3-29-10 PLANET destruction DREAM

An interesting dream, I thought I’d share.

I am sitting in a quiet corner of an upscale bar of sorts, having a beer alone. From my seat, I have a full view of the bar, I am people watching, taking in the scenery. It is plush and soft-lit, enticing and relaxing. A man approaches my table past some large velvet curtains. I do not know him. He is older, in his early to late 50’s.

He quietly sits down next to me and orders a beer. When the beer arrives, he asks me, “What are you doing here?”

“Here where?” I respond, not looking at him, still gazing forward.

“Here, on this planet. Why did you come (*back) here?” – he says as he slowly takes a drink.

I look at him, annoyed by the question. 

“If you had tickets to the best show or play you would ever see, given free access, would you not go? Would you miss an opportunity to see what words could never fully describe?”

The man waits. Takes a deep sigh. “What show?”

I look deeply into him, “The destruction of this planet. I’m here to see it.” 

I wake up…