*European / Russian Apocalypse Dream – Death, Plague, Terror, Famine.

It has been a long time since I have a vision and dream of this magnitude:

I saw people starving and dying on the streets. I saw people dead, burned, and some with missing limbs from a war or very violent event. I saw grotesque sights of death. Women crying, mourning, children starving. People’s faces missing. Bombs had ruined the landscape as far as I could see. I heard European languages, some I could not precisely identify. I heard French music. I heard people crying in Russian. Many Russians were dead and many were suffering. There was some sort of plague or disease which was also affecting the survivors, it seemed radioactive in nature or tied directly to whatever weapons (or device human or not) had been used in the battles or war which preceded this moment. I walked through them slowly, through rubble, debris, and could see people suffering a type of torture and pain they had never expected. Something had escalated very quickly and violently in this place. There had been something very violent YET it seemed both sides or many sides had been affected by this situation.

I woke up, it was 4:55am.


This vision is something big. This is going to happen. There is something very big coming. Either a war, an attack of some sort, or some form of very violent and sudden event. This was a very-very large scale global event. The suffering was like none modern civilization had seen before. This is something different. I could not trace the origin to a country or to a certain conflict. It was as if comet or something massive had hit earth in a way – the landscape was shredded, as if that part of civilization had been sent back to the stone age. The various European and foreign languages tell me that I was definitely looking at Europe and at surrounding countries like Russia and possibly China. It was horrific and way too detailed to not be one of my true vision dreams. I truly hope this does not happen during my lifetime. It leaves me disturbed and with a heavy heart.

*** This dream has stayed on my mind. I keep thinking about my feeling of a “comet” and feel this may represent a weapon that is used which comes down from the sky, such as nuclear or a missile of some kind…maybe even something more secret or brutal like a secret weapon from space.***


* Red Mountain / Red Wind and Sky Dream —

This is a really symbolic vision – it drained me. It may be the vision I was waiting for during this current cycle of dreams I am in. Here are a few details —-

I saw a blistering wind near a large red mountain. The air was hot, burning, wild, forming a slashing feel across the earth. I saw dark red clouds, a vicious red wind, I could see a high mountaintop nearby through the burning wind. The earth was scorched, the ground was burning, it was dry, a mix of black wind and red dust swirled around me or the person I was within. I felt hot, the ground felt unbearable to the touch. Few in the area were living. It was a lonely time and place, the wind carried death with it – something abrupt had occurred in this place – this place seemed like planet earth yet this location within the planet seemed unrecognizable. I walked as if in pain or injured. I could barely keep my eyes open from whatever was in the air. The whole sky was a deep red or red-orange color as far as the eye could see. There was no mercy here. Lava red colors and heat dominated this area. There was a major loss of life here. The person I was within was drenched in desperation and could not believe his eyes, he was still wearing clothing that seemed as if he was living a regular life just moments before or days before this new reality. He was not ready for what occurred to him. It seemed as if he would die soon after I would exit his body and the dream. One more detail, there seemed to be some black streaks on the mountain or in the wind, like a smoke of sorts but not sure, it was hard to see.

— The red in the dream seems very symbolic, either of fire or a color attached to a bigger meaning or cause of this incident. The mountain may be an actual location, the height of it and the way the word “mountain” kept coming to me in the dream may hold a clue to it all. The wind seems to carry the most meaning –  it was wild, hot and turbulent. Maybe the wind carries a clue to the location or to the cause of it as well. It reminded me of what you would see in an atomic or massive explosion aftermath – whether it was manmade or not would be only a guess from the details I saw. One thing was for sure, this was a devastating incident.

————— UPDATE ————– Sept. 20, 2011 ——————————


Thoughts from Within

I didn’t come to this world to save it. Rather, I came to save The Few from it.

As I did not have power over what has come, I certainly do not have power over what shall be. It’s like watching a finished movie at the theatre. You can yell at the screen and even make your own assumptions, but you cannot change the ending from where you sit. That has already been decided without your consent or knowledge.

Enjoy the present.

Breathe deep the wisdom from the past which was sent to help you overcome the obstacles of the future.


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Recent Visions / Dreams / Feelings

I wanted to keep you up to date on some of my most recent dreams. By now, I’ve told you that I don’t place every single dream up on my blog and sometimes I leave some information out because I use the missing information at times to verify my dreams and keep others from using that information.

Recently, I’ve blogged much about the rise of more earthquakes and water-based disasters. As you can see, this is beginning to happen more and more and already.

It really doesn’t take a genius or psychic / seer to see that something is happening here on earth beneath the surface, literally and figuratively. It’s obvious we are on the verge of something big and nothing compared to the paranoid feelings that arose before the year 2000. What the human population, as a whole, is feeling is more like a deep sixth sense that is telling them something is not right. This feeling is global and it will begin to rise more and more as we approach 2012. Whether or not the date of Dec. 21, 2012 will bring about a major destruction of sorts (enter your own personal belief here), what we cannot deny is the mutual feeling of a significant change in our world and culture as we know it.

I cannot stress enough the feeling and dreams I’ve had concerning this year. That something will happen that will make the world take pause and see things in a whole different light. Things we have not seen ever or in decades and centuries begin by year’s end. Earth’s ancient cycle, a season we cannot measure, has begun and during this cycle things are going to be experienced and seen at a level that will stagger human imagination and rock religious and personal beliefs to their core.


Lately, I have seen the death of major biological and natural areas on earth. Armed conflict which will rise to an extreme and very dangerous level. Natural disasters that match or eclipse those of recent recorded history. Sudden night-related events in the sky. An escalation of power used against a minority of people.  An assassination that will increase or cause a large global conflict. It’s not only me that is seeing an increase in these visions, many seers around the world are sensing and seeing the same or similar things. Whether, some of these or all of these happen, we will see.

Two nights ago, I had a weird vision of a tall brownish looking building being completely annihilated by some new or unseen type of weapon. The weapon seemed to harness sound or some sort of wave-length to destroy the building. I could not tell who was using the weapon but I saw the building turn to ash and dust in seconds. It could possibly signify a pending attack where a new or extremely powerful weapon will be used.

It could also mean that something else, another civilization, has a weapon like this and is showing us how it can be used against a human population. Yes, I know that seems completely crazy or “out there” but you must understand that my visions are so symbolic that I don’t discount any possibility. Besides, I’ve never published my other visions in regards to beings that are not quite 100% human – and if you knew of those, a possibility like this might make more sense.

Is this the end of days? All I can feel, is that it is the end of days as we know them.

2010 is sure to be a scary year by the time it’s all said and done.

Future Things To Come and Email

It’s hard to continue to write about my dreams. I see now how many people are starting to read this blog and I see what a dangerous double-edged sword it can be. Since most, or almost all, of my dreams are violent or destructive in nature, it might serve to frighten some – something that is not my intention. This was all started to give a very few people insight into my dreams. It was originally for those that would find it by accident.

Another factor that weighs heavy on my mind is that I don’t want anyone to begin following me or considering me as anything extraordinary or as some kind of special person – a prophet. I’ve held this secret for over 25 years for a good reason. The main one being that I enjoy my privacy and because I know how easily some are convinced that because a person can see future events, they must be sent or endorsed by god. Again, I will never claim that this is the case with me. The source of my dreams is, well, a thing that can hardly be put into common words or broken down into a simple explanation. It’s a great mystery of sorts even to me.

Another reason is that I am torn when it comes to this ability. On one hand, I want to ignore it and let others who have it put these messages out there instead of me. On the other hand, it is almost impossible for me to ignore it and writing it like this helps to maintain my sanity. I recall the times before I told a soul about my dreams. I thought I was going crazy. Dreaming of something then seeing it on the news was not normal and I felt overwhelmed. It wasn’t until I told someone and then when the event happened later that I finally had proof and I knew I was not insane.

Of course, and I’ve mentioned this before, I don’t want to become a freak. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being sought out for my dreams or predictions. I am nothing like Nostradamus, who clearly enjoyed the accolades that came with it. It’s just not anything that attracts me or has ever in the past. That is one reason that I don’t allow people to post anything on here because I really am selfish in that respect. I don’t want others to begin to ask things from me or of me. I am a busy person as it is and I really barely have time for this. Also, I don’t want to create a forum for negativity or for people who are critics. There are plenty of other places to do that sort of thing on the net, and I won’t allow it to happen on my blog. I really don’t want to hear from the skeptics, those whose mind is so little and egotistical that they cannot believe someone has an ability that they do not possess. I would never sit and explain my ability or how it works to a dog on the street so why would I try to do so with a skeptic? It’s either you have it or you don’t. Either you believe in it or you don’t. Either you have seen it or you have not – it’s that simple.

That some amazing things are coming soon, that is the truth. That the earth is in a natural cycle like none that current humans have seen, it’s true too. That humans are helping to create an environment on earth that increases the chances of future devastation, war, and calamity is also true. Events are coming, some natural and some manmade, but hasn’t it always been this way with humans? People like me just happen to be able to see some of these events before they happen. These things are probably going to happen whether we forsee them and talk about them or not.

Can they be stopped?

I’ve said it before. The global community does not have the united will-power to change and therefore many things seers are predicting nowadays will indeed happen. Not because they HAVE TO but because they will be ALLOWED to.

You may contact me at kukkabah@hotmail.com

I will only respond to respectful, well-written, and well thought-out emails. For the few that might have real questions or comments for me, please feel free to write me, you are invited to do so.


Hamid Karzai

Keep on eye on this person, and this situation with this leader…I sense something coming.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Under enormous pressure from Western governments, President Hamid Karzai ousted Afghanistan’s top two elections officials, who were seen as sanctioning the widespread fraud that favored him during last year’s presidential race.

But Western diplomats said the significance of the move would not be known until replacements are named and can show whether they are less willing to condone fraud.

How my Vision Dreams work…

Okay, so this is as good time as any to explain how this thing I have works and to stress why I try to stay away from “predicting” and analyzing my dreams and visions too much.

It seems I was off by a month when I said another “major world event” would happen after the Haiti earthquake. I should have just explained that my ability showed me a greater event coming soon and that would have sufficed – but no, I had to push it and predict a late month event in January…and while it was a late month event, it was the following month of February. Again, THIS is exactly why I don’t try to over-analyze my dreams or predict certain dates, etc. I will say this, the Chile earthquake, while bigger and one of the most powerful in modern history, is not the last “major world event” that is coming in 2010 – I’ll be honest and say that I have no clue of the month or time of day but it will be of great importance of tragedy. Besides these new quakes are just the beginning of a violent cycle on the planet, brought on by nature as it has over millions of years. That’s just one factor which will begin to turn the tide of human evolution in the coming months and couple of years. The next big event happening later this year will create more questions about our future than it will answer anything…will it be natural or man-made? Well, that is a toss-up as I have seen both in my dreams, some from a source you would not believe — I will say that I’ve had 3 very strong dreams that included water and monstrous flooding that is scary, maybe these events will include waterfront countries, water, etc….not positive on that.

AND, so, here is my brief explanation of my “vision dreams” –

I was born with the ability to see things in my dreams, in my sleep. I am not a “waking psychic” and while I do have a unique way of honing in on certain events to come, these visions come to me 99% of the time when I am asleep or in an extremely relaxed state of mind. Meaning, I cannot sit here at my computer and tell you the future at random. I am given visions and I have no control of their content – they rob me of my sleep and show me devastation and pain. At times I am “within a person” in my dream where I feel their emotions and their fear — and others, I am “hovering” above the event or scene. When I awake, I am physically exhausted and when I am “within” a person, it is doubly so. My visions come true within 2-4 years max of their occurance date. While rare, they have happened within 24-hrs but this is very rare for me.

I can work the Tarot fairly well but I choose not to indulge in the practice, I feel it is not wise to mess with my ability while I am awake and sometimes I freak out my friends. I am very intuitive when it comes to people’s thoughts but I cannot read minds, so to speak. My grandmother and great-grandmother were both very powerful psychics and come to find out, years later, that both of my parents have some sort of ability as well which they do not practice nor care to talk about. My sisters do not posses any ability but have seen certain things while around me when we were younger.

Back to my vision dreams. They started full-force when I was 12. They are ALWAYS violent, tragic, and mostly at a National or Global scale. Few are meaningless and some have saved my life-like the time I saw a “Red Van” hitting me. The next day, as I went to work, I had a weird feeling as I came up to an intersection where the other drivers had a stop sign. I recalled the dream and for the first time stopped at the corner, where I had the right of way. Wouldn’t you know it? A “red van” zoomed past their stop sign, ignoring it and surely would have hit my car on the driver’s side, I am certain it would have been violent and not good for me, to say the least. 

All of my dreams that are visions happen, period. What worries me is that they are becoming more and more violent and some I cannot even tell how they could be real or ever happen…meaning, they are so alien and so INSANE that I fear the worst in the coming years. A year ago, I received a “message” and I have only told one person because I don’t like to speak about it, fearing it is very real and soon to come. If I thought my telling people of it would solve anything or stop it, I would but I think there is nothing to be done and so I don’t like to think of it.

I see what’s coming and that’s as far as I really want to get into the explanation. As it is, I’ve said more on here than I ever have publically, and whether you believe me or not, that is not of concern to me. I’m not trying to be Nostradamus, be on Oprah, or be praised so, I really don’t care what anyone thinks. I know my track record and it speaks for itself. I am sharing because I WANT to and it helps me deal on a daily basis.

Mark my words…the worst is yet to come and by year’s end…something that will cause the world “to take pause” is coming.


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DREAM: AIRPORT Red Truck / Bio Chemical-Explosives Attack

1-18-10 RED TRUCK / Attack DREAM:

I’ve not yet explained how my dreams work and I will at a later time. For now, I’ll just let you know that I had one of my visions last night. Woke up exhausted and with a major headache but I am still at work this morning, on Martin Luther’s Holiday, on standby with a client.

— I was hovering above a scene. The location seemed to be an Americanized/modern airport. It could be another type of modern area, but definitely a place with lots of pedestrian and auto traffic. I felt it was an airport. I saw an older-model suburban-type truck, either very rusty or red in color. I saw there was no one in the car, and soon others started to notice it too, including security staff. The car was dropped off in the middle of the road and was sort of blocking traffic. I saw (for the first time) two options. In the first scenario, I saw the device going off and injuring many just seconds after another larger dark car had passed it. I saw the device, it looked home-made but very well done. I could see two 3-4 inch diameter heavy rubber canisters with glass or fiber glass tops and I could sense liquid or gas within each canister. It was yellowish / greenish in color – and I could sense it was biochemical or poison of some kind. Attached to it was a remote device of some sort or explosives to make the material disburse. I could see the two people responsible for the device escaping the scene (running) and fleeing to a remote area where there was both dry / dusty territories (didn’t seem like the US by this time – possible meaning they are foreigners returning to their country) as well as pockets of water like small lakes or ponds. I could see them climbing hills or a mountain. Other people bathed or vacationed at these water holes which were in the area – these seemed like older / ancient locations. I could see one suspect was a taller individual who had great survival skills and knowledge. He had a skinny face, beard, in his late 30’s / early 40’s. The person with him seemed injured or simply not able to keep up as well with him. There was a very large manhunt for them but they seemed to be able to escape detection.

The second part of my vision was almost the same but the device did not go off and security forces were able to study the device – the two individuals were still on the run. ———-

It was interesting because, I know predictions are “possibilities” of the future and not 100% certainties. This vision was a reassurance to me of that fact of my ability. Certain things can happen to change the outcome of a vision and it was as if a voice was literally reminding me of this by showing me both outcomes.

I hope this is one vision that does not occur, where investigators find them before the attack or where the device malfunctions.



Man flees in Munich airport laptop explosives alert

January 20, 2010 — Updated 1739 GMT (0139 HKT)

Police may have video of possible car bomb suspect

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// ]]>May 2, 2010 7:13 p.m. EDT

Berlin, Germany (CNN) — A passenger fled from security officers after his laptop computer bag tested positive for explosives at an airport in Munich, the country’s federal police told CNN on Wednesday.

Police said they are searching for the passenger, who fled from the secure area of the airport into the public area of Terminal 2, police said. Part of the airport has been shut down.

Police are not sure if the man is still in the airport, they said, and did not know which flight he was booked on.

It was not immediately clear whether there was actually an explosive in the laptop bag.

All planes in that area of Terminal 2 were evacuated and all luggage was removed, police said. The passengers had to leave the secure area and be rescreened, an airport representative told CNN, adding that the airport is otherwise operating normally.


Police may have video of possible car bomb suspect

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// ]]>May 2, 2010 7:13 p.m. EDT
CNN) — Law enforcement officials are examining video that may have captured the image of a suspect in the attempted Times Square car bombing, New York’s police commissioner said Sunday.The video “shows a white male in his 40s, in Shubert Alley, looking back in the direction of West 45th Street,” Commissioner Ray Kelly told a news conference, adding that the man looked around in a “furtive manner.”

“He also was seen shedding a dark-colored shirt, revealing a red one underneath. He put the darker one into a bag that he was carrying,” he said.

The video was captured about a half block from where police said a Nissan Pathfinder containing bomb-making materials was found Saturday evening on West 45th Street in the city’s iconic Times Square area.

Kelly said detectives are traveling to Pennsylvania to interview a tourist who believes he may have caught the suspect’s image on camera.

iReport: Were you there? Share pics, videos

Also Sunday, Kelly said an NYPD bomb squad blew open a large gun locker found in the Pathfinder, revealing eight bags of an “unknown substance” and a pressure-cooker-type metal pot containing a “bird’s nest of wires and M-88 firecrackers.”

Kelly said New York’s Department of Environmental Protection is working to identify the substance, which he later said may be fertilizer, describing it as granular in nature.

The gun locker was one of many items found in the rear of the Pathfinder after a T-shirt vendor alerted a nearby police officer to smoke coming out of the vehicle.

Officials removed from the SUV three propane tanks weighing between 15 and 17 pounds, Kelly said, comparing them to the kind typically used on backyard barbecues. One of the tanks had more M-88 firecrackers attached to the side, Kelly said, some of which detonated inside the vehicle.

Also found in the vehicle’s back seat were two full five-gallon gasoline containers, Kelly said. And between those gasoline containers was a “16-ounce can filled with between 20 and 30 M-88 devices,” he said, adding that two clocks on the floor of the vehicle’s back seat were connected by wires to the can containing the firecrackers, and possibly to the gun locker as well.

Read more about the discovery of the car bomb

Had the car bomb detonated, Kelly said it would have caused casualties and a “significant fireball.”

“I’m told the vehicle itself would have at least been cut in half,” he said. “You have large numbers of pedestrians in that area, so, yeah, we were lucky that it didn’t detonate.”

Officials did not immediately know how the bomb would have been detonated, but Kelly offered a few hints into its design.

“(We believe) the timers would ignite the can of explosives and that would cause the five-gallon cans (of gasoline) to go on fire and then explode the propane tanks and have some effect on that rifle box,” said Kelly, cautioning that the substance within the gun locker is still unknown.

Times Square evacuation captured on iPhone

Meanwhile, Times Square returned to its bustling self Sunday, even as questions remained about the source of the attempted car bombing.

In a purported Pakistani Taliban video that surfaced on the internet Sunday, the group took responsibility for the foiled attack, though Kelly said Sunday afternoon that “we have no evidence to support this claim.”

The group, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, says in the video that the attack was revenge for their leaders killed by American forces, and for U.S. and NATO interference in that part of the world.

Another claim of responsibility e-mailed by an individual to a local New York news station is being investigated, Kelly said.

Kelly called the foiled attack “a sober reminder that New York is clearly a target of people who want to come here and do us harm.”

President Obama, speaking from Venice, Louisiana, where he was monitoring a massive oil slick creeping toward the Gulf Coast, promised “to see that justice is done” in the failed car bombing.

“Since last night, my national security teams have been taking every step necessary to ensure that our state and local partners have the full support and cooperation of the federal government,” he said. “We’re going to do what’s necessary to protect the American people, to determine who’s behind this potentially deadly act and to see that justice is done.”

In an advisory sent to local and national law enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security wrote, “There is no information to indicate that this was anything more than a single incident. Additionally, there is no reporting suggesting targeting of other specific locations.”

Kelly said following the discovery of the Pathfinder, police officers did a search for secondary devices in the area and found none.

The investigation was focusing on examinations of the Nissan Pathfinder where the attempted homemade bomb was placed. Kelly said the vehicle is being combed for fingerprints, hair, fibers and other evidence that may help identify who was responsible, and hours of surveillance footage in the area were being monitored for possible clues.

Another angle of the investigation involved the license plates found on the vehicle.

Authorities said that the Connecticut license plate on the front of Pathfinder did not belong to that car, but to a pickup truck that was last reported at a junkyard.

Following that lead, police were spotted at an automobile used parts company, Kramer’s Used Auto Parts of Stratford, Connecticut.

Drought / Deserted Homes VISION DREAM: 11/17/2009

Drought / Deserted Homes DREAM: 11/17/2009

I saw large dried river beds where water once overflowed them. I was walking in the banks and was thirsty. I was someone within the dream in this one. I could feel the thirst of humanity, and the thirst of this individual I was in. It was dusty everywhere and the brush was brittle, it was a glimpse at the future. I could sense death from thirst as I walked and then I reached a small hill where some great homes that once where majestic, now were completely abandoned and left behind to crumble. The homes had been vandalized, broken windows, graffiti, overrun by nature. I couldn’t believe my eyes and so I wanted to travel back a bit to see how it had occurred.

I then saw the original (past) state of the area, it was a beautiful and modern neighborhood with flowing green grass and a gorgeous blue river. The homes were in their full glory, million dollar plus homes. Then I saw a woman sitting in the river at first smiling, then her face started to change. She represented the turbulent times that the people of that area will go through. The water started rising and fish began to swim around her head, she started to drown, then I saw a great flood that engulfed the neighborhood except for the 3 homes (the 3 homes may represent a percentage?) I had seen earlier. In a brief moment I saw that the people had become lawless and evil, there was much chaos for some time. I heard a loud siren but could not see where it came from. I saw metal gates being built in the distance near the curve of the river a few miles up but could not tell why the gates were built. I could feel a military presence during this part of the dream though. The water drowned people then over time the water went away and slowly the river began to flush out. Eventually water became mud and mud became dust. People may have left the area due to lack of water or food.

Then, again, I was back at the original site where my dream first began. The area was devastated and no human presence could be felt by me. The dream ended here…it was 3:40am in the morning.

Summary: I believe this is a current neighborhood or area and this dream might represent an entire city or state. I see it as a warning of a future water deficit or war of some sort. I see the rising waters as representing the current abundance of it and the drowning of the woman as the possible waste of it possibly. I see the drought as the end of a great time in our current human civilization and a struggle that is brewing. The chaos is no doubt the evolution of society and the warning of what can come with such a struggle for water.

The abandoned homes could possibly mean that we place emphasis on material things when it should be on valuable resources such as water. Basically, someone spends so much money and time on a home like that and eventually, with no life around it, it becomes an empty shell that means nothing. The gates meant some kind of control that will be imposed on that resource and the military presence I felt was the physical force behind that control which seemed to be a great one and possibly a government or military one.

This vison dream will happen in the next decade to two.

For you, the few.

Kuk Kabah


Last year, I tried for the first time to put out some predictions for my closest friends. I posted it on my MySpace page in early 2009. I try not to get into predicting because my ability is not a daytime psychic one. While, I am able to tap into it from time to time, it is not something I do on a regular basis or at whim.

Having said this, last year I did post several small predictions that came true, six to be exact:

1. Based out of SA, I told my friends that the San Antonio Spurs would not win the championship again – one of my good friends always bets on the NBA so this was really for him…While it was not too hard to guess – they did lose early in the playoffs and I did save my friend money and a few headaches.

2. The Cuba situation would change…Fidel stepped down officially from power.

3. Someone very important in the world will die by the end of the year. This person will be killed, and it will SHOCK the world…Michael Jackson was ruled a homicide, it was obvious his death was shocking around the globe.

4. An invention / technological advancement is coming late this year, seems after the Summer, it will create a global frenzy…Avatar the movie will forever change the world of movie entertainment. Cameron worked on it for 10 years.

5. Someone in my close circle of friends will have a run-in with fame or meet someone extremely famous – the event will change their lives in one way or another…True, one of my closest friends is now dating a very famous politician and her life has dramatically and forever changed.

6. Another actor will die a tragic death before year’s end, not by natural causes…David “Kung Fu” Carradine was found dead, hung in a closet in Thailand…definitely not by natural causes.

Again, I think this was a nice first-try for me and, while, Michael Jackson was pretty dead-on, I consider the rest small victories when it comes to psychic predictions. Generally, this is why I don’t get into this part of it all, it’s just not an appealing or attractive ability to me.

This year, I don’t want to do that again. Still, I will give you this:

—-My feeling is that “SLEEP” will become a hot topic this year and from this year on. I believe sleep patterns will be changing dramatically and there will be more problems with sleep in the general population, around the globe. People will become more fascinated with the world of sleep, more than ever before, this includes dreams and dream analysis. People will have more problems getting good sleep, good rest, and insomnia may become a much larger problem beginning this year and more than in the past. New ailments will be linked to sleep or lack of it. Many more people will claim to have “strange dreams” beginning this year…restlesness at night will flourish.—-

Why? There is a reason but none I’d care to share at this time.

Happy New Year to you all…the few.