Earth’s Rehearsal…

I remember back when I used to produce and direct concerts for National television. For me, the biggest thrill was the day or morning before the concert, during rehearsals. As a director, I got a private front-row seat to some of the biggest performers in the world at the time – while they warmed up and we tested sound and lights. I often sat back with my arms holding my head, leaning my chair back, thinking how lucky I was to have an intimate moment like this with the artists. As their sole audience, often they would just stare at me, singing their hit songs, looking for my approval, for some kind of comfort. These rehearsals were often minimalistic. Other times, they were full dress-rehearsals, eloborate and intense.

STILL…rehearsals were never as powerful and as exciting as the actual concert. The energy of 50,000-100,000 screaming fans. The energy in the voice of the artist, the thrill of knowing millions would see this at home. The stress that made your veins pump hard.

The real impact was always felt on the night of the big event. It was organized chaos and an emotional havoc that was directed into a fine work of art, one note at at time.

I bring this up because of the earthquake in Ecuador today and some that have happened these past weeks. The headlines read, “No Damage,” a seemingly nice way of saying nobody was hurt. What is interesting to me, is that people are beginning to see 6.0-7.5 earthquakes with “no damage” being reported and they are getting used to it. No big deal, right?

My concern is this:

Are we seeing Earth’s “rehearsal” playing out before our eyes? Are all these quakes a “nice” prelude to what’s coming? To the big event?

Sadly, I believe so.