecrackers, and possibly to the gun locker as well.

Read more about the discovery of the car bomb

Had the car bomb detonated, Kelly said it would have caused casualties and a “significant fireball.”

“I’m told the vehicle itself would have at least been cut in half,” he said. “You have large numbers of pedestrians in that area, so, yeah, we were lucky that it didn’t detonate.”

Officials did not immediately know how the bomb would have been detonated, but Kelly offered a few hints into its design.

“(We believe) the timers would ignite the can of explosives and that would cause the five-gallon cans (of gasoline) to go on fire and then explode the propane tanks and have some effect on that rifle box,” said Kelly, cautioning that the substance within the gun locker is still unknown.

Times Square evacuation captured on iPhone

Meanwhile, Times Square returned to its bustling self Sunday, even as questions remained about the source of the attempted car bombing.

In a purported Pakistani Taliban video that surfaced on the internet Sunday, the group took responsibility for the foiled attack, though Kelly said Sunday afternoon that “we have no evidence to support this claim.”

The group, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, says in the video that the attack was revenge for their leaders killed by American forces, and for U.S. and NATO interference in that part of the world.

Another claim of responsibility e-mailed by an individual to a local New York news station is being investigated, Kelly said.

Kelly called the foiled attack “a sober reminder that New York is clearly a target of people who want to come here and do us harm.”

President Obama, speaking from Venice, Louisiana, where he was monitoring a massive oil slick creeping toward the Gulf Coast, promised “to see that justice is done” in the failed car bombing.

“Since last night, my national security teams have been taking every step necessary to ensure that our state and local partners have the full support and cooperation of the federal government,” he said. “We’re going to do what’s necessary to protect the American people, to determine who’s behind this potentially deadly act and to see that justice is done.”

In an advisory sent to local and national law enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security wrote, “There is no information to indicate that this was anything more than a single incident. Additionally, there is no reporting suggesting targeting of other specific locations.”

Kelly said following the discovery of the Pathfinder, police officers did a search for secondary devices in the area and found none.

The investigation was focusing on examinations of the Nissan Pathfinder where the attempted homemade bomb was placed. Kelly said the vehicle is being combed for fingerprints, hair, fibers and other evidence that may help identify who was responsible, and hours of surveillance footage in the area were being monitored for possible clues.

Another angle of the investigation involved the license plates found on the vehicle.

Authorities said that the Connecticut license plate on the front of Pathfinder did not belong to that car, but to a pickup truck that was last reported at a junkyard.

Following that lead, police were spotted at an automobile used parts company, Kramer’s Used Auto Parts of Stratford, Connecticut.

No sleep. Plenty of prophecies.

I remember the days of pure sleep. It seems that was another lifetime, and rightfully so. My life, since the age of 12 has changed, not only in the waking periods of it but mostly at night. There, in the silence, while others replenish their bodies, there I lay, producing some of the world’s greatest secrets…all in my sleep, all from my bed.

Some call it a gift. I call it a curse. I did not ask for it, nor do I go skipping around touting this ability. And that is as far as I will go when naming it…the ability. It’s the energy that Nostradamus tapped into, it’s the same Casey once brilliantly harnessed. It’s the same ability thousands before me have had, not truly knowing where it comes from but understanding it is not from this time, and it is not from this reality. It’s a responsibility of sorts, one that drives many crazy, and some to seek fame over it. I’ve had these dreams, these visions , these horror-filled future dreams for over a decade now, and yet, only a handful of people know about it.

I’ve hidden it, not because I want to deprive the world of it but because I truly believe the world doesn’t deserve the warnings. Deep down, it doesn’t matter what people like me predict, the world will not change – it doesn’t have the global willpower to do so. I can say this or that will happen and the world will continue down its path and then what? To become a freak for the last few years of our existence on this planet? Do I really want to be a circus sideshow for the masses?  To be interviewed by Oprah just to have others “admire” my so-called “gift.” No.

The truth is, this is mine. Like a gifted runner; I can choose to get on the track and show the world my skills or I can sit back and let the race happen without me, knowing full well that I could have easily devastated the field.

This here, my emergence, my birth on the net as Kuk Kabah is for the few, not for the masses. It’s for you. It’s for the one…the ones…the few…that find this post. For you, I will release a few of my visions and give you the gift of knowing. This will be the balance of my silence, to finally sigh and release some of this pressure that has built up over years and years of nightly torture.

So, whom am I? I am no prophet, I use that because it is the simplest way to describe what otherwise cannot be described by words. I am a business owner, a successful person in my field. I am a son. I am a brother. I am of blood and tissue, and I am like you. A regular person trying to live life, one day at a time. I am neither special nor important in the whole scheme of the universe. In fact, I am less than anyone else, a person robbed of sleep and how I envy the dog that lies upon the warm pavement, deep in his sleep, full of dreams and peace…he doesn’t know how blessed he is.

Kuk Kabah

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