*Shooting Spree / Public Shooting Vision

“He walks in the guise of secrecy, vengeance on his mind. Calculating, the target in his sights, dragging an arsenal behind. An open place, business all around, a place where many roam – I saw violence, semi-automatic fire, I see a large dome. Sparks from the weapon, many run and flee, crying, disbelief, the whole world would see. A maniac, a cold-blooded man…children, people of all ages, they all ran. A public violent event, weeping time comes near, a cruel message this man wanted the entire world to hear.”

– Too many details in this vision. It was very violent, I saw the man…I saw a very busy public place and the shooting – many people all around – saw a mix of business people and people relaxing. Deaths occurred.

—————– UPDATE July 30, 2012 ———————–

This one hurts my heart and hits close to home, I will not say why though. – I waited a little while before posting on this out of respect for the victims and their families and because I was mourning the incident as well. It hurts me to see this one come true in such a specific way. Obviously, this was more than likely the Aurora Movie Theatre Shooting in Colorado.

Too many details match up. The “large dome” I saw was probably the theatre itself. I think it was Aurora because a few details I did not release were:

1.  He was wearing a mask or costume. (Guise is another word for disguise or “concealing the true nature of something”) So “walks in the guise of secrecy” defined it well.

2. Children or a child died. ( I mentioned children)

3. He was a crazy person or someone with deep psychological issues (I mentioned “maniac”)

Because of those details (I often do not release everything about a vision to have details to verify for myself), I believe this was it. Also, things like “calculating” which describe how calculating he was and how well he planned it, even the planning at his apartment match the incident.

The “vengeance” in the dream seems to be the reason behind his act. Maybe vengeance against his parents, his university, or vengeance against society as a whole possibly.

It definitely does not mean another like-incident will not happen in the future though.

As for the “cruel message this man wanted the entire world to hear” – I believe that either he has still to speak on this and will come out later or that the overall message is gun control in America, which is now a hot political debate.

UPDATE: December 17th, 2012

Troubled by the latest shooting in Connecticut. I still believe my original vision was closer linked to the Aurora shootings but obviously, this latest event fits well too. I am a little confused over it. I also believe a couple of more, if not at least one more, of these events will happen before the end of the year or within a short time from now.

* Increased Security / Loss of Privacy / Life Beyond 2012

This vision was very complicated and drawn-out. I will give you a summary.

– We, as a civilization, will definitely live past December 21, 2012. That, an event or change of human philosophy happens before or on that date, is still extremely possible. That more world-wide catastrophic events will happen, that is a certainty. But human civilization will not end this year. In fact, through these trials, technology will increase and become a larger part of society as a whole. Beware, an event looms which will cause increased security around the world to happen. A major loss of privacy is headed towards everyone as a human family in the future. Technology will play a large role in the control of information and of conduct.

I will give you one example. I was in another time, in the future. I was hovering within a room, looking at two small children with their mother. The room was a living room in a high-rise apartment building in a large, very modern city. I could tell it was the future by the technology all around them. Their clothing looked different as well. I was trying to figure out the year and asked aloud. One of the children seemed to hear my voice but shook his head and ignored it. The feeling I got was late 2000’s or very early 2100’s. The outer walls were all windows and I could see the surrounding buildings were about the same, very box-like buildings, very uniform in size and shape, as well as architecture. It was a highly populated city. I then looked below, we were roughly about 12-15 floors up. I could see masses below going about their day, it was late afternoon, early evening. The lights from the buildings, apartments, and advertisements lit up the street. I saw what seemed to be cars, very futuristic, but I could still tell they were vehicles on the ground, just then, I saw a police car rise above the street level. It was marked “Police” and looked like the other cars but the main difference is that it had a propulsion system in the back which allowed it to float and ride around in the air. They were flashing lights as if something had happened or if they were looking for someone. I saw large round openings in the back where fire would come out and propel it then it would float somehow. One of them came up between the buildings, shining a very large and powerful light into the apartments, making people turn their heads in discomfort. As it moved past the apartment I was in, I heard one of the little boys tell their mom, “I hate that they can look in here and see everything!” The mom, startled by that said, “Be QUIET! Don’t say that, they can hear you!” I was amazed at the comment. As I focused on the police car again, I noticed that as they shone the light at the building across the street, there was something in the light which was causing vibrations to the windows so they could hear what people inside were saying as well. A complete lack of privacy was the new norm in this futuristic city. I awoke.

This vision dream was powerful and obviously was showing me many different things and possibilities. Amongst them, that people will survive the coming disasters. No matter what comes, civilization will continue to move forward or bounce back. That technology will continue to develop. Last, that by the time of this dream, control of society was a normal factor in life. Lack of privacy was very high. Mass control of information and conduct was present.

As a sidenote, within this vision, I felt that some kind of event happens here soon, something that will change privacy laws or the way privacy exists. Something happens that will cause an even stricter control over people. Security issues come to a very high level in our awareness soon. I can’t exactly see what but I can feel it and I believe this part of the dream happens very soon.

* Justin Bieber Tragedy – Vision

I have to start by saying, I truly dislike posting this kind of vision, even more than the smaller random visions I sometimes get. I usually never post these because I believe people should not be made aware of their future. These are the type of visions I often keep to myself or just tell close friends. Since this is a world-wide renowned artist, I will post.

* I saw Justin Bieber sobbing uncontrollably. I was hovering above him. He was in deep pain, mourning some kind of loss. He was alone in a dark room. I saw his eyes, blood red, I felt his pain. He seemed a bit older than now but still looked fairly young. There were many people of all races and ages outside of this room mourning as well. It was as if they could not see him and he could not see them. People from all over the world were walking to this room where he lay. He could not get up and was curled up in a small ball. The temperature of the room was weird, off, something about it. A small light was shining around him, coming in through a far away window, the light seem to call him, to walk to it. He did not seem to want to follow it. His eyes bled black tears. I awoke.

—–  There was a lot of symbols in this vision. I am not sure how much older he was but it seemed like he was just a bit older than he is now. I think tragedy awaits this young artist. Either danger looms for himself or someone near him, someone he loves, a close relative possibly. I believe that the light represents the love everyone shares for him. He did not want to follow it because he was suffering so much at the time that only suffering mattered. Some may say that this vision is a vision of his possible death and the darkness may be death, the light asking him to let go…or of a major accident (danger) coming his way. This may be a possibility. Either way, something tragic looms for him in his future and I wish him and his family well. — I am having second thoughts about posting this one. I really don’t like to ever put names out there in regards to visions. I may take it down soon.

—————– UPDATE Sept. 27, 2012 ————

While this is very tragic to the artist Justin Bieber, I am not sure if this is what the vision I had was about. I felt it was someone closer to him or even him that would suffer a tragedy but from the looks of it, this passing truly hurt him.


UPDATE: 12-13-12

Interesting news about him, though not exactly the vision I had – it does give light to danger which he was facing.


* Seaside City Flooded – Ocean / Water Dream.

I saw several homes built high on stilts. I was in a city by the sea. There were businesses of all kinds, including what seemed to be a car dealership (s). I saw that these homes / properties / buildings had been built to withstand nature: hurricanes and high tides. I was in a home with a nice family. The man of the house, the person I was speaking to, seemed to maybe be a doctor or well-to-do person. I remember being near a large window overlooking the ocean as we spoke. I vaguely recall hearing a noise of some sort then, an angry large wave comes out of nowwhere and shakes the foundations of the house I was in. The wave was huge, then more waves begin to pound the house and the city. The water begins to overtake these homes and to fill the city with water. People scatter, yet many are taken by surprise it seemed. Calm turns into utter fright and death. Many drown. At some point I was on some kind of public bus (could have been a subway or rail) and water was racing towards us rapidly. Their confidence and baseless self-assurance of how they built this place hurt them in the end. 

—- Nature always wins. Guessing it’s an American or English-speaking city as I heard the people in the home speaking English. The family whose home I was in was a middle to very high-income family, they were Anglo. They seemed to own businesses in the area and seemed to be known in the area possibly. I am not sure if the man I was within at the home survived the event. I noticed that when I was on the bus in the dream, the person I was within was planning how he would get out when the water hit them, meaning, he was either ex-military or had some sort of survival skills background. He was very calm given the situation. My simple guess is that this may be hurricane related. Maybe a hurricane or storm that is not supposed to be a threat and all of a sudden becomes a major threat, or just simply a large ocean-related event (unknown cause) near a coastal city that is a surprise to everyone. I do not dismiss a rare event that would cause a sudden rise in tides, even a tsunami of sorts. It may be a warning for this hurricane season or next…that I am not sure of.

– KK

——————— UPDATE ————– AUGUST 8th

This is in China over the weekend, a 65-foot wave hit a chemical plant and the city was also flooded with massive waves hitting the coast. Honestly, I don’t think this is my vision. Very close as far as a large wave and it happened just a couple of days after but I think there would have been more damage and loss of life if it were my dream. My gut is that we have yet to see a bigger wave-related and ocean destruction event coming soon. And some place with more English-speakers.


Storm’s 65-foot waves threaten to hit Chinese chemical plant

Rocks, concrete blocks reportedly used to plug 200-meter wide breach in dike

———————— UPDATE ————- AUGUST 26th, 2011 ———————————————–

Obviously, this vision seems to correspond to Hurricane Irene, which originally was thought to be headed towards Florida, and now is headed towards the Northern East Coast of the United States – something that was unexpected. The vision is so far hitting on a couple of factors, including the “unexpected” and on “possible high-dollar properties and well-to-do areas” that may be affected. Another possible hit here is that the visions showed me a large public transit system, including possibly a subway system, which if it hits New York City, it will definitely affect. The original large window I saw may represent buildings with lots of glass or definitely those large homes near the coast which tend to have those large windows… the homes on high-stilts may represent the obvious, which are the homes on the coast or the famous highrises NYC is known for. I have a strong feeling this hurricane is headed towards a high-density populated area.

One last note, I saw lots of people in my dream, which would indicate a largely populated area. Also, the survival person in the dream, he was a hard-headed person that was not too afraid. The meaning of this may be that some people will not evacuate and a few will die or be in harm’s way. I’ll have to see what the outcome is.

I always hope for the best, but as usual, these visions are of things that will happen where there is no choice in the matter.

—————————— UPDATE September 1, 2011 ———————————-

Obviously, this vision was about Hurricane Irene, one of the worst in history to hit the East Coast of the US. It happened within a month or so of my vision which scares me and let’s me know more devastation is on the way. The oceans are angry and are in retaliation mode.

Earthquakes, Global Disasters, Mayhem to Come…

Well, I was off about 1 month on the large global event I saw happening before the end of 2010.

I would say, that’s not too bad for someone who hates to post dates or assume timeframes. You have to remember, my fellow seer M. Nostradamus gave predictions and saw things that happened mostly decades or hundreds of years after his death. I see things that will happen during my lifetime, and yours. While I hate to point out time periods, I felt something heavy and global happening towards the end of the year, and look at the Middle East situation in Egypt…it happened in January, just about a month off from what I saw. I call that a close hit, not exact, but pretty darn good. Egypt is a “domino” as I have stated before. It’s just a starting point as we have seen. A cause that will effect many things to come. It will have far reaching effects that we cannot even imagine yet. It definitely fit into my vision of something major happening that would change the world, and it has and will continue to change world affairs, not only in the Middle East but around the globe.

I will stay away from pointing out time frames in the future, I just hope you give me some credit for just being off 1 month.

Moving on to last year’s prediction of “More Earthquakes to Come….” – well, that’s not up for debate. Earthquakes increased after Chile and we continue to see their magnitudes rise. Just today, we saw the Japan quake strike with a force not seen in a long time, one of the strongest in our recorded history. As I said last year, we would see a “much larger quake strike soon,” and here it is.

Scarier still, is the fact that this is not the end of all of this. I mentioned last year that we are entering a violent cycle on Earth and it is happening fast and consistently. This is still the beginning.

This is the beginning of crazy and amazing things to come. Bigger earthquakes, more destruction, global conflict, mass murder, issues with the human mind, and other mayhem — all on the rise in 2011.

I fear an even more destructive quake, one filled with a great and emotional death toll, is on the way.

2011 is sure to be interesting.

————————————- UPDATE — August 24th, 2011 ——————————————-

Colorado 5.3, Washington D.C. 5.9, Peru 6.8, — next up ? More to come.

Past Prediction / Qur’an Burning?

Earlier this year and throughout the year, I have been posting this:

“””””I did predict that there was a larger event happening by the end of 2010, one that will create a massive fright in people and cause people around the world “to take pause.” – While I would love to say that my gut tells my before Summer’s end, by August, I am not quite sure. I do “feel” it is of great importance and something new, something scary, something that will begin a new way of thought. That’s what I feel now, as I see more I will certainly relay that.””””

Is the recent news of the Qur’an burning coming up on 9/11 part of this vision? I’ve said before, I am not sure that the event happening before the end of 2010 is manmade or natural. We can all see that the world is engaged in what is coming this Saturday. People are “frightened” of what might happen if the Pastor from Florida follows through with his plans. The world is “taking pause” holding their breath at this and this event can and might trigger something much bigger to come. I said in other posts that people’s “religion views / beliefs would be questioned” and this certainly has the hallmark of that as well as many other similarities with what I have been predicting.

Now, is it the event I have been feeling? I am not sure. I just saw that it is a world-wide event that would happen before 2010 is over — can this just be a part of that vision? Yes. Can something much larger in scope still happen and eclipse this particular event happening this weekend? Absolutely.

We will all have to wait and see. There are only 3 1/2 months left in 2010.


The Past…Revisited.

When you think back on a memory, what do you think you are seeing in your mind? A better question: Do you think what you are seeing is stored in your mind and within your body? Meaning, are you tapping into your own brain or do you think it possible that this memory is stored somewhere else in the universe? Like a universal memory bank or library?

Humans tend to write things down. Whether on ancient tablets or on internet blogs such as the one you are reading now. Most feel that by placing a story, a memory, or any other kind of information on something tangible, it makes it real. Furthermore, they believe it is then available for others to read, study, and learn from. This is a simple and linear way of looking at how information and knowledge is passed on from human to human and generation to generation. Scientists are just beginning to study how this works and to see if it is possible that this might be a little more complex than it really seems. You see, what they are beginning to figure out (but have yet to properly do so) is that once knowledge has been unleashed into the global conscious, it cannot be destroyed. Therefore, it can obviously be used and manipulated by those who can reach it, be it by physical means or otherwise. Of course, science is funny that way. Nothing is “real” until it can be proven. And then, it is only real until it is proven otherwise by a more advanced science! Amusing, huh? I hate to be childish here but…LOL.

I don’t want to get too technical with you. For one, I am not a scientist nor do I claim to know how to properly explain all of this to you in a perfect way. What I want to share with you is meant to open your mind a little and make you see things in a different way. Few people know what I am about to share; about me anyhow. It’s an art of sorts, an ability that many in history have had, many pretend to have, and one that has been hotly debated over time. Whether you believe in it or not, well, that’s a personal thing. You see, everyone is born with dark spiritual covers over their eyes. As a baby and a young person, one is still able to see through them, even though these are as “see-through” as they will probably ever be for most. As most humans grow older, their “spiritual glasses” become darker even, being able to see less and less every year. Few, and I mean very few, will grow to improve their individual spiritual vision, seeing things others cannot. These people are usually labeled as “crazy” by others, which is quite ironic, if you ask me. I’m trying hard here to explain things in a way you might be able to understand so I hope you are following me. What I mean by all this is that some people choose to live like a blind person, placing limits on what they are able to see. Of course, I understand that for some, it is impossible to open their minds or eyes to anything. Hey, someone has to be ignorant on this earth, it’s the natural balance of life. That’s another topic though.

Okay, back to what I wanted to share with you. I have something unique I do. It’s what you would call a “trick” of sorts. It’s a crude but efficient way of describing it, I guess. Since I was young, I have a unique waking ability that I rarely use. It’s more of a parlor trick to me so I will rarely indulge in doing it. Still, several close to me have felt the power of it and I guess they have been left impressed, in a good or bad way. I am always amused at how easily those that cannot see the things I see are impressed with these things though. My last girlfriend saw first-hand what I did but she was extremely religious and I believe it scared her more than it enchanted her. I apologized for it but, then again, it was her idea to begin with.


When I first meet a person, I’m talking about within the first 1-2 weeks, I am able to do something most cannot. Once in a while, I am able to do it for people I have known past a year, but this is RARE. Under the right circumstance, meaning in a truly relaxed mental state, as well as if I am happy and undisturbed, I am able to “see” or “recall” one of “their” past childhood memories. That’s right, not one of mine; one of theirs. Basically, I enter into a wide field of memories. I cannot tell you exactly how the process works but it’s fairly simple from my point of view. What I see are millions of things going on, I also hear sounds scattering, all muffled at first. Then, I begin to “follow” the person, to try and find them from these millions of bytes of information. The process can take from a minute to 10 minutes. My last girlfriend was from India and I found it hard because of how many people have lived and died around the continent where she was from. You see, I feel all kinds of past thoughts and emotions and scenes, not just from the current period of time. So, the more populated the area from where the person is, the harder it is for me to “hone in” on or track them. As I get closer and closer, I begin to move towards their memory bank, their past thoughts. Since this is in the past (way in the past), I see them as a child, usually between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. Sometimes, I can have a secondary hit in their teens but that’s rare, as in the case with another girlfriend of mine. In that case, I actually saw her and another friend stealing some items from a store, all the while they laughed and giggled about it. My girlfriend denied it at first but after I described it more in detail, she caved in and admitted to me what I was seeing; something she had never shared with me or anyone else. Anyhow, back to my Indian girlfriend. She was very hard to spot but I finally found her. Now, at this point, I have to mention that I cannot see great-great detail. Usually, I am able just to pick out a few things that are specific to that person, things I would not know, things that are not truly of any importance, and things that they may not even remember or recollect until after I bring them up. In the case with my Indian gf, I saw several things. First, I saw poor living conditions and I noticed she was barefoot, meaning she loved to be barefoot as a small child. She was shocked and said that yes, she hated wearing shoes as a kid. Then, I saw a very close female person holding her hand, but I knew it was not her mom or sibling and knew she was not part of her blood family. She said yes, there was someone in her household that she was extremely close to as a child, a female that was like an adopted part of their family. But I felt this was not enough to prove to her what I was seeing, so I had to give her something else. I said the word “aunt” came to me, she called her “aunt,”  but never by her real name. Then she freaked out, she said this person was like her aunt and she called her the equivalent of “aunt” in India instead of her name, throughout her life. At this point, I stopped. I can give you many scenarios of other memories I’ve “recalled” but this was just the most recent. Again, it’s not that impressive but remember my ability is a “dreaming ability” so these waking abilities are just extras in my life that are not fully developed.

Anyhow, this is just a small example of how memories can continue past the time they are “lived” through. The energy that makes up a memory cannot be dissolved, it has to be housed somewhere. See, without the building blocks of these actions and memories, the present as we know it, could not form. Like a 10-story building. Each floor must be built one at a time. If the floor underneath disappeared as another floor was built, the building would surely collapse. Would you think life, as a whole, would not uphold the same laws?

Now, I am sure, if I studied this long enough, I could get better at it. Also, I know there are a few living here that can actually enter this field and control it far better than I can or might ever be able to. Some of them, like the remote viewers used by the government in the past, are very good. I know a few of them, and they are very talented at what they do, even being able to train others to do it. The information of the past is information that willl live forever in time, if you know how to find it, you can use it.

Well, I can see this blog got way too long already. I just wanted to share it with you. Sounds crazy, right? Yeah, well, it’s not what You would call “normal” obviously. But maybe you should tweak what your spectrum of “normality” really is. For the skeptics, I could care less about you. For the scientists, come on, you’re the experts, you tell us what’s happening here!

You see, an oxygen molecule exists right in front of your eyes whether you can “see” it or not.

For the few,


Recent Visions / Dreams / Feelings

I wanted to keep you up to date on some of my most recent dreams. By now, I’ve told you that I don’t place every single dream up on my blog and sometimes I leave some information out because I use the missing information at times to verify my dreams and keep others from using that information.

Recently, I’ve blogged much about the rise of more earthquakes and water-based disasters. As you can see, this is beginning to happen more and more and already.

It really doesn’t take a genius or psychic / seer to see that something is happening here on earth beneath the surface, literally and figuratively. It’s obvious we are on the verge of something big and nothing compared to the paranoid feelings that arose before the year 2000. What the human population, as a whole, is feeling is more like a deep sixth sense that is telling them something is not right. This feeling is global and it will begin to rise more and more as we approach 2012. Whether or not the date of Dec. 21, 2012 will bring about a major destruction of sorts (enter your own personal belief here), what we cannot deny is the mutual feeling of a significant change in our world and culture as we know it.

I cannot stress enough the feeling and dreams I’ve had concerning this year. That something will happen that will make the world take pause and see things in a whole different light. Things we have not seen ever or in decades and centuries begin by year’s end. Earth’s ancient cycle, a season we cannot measure, has begun and during this cycle things are going to be experienced and seen at a level that will stagger human imagination and rock religious and personal beliefs to their core.


Lately, I have seen the death of major biological and natural areas on earth. Armed conflict which will rise to an extreme and very dangerous level. Natural disasters that match or eclipse those of recent recorded history. Sudden night-related events in the sky. An escalation of power used against a minority of people.  An assassination that will increase or cause a large global conflict. It’s not only me that is seeing an increase in these visions, many seers around the world are sensing and seeing the same or similar things. Whether, some of these or all of these happen, we will see.

Two nights ago, I had a weird vision of a tall brownish looking building being completely annihilated by some new or unseen type of weapon. The weapon seemed to harness sound or some sort of wave-length to destroy the building. I could not tell who was using the weapon but I saw the building turn to ash and dust in seconds. It could possibly signify a pending attack where a new or extremely powerful weapon will be used.

It could also mean that something else, another civilization, has a weapon like this and is showing us how it can be used against a human population. Yes, I know that seems completely crazy or “out there” but you must understand that my visions are so symbolic that I don’t discount any possibility. Besides, I’ve never published my other visions in regards to beings that are not quite 100% human – and if you knew of those, a possibility like this might make more sense.

Is this the end of days? All I can feel, is that it is the end of days as we know them.

2010 is sure to be a scary year by the time it’s all said and done.

BP Oil Spill Prediction

Some close to me have asked if the BP oil spill is what I saw when I spoke of an “angry ocean.” They point to the pictures from the spill and as anyone can see, the red glow that comes from this spill does make the ocean seem “angry” in an ominous sort of way. I can see how many could make the correlation between my vision of an angry sea with the red-like pictures coming from the Gulf.

My gut tells me that this is all part of what is happening and may be a small part of the bigger picture. As I predicted earlier this year, we would begin to see ocean-based disasters rise. While this is man-made, this is obviously one of the worst ocean disasters in human history, and continues to grow each day. The effects from the Exxon Valdez disaster long ago are still being felt so you can imagine what this will do. Scientists are saying that the full impact may not be known for decades and might even affect the Gulf region forever.

I believe this is just the beginning of the ocean-based disasters we will see in the near future. There is a reason why I have seen a lot of water in my dreams over the last 10-12 months. This may be even the beginning of certain diseases or other underlying effects that will come from this particular disaster.

The world seems to be at a tipping point of sorts in this current phase of our lives. Hang on for the ride, I think it’s about to get a little rocky.

Water-based & Ocean-Related Disasters To Rise

Earlier in the year I had many visions of water. Not only was the ocean “angry” in these vision-dreams, but I had a sense that water-based disasters would begin to rise this year. While devastating events like the recent Tennessee flooding, which The Army Corps of Engineers now describes as a 1,000-year flood event, do happen on earth all of the time; this year marks the start of a rise in these.  We will see more stories like Tennessee soon, not only state-side but worldwide.

These visions were of “‘massive” and “historical” flooding and I also still feel a major ocean-driven water event is looming around the corner and will stick out somehow. Something big. I will try to figure out where it will strike or what population it will effect. I will post that information if I can find out more.



Severe storm kills 54 in India

By Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN //
(‘May 8, 2010 12:16 p.m. EDT’)

New Delhi, India (CNN) — A powerful storm has killed at least 54 people in northern and eastern India, authorities said Saturday.

The storm packed strong winds that ripped through parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states on Friday, according to officials.

Authorities have confirmed 29 deaths in Uttar Pradesh and 25 in neighboring Bihar


Tropical storm leaves at least 115 dead in Central America

By the CNN Wire Staff June 1, 2010 — Updated 0229 GMT (1029 HKT) 


————- Oct. 27th, 2010 ————————————————————–

Aid workers attempting to reach Indonesia quake, tsunami victims


By the CNN Wire Staff
October 27, 2010 12:33 p.m. EDT

Padang, Indonesia (CNN) — At least 311 people have died in a magnitude-7.7 earthquake off Indonesia and the subsequent tsunami, said the head of West Sumatra’s disaster management agency Wednesday.

Another 410 people are still missing, agency coordinator Ade Edward said.

———————————- APRIL 22, 2011 —————————————————————

So many major water-based disasters have come to fruition in the last year and a half, including the latest tsunami in Japan. More to come, the cycle gets even more violent in the near future.